Festive Sale makeup haul + product review – Wet n Wild palette, NYKAA skingenius foundation & compact, Faces ultime pro primer and more

Hello everybody! Hope you are having a great week.

We are just a few days away from Christmas. Though I am not a Christian and it is not the main festival here in Kolkata. Since I studied in a Catholic school, I really love Christmas time right from my childhood. We decorated our school  one month before Christmas with tree, stars, fairy lights and colorful paper cut outs. On the last day before the school closed for the winter holidays, we used to sing Carols and performed plays. Such beautiful and happy memories !

This festive season is such a joyful time of the year not only for the people actually celebrating Christmas, but for everybody around the world. A lot of marriages happen at this time of the year. So you may be attending a function or celebrating your special day. The weather is lovely to go for trips and picnic. Schools and office remain closed for few weeks where you can enjoy a nice vacation with friends and family. Winter time is great for barbecue parties, roast dinners and campfires. Even if you are not into any of these, this is the best time to save a lot of money and buy your bucket list items, priorities or just gifts for your loved ones. Amazing discount offers and sales are given by almost every brand, store and website throughout the festive time.

As you all know I am a huge makeup lover and hoarder. So what’s better time to try out new makeup or stock up on my favorites than the sale season. NYKAA is having amazing offers and discounts throughout this month. So I placed an order during their Pink Friday sale and saved quite a lot of money 😀

Among the 7 products I ordered, 3 are old favorites and 4 are new products I always wanted to try. In this post I will share with you my thoughts and experience on each product in detail. I post pictures of me wearing all the products I review in my Instagram. I mention makeup details for all my looks. Please follow @mumisfunlife8984 in Instagram to see how the products actually look on me. Links to all my social media is mentioned in the Home page. Lets get started !

These are the products I purchased during NYKAA’s Pink Friday sale :

  • Wet n Wild coloricon Eyeshadow Palette – Rose in the Air (8.5g for INR 499)
  • NYKAA SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation – 02 Almond Beige (30ml for INR 575)
  • NYKAA SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Compact – 01 Natural Ivory (9g for INR 525)
  • Faces Canada Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer (30ml for INR 899)
  • Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner – Black (2.5ml for INR 649)
  • Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal – Black with free Sharpener (1.2gm for INR 549)
  • Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil – Glazed Toffee (1.1gm for INR 470)


Wet n Wild coloricon Eyeshadow Palette – Rose in the Air :

Since the time Wet n Wild launched in India I always look forward to buy new stuff to try out from this brand. I like all the products I purchased from this brand so far. This is such a affordable brand with good quality makeup.

This eyeshadow palette has 10 shades and is available in 2 more options. The shades in this one impressed me the most so I ordered Rose in the Air. I generally prefer warm colors in my eye makeup and this palette has some really beautiful earthy shades. You can achieve many different eye looks ideal during the fall winter season.

This palette is quite small and comfort, perfect for your travel pouch. I like the transparent plastic lid which makes it easy to identify which palette it is if you have multiple similar looking ones. Only drawback in the packaging is it lacks a mirror. The missing brush is not really a drawback for me because most often the brushes are useless and serves no purpose.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208114433565_COVER - Copy

The palette has 2 large pans which are transition shades. One is a warm brown with orange undertones. The other one is a cool toned taupe shade. Both are matte, smooth and powdery, quite pigmented and blends very easily.

  • Starting from the lightest shade, it is a banana powder sort of color, a matte cream ivory I would say. It is good to set your eyes, I take this on a big fluffy blending brush and sweep it all over the lid before going in with any other shade.
  • Shade no 2 is a one of my favorite shades in this palette – a matte burnt orange. I use it as a transition shade on my upper crease when going for a very warm fall makeup kinda look. All shades in this palette are easy to blend and pigmented. But some are more pigmented than others. This is one such shade which has more pigmentation and color payoff.
  • Shade no 3 is a champagne gold. It is a satin finish shadow with a soft sheen. It is not as pigmented and reflective as I usually love such shades to be. But that’s just a personal preference. This is best for all of you who do not like too much glitter / metallic on the lids but a soft muted everyday sort of a shine.
  • Shade 4 is my most used shade out of all 10 colors. OMG its such a versatile color. Its a matte terracotta brown. You can use it as a transition shade, crease shade to deepen up the crease, all over lid shade to define your eyes for a quick everyday eye makeup. This color in itself can do the job for you in so many different ways. Oh yes! You can even apply it on your lower waterline and smoke it out. Such a gorgeous multi purpose shade. I love it !
  • Shade 5 is a matte taupe color with pink undertones. Sadly this color does not show up well in my skin tone. If you have a very fair skin tone, this can be a transition shade for you. But in my case it looks a little chalky and uneven. The only shade I do not like to use from this palette.
  • Shade 6 is a matte maroon with slight brown undertones. Another stunning shade which makes this palette such a stand out. You can use it just like Shade no 4. This one is also a very multipurpose shade when you are going for a pink kind of an eye look. Crease, all over lid as well lower lash line this shade is perfect whichever way you want to us it. One of the most pigmented shades of this palette, blends like a dream and looks stunning on every skin tone and eye shape.
  • Shade 7 is a dark bronze shimmer shade. It is more reflective than Shade no 3. Also it is more pigmented and looks better as a all over lid shade. You can use it with your fingers or a wet brush to have maximum impact.
  • Shade 8 is a dark matte brown. It looks almost close to black if you layer it up. This is the most pigmented shade of the entire palette. You can use it on the outer corners to define your eye. You can use it in both upper and lower lash line to get a smokey eye look. An essential dark shade in this palette, goes well with all the other shades.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208115158148_COVER - Copy

Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? No. Eye shadow palettes last a lifetime, that is the only reason why I will not repurchase this particular palette. But it is a very good affordable travel palette with beautiful shades. I love it and highly recommend !

NYKAA SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation – 02 Almond Beige :

I have heard mix reviews about this product right from its launch. NYKAA is my favorite website to shop for any skincare and makeup items as you all know. So I still wanted to give it a try before coming to any conclusion.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208113826708_COVER - Copy

As you all know I do not like any other packaging for my foundations other than a pump. This is a squeeze bottle which is not my favorite but still better than many others. The plastic body is sturdy, lid closes tightly, bottle is quite light weight and slim, good for travel purpose.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned on the cardboard box.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208113841179_COVER - Copy

The foundation is quite runny, so it is better to use a dense brush to apply it in my opinion. You can also apply it with a sponge, but remember the sponge will absorb a lot of product. Though most such liquid foundations can be applied with my fingers, I found this one behave strangely when one day I was applying it with my fingers in a hurry. This foundation balls up slightly in some places, holds on to some random spots of my face and I have to put in a lot of effort to achieve a smooth blend. That’s quite strange and not a good sign for a foundation in my opinion.

The brand claims that this foundation has the ability to adapt to your skin tone once it settles into your skin, in case you have chosen a shade slightly too light or too dark for your exact skin tone. Still this is not a good excuse to launch only 5 shades. Anyways, fortunately the shade Almond Beige matches well with my skin tone. If you have fair to medium skin tone like me you can go for shades 02 or 03.

The product will give you a more or less light coverage. It gives you a little more coverage compared to general BB creams. If you have uneven skin, dark spot issues, dark circles or other skin issues, this foundation will not do much to cover the imperfections. It is a light weight everyday kind of product which will even out your skin a bit and give you a light coverage. It can be an option for college or office going women for everyday purpose.

The brand claims that the product contains Hyaluronic acid which is supposed to provide a lot of hydration to the skin. I do not think I can agree with this claim. This foundation is not matte and drying that is true. But it is also not a very hydrating and dewy foundation which will keep your skin moisturized and radiant. Lakme Absolute Argan oil serum foundation does just that. I do not see any glowing radiant effect on my skin. It is more suited for dry to normal skin, combination skin beauties like me can also use it on days when you are not under the sun as well as winter. This product will not suit very oily skin types as it may seem very greasy and wear off easily.

This foundation is not very long lasting, but it lasts a decent amount of time – about 4 to 5 hours for me. It is not sweat or transfer proof. It is mandatory in my opinion to set this foundation with a setting powder or compact to make it long wearing.

Considering what coverage it provides, wear time and overall result I think it is just a better version of a BB cream and not a full fledged foundation. For such a product INR 575 is quite a lot of money when there are other better and cheaper alternatives like Maybelline Fit Me available.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208114020849_COVER - Copy

Rating : 2.5/5

Will I repurchase ? No

It is an OK product. Neither it is very impressive nor horrible. I do not think it has enough shades to cater to all skin tones, also the price is high compared to what results this product gives. Overall it is a light coverage daily wear foundation, you can give it a try if you decide to wear it everyday to college or office.

NYKAA SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Compact – 01 Natural Ivory :

I always try a foundation with its matching setting or compact powder to give the brand a fair chance. I did the same with Maybelline Fit me as well. No doubt I fell in love with the whole range. I expected the same from NYKAA Skingenius, so I ordered the foundation and compact from the same range to try them out.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208114131705_COVER - Copy

The packaging of this product is not very impressive in my opinion. The all black bosy looks a little boring in my opinion.

When it does not have a transparent lid, they could have placed the sponge on the top layer and the compact in the lower part for ease of application. Moreover the flip arrangement of the layers is quite stiff at least in my compact case and seems it may break off easily. There are slits made at the bottom part of the compact to prevent bacteria build up in the sponge. The opening help the sponge to remain dry in case you accidentally place a damp sponge inside the case. But this arrangement also attracts a lot of dirt build up in the slits and thus can make my sponge dirty easily. So I do not agree with this packaging.

The compact body is little bigger and bulkier compared to my other foundations in the same range. Also just like the foundation, I feel this product is over priced.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned on the cardboard box inside which the compact comes.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208114141879_COVER - Copy

The powder is finely milled and easy to blend. The powder mattifies my skin and  provides very slight coverage. But it does not last long on my skin – around 2 hours even if I am not sweating at all. So you need to reapply it throughout the day. The compact powder is non comedogenic, so it will not clog your pores. That’s a plus for this product.

I want to share a weird thing I noticed about my compact. When I first opened the case the powder looked completely normal and evenly pressed. But after using it twice, the surface of the powder looks rough and uneven. When I touched the surface I even felt it to be a little rough. I don’t know if my particular product has this issue or all of them.

This compact has only 5 shades, just like the foundation. I prefer my compact to be one shade lighter than my actual skin to highlight my under eyes. So I got the shade 01 Natural Ivory.

Even if the brand claims that this product has Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid I dont see any special effect on my skin due to such nourishing ingredients. It just keeps my T-zone non oily and shine free for some time.

But during winter, I feel this powder tends to settle into dry patches and fine lines. It is not hydrating at all in my opinion to suit very dry or even dry skin tone. It is not completely matte like the Loreal Matte Magique to suit very oily skin ladies. Only normal to combination skin can use this powder to suit their needs.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208114323025_COVER - Copy

Rating : 2/5

Will I repurchase ? No

It is a very average product in my opinion. The packaging is cheap quality. The shade range is not up to the mark and also the price is high compared to what it does. There are many better compact available in the market which performs well like the Maybelline Fit me compact. I will not recommend this product to you.

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer :

I love all the eye makeup products from the Faces Ultime Pro range. I am also a huge of the Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip color. So I wanted to try out some base product from the same range. I once tried this product at a Faces counter, the sales person told me that this product reduces the appearance of fine lines besides being a pore filling primer. So I wanted to give it a try.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208113141874_COVER - Copy

(You can see me on the lid making a funny face while concentrating on taking the pic 😀 )

I like the packaging of this product. The shiny black body with the silver cap looks pretty. The shape of the squeeze bottle is also quite slim and light, so its very easy to travel with.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned on the cardboard box inside which the actual product comes.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208113506274_COVER - Copy

The primer is slightly tinted, so its easier to match with different skin tones. The consistency of the product is quite light, creamy and easy to blend.

It does makes my face appear a little smooth and even. But it does not do anything to even out skin texture or smooth out fine lines. I do not have large pores, but I do not think it will reduce your pores to a significant extent if you suffer from large pore issue. It is just an everyday light weight to give you a little smooth and even base before applying any other products.

It does control a little bit of oiliness, but that is not enough during hot summers if you have combination to oily skin like me. It is not a mattifying primer remember. If you have dry to normal skin, this one is better suited for you. I do not see a significant difference in longevity of my makeup after using this primer. So not a huge fan of this product which is not very affordable. At a price tag of INR 899 I expect it to perform lot better than what this product actually does.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208113710894_COVER - Copy

Rating : 2.5/5

Will I repurchase ? No

If you have young normal skin or do not have imperfections, you can give this primer a go. It is light weight and suitable for everyday use. But if you have large pores, textures on your skin or any skin issue in general, this primer will not work for you. Also I do not see much difference in longevity of my makeup. The product is not worth so much money for the result it gives. If you want a primer similar to this but better performance I will recommend you to go for PAC pore primer. This Faces one did not impress me.

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner – Black :

This is not a new product. Its a 3rd time repurchase. I have bought 3 of my all time favorite eye products this time, and this one of them. There is 1 other shade apart from black – a royal blue in this range.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208115319479_COVER - Copy

I love the simplistic black design. Its convenient and good looking. The wand in the highlight of this product. It has a super sharp tip and has the perfect length. If you are just beginning to use a liquid liner, I will suggest you to start with this product. The shape of the handle and the wand both gives you a lot of control to achieve that perfect wing.

Only con I find with this liner is that it picks up less amount of product. So you have to repeatedly dip it in the bottle while drawing the line. This is good if you are a beginner or not that great at achieving the perfect line at one go. If you are a pro, this may be a little frustrating. But that’s a tolerable con 🙂

The product is quite pigmented matte black. Remember that this liner dries in seconds. So be careful while you draw the line. You can draw super sharp line, or you can go for a bold line by increasing the width. This is one of the best black matte eyeliner in the affordable range.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208115509990_COVER - Copy

Rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes. This is my 3rd repurchase. So that’s evident enough how much I love this product. I am not a huge gel liner person when it comes to lining my upper lid. I love winged eyeliner and so prefer a good matte black liner most often. This product is my favorite affordable matte eyeliner for quite a few years now. I will continue to repurchase it till I come across a better one. Highly recommend !

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal – Black with free Sharpener :

This is a repurchase and not a new product for me. This is my 4th pencil, that clearly shows how much I love this product.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208115841043_COVER - Copy

The product is a dual ended pencil. One side has the gel pencil and the other side has a smudging tip. The cap on the smudging side fits with a click and thus does not come off easily. But you have to be careful to tightly close the lid on the pencil side, otherwise it may come off easily. Again the pencil needs to be sharpened which is a hassle for a forgetful lazy person like me 😀 Since it is a very creamy and soft pencil, be careful while sharpening so that you do not break it off.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208115925798_COVER - Copy

You get a good quality free sharpener with the pencil. This sharpener can be used to sharp any standard eyeliner pencil. Since the size is quite small it fits anywhere inside the makeup pouch. But it does not have a lid, so you have to clean it every time after use.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned on the cardboard box in which the product comes in.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208115941245_COVER - Copy

The product is one of the deepest and pigmented black liner I have ever tried. It is so creamy and smooth, that you just need one stroke to get the desired line, no tugging and pulling or going over repeatedly. This is the most perfect stark deep black liner for the upper lash line. It does not move, bleed or smudge for me. In case you want to softly smudge out the line or go for a heavy black smokey eye look, you can achieve anything with this pencil. It blends easily and beautifully without looking uneven or patchy after smudging. You can use a powder shadow on top to make it last longer and blend out more with your crease.

But for the lower water line, I do not prefer this liner without smudging. If I only draw a line and do not smudge or set it with a powder shadow, it lasts not more than 2 hours and fades off easily. So I always smudge it in my lower water line and smoke it out. This way it lasts quite long and even looks better.

The smudging tip is not useless at all. It works great for a quick soft smudged out look.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208120151665_COVER - Copy

Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes. This is one of my favorite gel kajals available in the market. It does not stay on my lower waterline for long if I do not smudge it. But on my upper lines it stays all day. I particularly like to use the smudging tip and go for a slight smokey look. I even use it to create a pitch black sharp wing on my upper waterline and then smudge it half way in my lower waterline. This is one of my favorite eye makeup looks. Overall I love this product, this is my 4th pencil as I get over these frequently. Highly recommend !

Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil – Glazed Toffee :

This is not a new product for me. This is my second pencil. I have even used many other shades from this same range. All the gel pencils in this range are good quality and look beautiful when applied.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20181208115602673_COVER - Copy

The only problem I have with the packaging is that it needs to be sharpened. I prefer retractable pencils since I always forget to pack a sharpener 😦 Also the lid comes off sometimes in my makeup pouch while traveling if I am not careful enough to press it tightly after using.

You can sharpen it to have a pointed tip if you want a super sharp line, or you can keep the tip a little rounded which is safer and better in my opinion.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208115640740_COVER - Copy

Each and every shade I have used in this range of gel pencils are very pigmented, glides like butter, has a soft creamy texture. On my upper lash line they do not bleed, do not fade and just stays put just like the way I first applied all day long. On my lower waterline, it fades away gradually or becomes lighter after 4 to 5 hours, if I do not set it with a powder eye shadow.

I absolutely love this dark brown shade Glazed toffee in particular. It is such a rich warm brown shade which looks beautiful with any type of outfit I wear – casual, formal ethnic anything. I wear it almost every single day to office or almost anywhere I go 😀 This is one of my favorite eyeliner since its launch.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181208115722369_COVER - Copy

Rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes. This is my second repurchase, even the shade is same. I love all the colors in this Lasting Drama range, but I use this particular shade the most. I wear Glazed Toffee or Charcoal Grey almost every single day to work. These are better options than wearing stark black liners to college / office during the day. I love this product and highly recommend !

3 out of 4 new products I tried in this haul did not work well for me 😦 So I am a little disappointed. But the eye shadow palette was so impressive that it compensated for all others. If you want to get only 1 product from my entire haul I will recommend you to go for the palette, its such an amazing super affordable option. The 3 old favorites which I repurchased are also very good if you still do not own them.

I hope you liked reading my Festive sale haul and my review helped you in some way.

Let me know what other makeup product you want me to try out next since there will be more sales coming  in future.


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