NYKAA makeup haul + review – Ultra matte lipsticks, So matte mini lipstick, Paintstix Lipstick & Eyembold Kajal

Hello everybody ! Wish you a happy weekend ahead.

As you all know I shop most of my beauty products from the online website NYKAA. They even have their own line of makeup and skincare. Though I have not yet tried their skincare items, I really like some of their makeup products. They had an exciting offer going on in their website few weeks back where they were giving a free Paintstix lipstick on shopping of NYKAA products worth above INR 1200.

I ordered few new launches and a kajal. These are the products I received :

  • NYKAA eyemBOLD Kajal with free sharpener – Deep Black 001 (2.8g for INR 450)
  • NYKAA Ultra matte Lipstick – 05 Noor & 06 Diana (4.2g for INR 550)
  • NYKAA So Matte! Mini Lipstick – 04M Racy Rose (1.5g for INR 199)
  • NYKAA Paintstix! – Cool Girl Nude (3.5g for INR 425) ~ this is the free product


You can see me wearing all these makeup items in my Instagram photos. I mention all makeup products used in detail for all my looks. Please follow me in all my social media pages if not already. You can find all the link in the Homepage.

In this post I will be sharing with you my experience and feedback about each of the products I bought as well as the free lipstick. Lets get started !

NYKAA eyemBOLD Kajal with free sharpener:

I already own the eyemBlack 24X7 kajal by NYKAA. It is one of my most favorite kajal for the lower waterline, also the only product which stays on my waterline for very long without fading or smudging.

I saw good reviews about this eyemBOLD kajal online. Also this seemed to be a great product for doing smokey eye looks. So I had quite high expectations from this product while ordering.


The packaging of the kajal pencil is pretty basic. You have to be careful to lock the lid tightly, otherwise it may open inside your makeup bag while traveling. I like products which shuts with a click tightly, this one does not have that facility.

It is not a retractable pencil, so you have to sharpen it. It is quite a bulky pencil compared to other kajal, so you will need a specialized sharpener to use with it. You get a free sharpener which is a plus. But be careful not to lose it.

The product is exactly what I expected it to be. The pencil glides on very smoothly and the texture is like a gel crayon. You need to apply the slightest amount of pressure to get full impact of the product. It is very pigmented, you do not have to tug and pull or go over with it repeatedly. The shade is pitch black, one of the blackest kajal I own. One swipe pigmentation is absolutely true for this product. If you love bold black kajal looks, this is your best friend. The pencil is so soft and creamy that you can easily smudge it with a smudging / pencil brush. It smudges to a soft smokey look, but does not go all over your lids if you do not drag it too much. I really love this product to create black smokey eye looks. You can use it both on your upper and lower lash line and smudge it out.

This is no doubt this is a good product but you have to remember few things for a smooth use. Firstly it is not waterproof or smudge-proof. So if you do not set it with a powder eyeshadow or blend it out with a pencil brush the product may smudge. It may fade after 2 to 3 hours if you apply it as a kajal on your waterlines. It is not the most long lasting kajal. You need to reapply it if it fades. If you have oily or watery eyes, this product will last even less. Secondly since the product is very soft and creamy, do not apply too much pressure while applying. The pencil may break if you press too hard. Also do not sharpen it to a super pointed tip. Again since the pencil is soft, a very sharp tip will break easily.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes

It is a great product if you like a bold black smokey eye look. A smooth super black pencil like these are very essential for kajal lovers like us.

NYKAA Ultra Matte Lipstick :

This is a recent launch by NYKAA. Soon after the product released I saw it all over the internet. Everyone was talking and raving about this lipstick. I liked the So Matte range a lot as I said previously. But the name “So Matte” was not appropriate as the lipstick range has a semi-matte finish. When NYKAA launched this “Ultra Matte” range I expected it to be a true matte lipstick.

NYKAA’s lipstick ranges do not have very experimental colors, they launch colors which everybody generally use and then they keep adding similar shades to the range. I think they are going to follow the same strategy with the Ultra matte range as well. Though they have initially launched only 10 shades, they will add more in future.

NYKAA has really stepped up their packaging game with this Ultra matte collection. The golden & black pattern on the cardboard boxes, shade name mentioned on top of the box and color coded lid for each lipstick, I love this packaging more than the So Matte range.

The black body and magnetic closure lid remains same as the So Matte range.


Once you open the lid, the lipstick bullets looks exactly same as the So Matte lipsticks. The pointed tip helps line and define lips. The texture is quite smooth and glides on the lips easily. The pigmentation is very good, 2 swipes is enough for a even opaque application. The lipsticks are not transfer-proof, but because these are completely matte they last much longer on the lips compared to the So Matte lipsticks.

The formula is true to its name, these are true matte lipsticks. But they are not super drying. If you use a good lip balm to prep your lips, these are comfortable to wear.

But since these are matte lipsticks, they do dry up your lips in the long run. So it is always good to scrub your lips, apply a good lip balm and then apply or reapply the lipstick.


There are 10 shades available. The 2 shades I chose to try first are Noor (bright peach) and Diana (mauve nude with brown undertones). I wanted to try Monalisa as well but it was out of stock. The shades are named after famous ladies in history. I had to get the shade Diana, not only because the shade is absolutely gorgeous but also because I am a huge fan of Lady Diana.

Noor is suited for only fair to light medium complexion. It is a very bright rosy peach color. It is a very girly pretty color, more suited to brighten up your summer makeup look. I quite like the shade. Sadly this color is not universal and may wash out deeper skin tones.

Diana is a shade which has quickly become a top favorite daily wear office lipstick. It is a beautiful mauve nude shade having a brown undertone. It looks good on everyone, whatever skin tone you are and whichever age group you are from. Me, my friends and my mom all of us love this lip color. According to the brand it is one their bestselling shades from this range along with Monalisa.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? I love the shade Diana more than Noor. I may repurchase Diana. If not, I will definitely try out the shade 09 Monalisa next.

If you love complete matte finish for your lips, this product is definitely worth trying. I quite liked the quality and shades. Recommend !

NYKAA So Matte! Mini Lipstick :

The NYKAA so matte lipstick range is one of the most popular lip products from their own brand. They have a huge collection of 50 shades in the so matte range. But the Nykaa So matte mini lipstick has only 10 shades. It may be the case that the brand has released mini versions of only the best selling shades from the original collection.

If you follow my blog since last year, you will remember that I mentioned NYKAA So Matte lipstick – naughty nude in my Favorite Makeup product of 2017. I have completely used it up and even repurchased it few months back. Its that good !


The packaging looks exactly same as the original collection. The all black body with magnetic closure looks quite chic and cool back in the day. But after the color coded packaging launched for the Ultra matte series, I like that packaging a tad bit more because it is easier to identify which shade I want to go for.

The mini version is so tiny and slim that it can fit even the smallest of purse or pocket wherever you want to carry your lipstick. Moreover since the bullet is also small you can easily use it up before the expiry date which is rare if you own a ton of lip products like me. Another advantage of these minis are you can try out any of the shades which match your preference, see if you like it or not on your actual lips and then buy the full size product if you really love any shade.


The formula is also exactly same as the original collection. It has a semi matte finish which is very comfortable to wear but still looks more or less matte on the lips. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are quite good compared to the price. A maximum of 2 swipes seals the deal for me. But since the bullet size of the mini lipsticks are small, you may have to go over 1 or 2 times more if you have fuller lips. If you have thin lips like my mom, these are your best friends as you don’t even need a liner, the tip is so tiny and pointed. The product is not transfer proof, but stays on my lips for more than 4 to 5 hours if I do not take heavy meals. It fades away evenly without giving me butt hole lips.

Though the formula is quite comfortable and does not dry out your lips if you moisturize them well before applying, I do not prefer re-applying them without prepping my lips. It is always better to lightly scrub your lips, apply a fresh layer of lip balm and then apply any lipstick, except the very creamy ones.

The mini versions have the same shade and name corresponding to their full size version. I chose to Racy Rose, a peachy pink shade to try out this range.

The shade looks similar to Noor in the Ultra matte range I bought. But Noor is more bright and peachy. This one Racy Rose is more on the pink side. This color is suited for fair to medium skin tones. For deeper skin tones, this shade will not look good in my opinion. If you like a nice everyday sort of pink lipstick, this is a nice shade. If you love a more mauve toned pink nude suitable for all skin tones, go for Naughty Nude.


Rating : 3.5/5

Will I repurchase ? No not this shade. But I will try out Cinnamon Crunch and Scarlet Siren in future.

My all time favorite shades from both the So Matte! and So matte mini ranges will always be Naughty Nude and Taupe Thrill. They are the colors I wear to office almost daily. So if you want to try out the So matte! range first and see if you like it, the mini versions are great. Always they are easier to carry in the smallest wallet / pocket ever. They are super affordable, so you can try out as many shades you want.

NYKAA Paintstix! Lipstick :

I generally do not go for satin finish lipsticks. I usually go for either matte or creamy formula depending on the weather. But its always exciting to try out a new product for free and see if I like it or not.

The lipstick is long and rounded. It looks slimmer than the So matte and Ultra matte packaging. The lid is color coded which makes it easier to identify the shade. The cap clicks shut and does not have the magnetic closure property.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned on the cardboard box.


There are 20 shades available in this range. The shade I received is Cool Girl Nude.

I love the shade specially during this time of the year. It is a very fall winter color, great for office purpose. This is such a beautiful brown shade that it will suit every skin tone. Though the name has “Cool” in it, it is not a cool toned shade. It is a red based warm brown color which will look good on everyone in my opinion. The lipstick is smooth and has decent pigmentation.

The tip of the lipstick is not pointed like NYKAA’s other lipstick ranges. It is a plain round bullet. So if you have thin lips, you have to line them before applying this product.

But the main issue I have with this lipstick is the formula. Though the ingredient list contains elements like jojoba oil, shea butter, petroleum jelly, castor oil etc, the formula is strangely not that moisturizing on my lips. The lipstick is comfortable to wear and smooth when freshly applied. It has a satin finish which gives my lips a bit of shine. But in not less than an hour my lips become chapped and the lip color clings on to all the dry patches. It looks flaky and uneven, not a pretty sight at all. I have to scrub my lips, apply a lip balm and apply a fresh layer of the lip product after almost every hour.

The lipstick is not transfer-proof. It does not smudge or bleed around my lips. But because it makes my lips so dry, I have to remove it very often. So even if it could last a decent amount of time, your lips will look really bad if you let it remain very long.


Rating : 2.5/5

Will I repurchase ? No

I like the color of the product. But I do not much like the formula of this lipstick.Since it is not a matte formula I expected it to be more moisturizing and comfortable to wear.

It is not a bad or disappointing product. You can still give it a try if you like satin finish lipsticks. I will recommend you to try out an unusual shade like Purple Monster from this range as such shades are not common. The product is on the affordable side, so its easy to experiment.

I hope you enjoyed reading my NYKAA makeup haul and the reviews helped you in some way. If you already own any of these products please share your feedback in the comment section.

Also if you want me to review any other makeup product please let me know in the comment section. I would love to try out a new product and share my experience 🙂





3 Comments Add yours

  1. I have only purchased one nykaa lip liner in the shade birthday suit. It wasn’t pigmented enough and I didn’t like it. It was disappointing for me but I will definitely purchase something else maybe from this list too. You can review more of makeup and skin care. I would love to see a post on, beginners makeup too. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mumisfunlife says:

      You can try lip liners from PAC. They are pigmented and good quality. I will soon try to post a beginners makeup guide kinda post.. thanks a lot for the suggestion. Much love !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks I will try PAC. Never tried any of their products yet.


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