Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation SPF45 review

Hello everybody ! Hope you are having a good week.

The  weather has started to become chilly. Though many parts of the world have already started experiencing snowfall and proper winter, we here in Kolkata hardly experience a very cold weather. The temperature drops noticeably for a few weeks starting at the mid of December and continuing around end of January. Otherwise winter to us is mainly little chilly wind, occasional mist, dry flaky skin and great winter vegetables 🙂

Let me know in the comment section what do you love most about winter. For me its wearing boots & jackets, wedding season and great food.

Today I will be reviewing one of my most used foundation during this time of the year. This is not a new product. It launched quite some time back, I think last year if I am not mistaken.  I bought it quite a few months back as well. But I could not use it much during the very hot summer months. I am using it continuously each and every day since beginning of October. So I thought this is the best time to share my thoughts with you before I run out of it 😀 I will be reviewing the foundation from the best range ever launched by Lakme – the Lakme Absolute Argan oil Serum Foundation.

Lets get started !

The Lakme Absolute Argan oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45 retails for INR 750 and contain 15ml of product. There are 6 shades available for this product. The shade I bought is called Ivory Cream.


The packaging of this foundation is quite attractive to look at. Though it looks like a glass bottle, I think it is a good quality transparent plastic. The gold detailing looks good, but the color starts peeling off after regular usage. Also scratch marks and finger prints are easily noticeable in the shiny golden part of the dropper.

The product and brand name is written on the outer transparent body as well as the inside golden part. This makes it a little clumsy as both the writing overlap in a weird way making the packaging look less pretty. But that’s not a huge con.

The bottle is quite light weight and there is no chance of spillage. So you can easily travel with this product.


The product has a dropper applicator. You can either drop the foundation directly on various parts of your face, or drop it at the back of your hand and then apply on your face. I am personally not a big fan of any packaging for my foundation except a pump bottle. But this dropper packaging is better than having nothing like the Maybelline Fit me or a squeeze tube.

The dropper is quite long and you can drop quite an amount of product at one go. Just be careful not to spill out more than you can handle. The consistency of this foundation is very runny, a little bit thicker than water. So if you drop too much it will easily run down your face or hand.


The product is light to medium buildable coverage. You can have a sheer coverage with just one layer or you can layer 2 more times to build it up wherever you need more coverage. Since it is a very runny formula, please build it up slowly so that you are not left with uneven streaks or lines on your face. Also give it few seconds to settle into your skin before going over with concealer / powder.

I prefer using a dense brush to get maximum effect. You can use a sponge as well, but remember since it is very liquid like the sponge will consume a lot of product than desired. If you apply with your hands, you have to blend it really well to get even coverage as due to the formula it will slip a lot on your face giving you a hard time. A kabuki or dense foundation brush will give you quicker hassle free application, easier blend and better coverage with this product.

A foundation containing SPF is not a great choice for flash photography. But for regular usage specially during the day this foundation gives you a really good sun protection of SPF 45. Though I will not advise you to skip the sunscreen, but in case you miss or forget to apply, this product will give you quite a decent sun protection. I do not see any flashback in selfie cameras or normal photography during any time of the day.

Since it is a dewy foundation it does transfer if you do not set it with loose powder or compact. But do not cake up your face with too much powder as you will lose all of the glow on your face. Also wait for a few seconds for the foundation to settle into your skin before you go over with concealer / powder.

This foundation does not oxidize on my skin at all. Ivory cream is the exact match for my skin tone. But sadly this product is only available in 6 shades. In case your complexion come close to any of these 6, buy the one exactly matching with your skin tone.


The foundation is very light weight and blends beautifully into the skin. It does not feel heavy at all on your skin even if you layer it up. The Argan oil present in the formula makes it very moisturizing and gives a glow to the skin. But since it is basically a sheer to medium coverage product, do not layer it too much or expect a full mask of flawless coverage. If you have a lot of dark spots or heavy dark circles, you have to go over with a concealer in case you want to hide all of it. The consistency is great for regular use.

This foundation will not work well for extremely oily skin. Even if you have combination skin this foundation is not a good choice in very hot summer days when you are out in the sun or sweating a lot. This product will give you a nice glow and leave your skin dewy and healthy looking. But if you sweat a lot or produce too much oil, the foundation will wear off your skin easily and make you look more sweaty. Dry to normal skin beauties can use it any time of the year they want.

I love this product when I work in my office where I sit under the air-con for about 8 hours. My skin becomes very dry in cold weather – be it inside a AC room or during winter months. That’s when this product becomes my regular friend. Winters I need that glow and moisture this product gives me. I even use MAC strobe cream as a primer underneath this product 😀 The combination gives beautiful hydrated and glowing looking skin.

Since I have combination skin for most part of the year, I use a pore filling primer and mattifying setting powder with this product  to make the product long lasting.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes. I really like this foundation for office purpose and specially during winter. When I want a nice dewy face with not a heavy coverage I will always reach for this product.

I am really sorry to recommend a product which has a ridiculously less number of shades. I know a majority of beauties will not be able to find their shade, but in case you are one of the lucky few like me, this is a good affordable foundation to try out. Especially if you work in a air-con office like me most of the time, have to look presentable yet do not want to dry out your skin or feel heavy on your face, this foundation is really good.

I know Lakme as a brand gets a lot of flak for coming out with such disgusting number of shades in their base products. They are a really good affordable Indian brand, the most easily available brand in Indian market. They have amazing lip products. I wish the brand takes the customer’s feedback into consideration and come up with better shade range in future so that they can reach out to more number of people.

Let me know in the comment section if you have used this foundation or any other product from the Absolute Argan oil range. Share your feedback with all of us.


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  1. Mars says:

    Ooo, I haven’t seen a serum together with foundation. The outside packaging makes it look very high-end.


    1. mumisfunlife says:

      I think they named it serum foundation due to the dropper packaging and presence of Argan oil in the formula.

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