Flormar makeup haul + product reviews

Hello beauties ! Hope you are having a great week.

Festival season has started in India. Navratri celebration has already started and Durga Puja is just around the corner. Every year I post a lot of festive special outfits, makeup looks and Durga puja pandal photos on Instagram. Please follow me in all our social medias (links in Home page) so that you can also enjoy Kolkata Durga Puja celebrations with me. Happy Festive season to all of you !

Though I shop new makeup products throughout the year whenever I find something interesting. But shopping during the festive season has a flavor of its own. Most of the time we try to fit a lot of good stuff within an affordable budget during this time of the year. After buying loads of outfits, accessories, gifts, home decor, Puja items etc we do not usually have a lot of money to splurge on expensive makeup. But we makeup lovers cannot resist the urge. So this time I found out a new makeup brand to try out which meets all my criteria – affordable, good quality and great festive shades to choose from.

A Turkish makeup brand called Flormar opened their stores in India few months back. The only stores I have found so far are inside Reliance Trends. Reliance Trends is a very affordable outfit store in India having outlets at almost every location. If you are near one, definitely check out the Flormar counter. Not only will you get good makeup, you will be getting flat 20% off on all Flormar products. There is a limited period offer where you get 40% discount on any Flormar product if you buy Reliance Trends outfits worth above INR 1000. Such a steal !

I am collecting all my favorite products from Flormar counter since last 2 months. I have already tried all of these to review for you. In this post I will be sharing with you what products I purchased and my opinion about each in detail.

Flormar has almost every type of makeup we require – primer, base makeup, eye makeup, nail polish everything. But the products I loved most are the color palette eye shadows, baked glitter eye shadows and lipsticks.ย  You can see all my products at a glance in the below photo.


Lets start with lipsticks. The one makeup product which I think almost all of us like irrespective of a makeup hoarder or a casual beauty.

Flormar has a variety of lipstick ranges starting from a super affordable price of INR 250 and going upto INR 700. I bought 1 lipstick from each range to try out different formula. They also have liquid lipsticks and lip crayons which I will try out soon in future.

The lipsticks I purchased are :

  • Flormar pretty Cream & Glaze Lipstick – P329 Retro Glam (3.9g for INR 250)
  • Flormar Supershine Lipstick – 501 Bordeaux Silk (3.9g for INR 250)
  • Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick – L39 Bordeaux (3.9g for INR 450)
  • Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo – DC29 Elegant Terracotta (3g for INR 450)
  • Flormar Revolution perfect Lipstick – R11 Red in Fire (3.9g for INR 700)


Flormar pretty Cream & Glaze Lipstick :

This is one of the best affordable lipsticks I have ever tried. At only INR 250 this product is a must have if you are a college or office goer.

The packaging is not very luxurious but quite young, cute and girly. The pink color brings fun to the lipstick body which I like. It has a very mild sweet smell.

The formula is creamy and moisturizing. It glides on the lips as butter. The lipstick is very pigmented, you get full opaque application in just 1 swipe. No need to tug or pull at all. Once the formula settles down on your lips it gives a creamy matte finish. The formula is very comfortable to wear throughout the day on any time of the year.

The tip of most of the Flormar lipsticks are pointed. So it is very easy to apply them without a liner. This is a huge advantage for people who have very thin lips.

It is not transfer proof and will fade after 2 to 3 hours or after meals. You can easily reapply it as many times you want without much effort to prep your lips.

The shade Retro Glam is a warm nude with orange brown undertones. It is a beautiful color to wear on your lips throughout the day. The shade will look best on fair to medium skin tones.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? This is my go-to lipstick for an everyday office look. I will repurchase a different shade, may not be this one.

This product is a must try. You get such a good quality lipstick at a very affordable price.

Flormar Supershine Lipstick :

This Supershine Lipstick is a shiny & metallic kind of a range. All the lipsticks have a bright sheen to them, some are very reflective. A great product to try out at this festive time of the year or if you have any special occasion to attend.

The packaging is a basic black body. The matte black color looks nice. It has a strong candy fragrance. If you are very sensitive to smell, this may not suit you.

The formula is creamier compared to the pretty cream & glaze range I talked about earlier. So I suggest you to keep this lipstick in a beauty box inside your fridge if you live in a very hot & humid city like me. Also do not take out a large part of the bullet at once, the lipstick is very soft and it may break off. Only twist up a little as much as needed.

The formula is very creamy and buttery. It is a great formula to wear during the cold months when the lips become dry quickly. Though the formula will not dry out your lips at all, please scrub your lips well in case you have chapped lips before applying this product. The colors are very shiny, so the flakiness will be visible.

Flormar lipsticks are quite pigmented. Dont know how they give such quality products at such an amazing price. Since this particular shade I got is a deep one, I go for 2 coats. But one coat will also give you opaque application for most shades.

The shade Bordeaux Silk is a deep mauve color with purple shimmers. It looks maroon in some light purple in some other, a very interesting color. This shade will look great on all skin tones. A very fall to winter color, great for night outs and festivals.


Rating : 3.5/5

Will I repurchase ? I do not wear shimmery metallic shades very often. So I will not repurchase this one.

But the product is very good quality. You can definitely give it a try if you like such finish.

Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick :

At INR 450 this product is a gem. Go just grab for yourself, thats all I can say about this product. Its gorgeous !

The only downside of this product is the packaging. Its a plain black plastic body with a tiny transparent strip on both ends. If the sticker comes off at the bottom, it is impossible to identify the shade.

But if you consider the packaging problem, this product is superb quality. It is even better than lipsticks which cost double the price from very famous brands like Maybelline and Loreal.

The lipstick bullet has a pointed tip just like most other Flormar lipsticks. This is a great advantage particularly to apply deeper shades without a lip liner. It has a negligible fragrance which is good for people sensitive to smell.

The formula is super pigmented and creamy when you apply it on your lips. But it dries down semi-matte on your lips after some time. I chose a dark burgundy color to try out the formula. This particular shade is generally tricky for most lipsticks. But I was blown away how supremely pigmented and uniform the application was. One swipe is enough, but you can apply one more coat just for a final touch. Also the formula is very long wearing at least 7 to 8 hours without heavy meal. I did have a light snacks & drinks at a party, the lipstick did not budge at all.

But it will fade out in places if you have heavy meals. Since it is a long wearing shade it is a tad bit drying compared to the previous 2 ranges I talked about. So its better to scrub your lips and apply a balm before reapplying it, especially if you go for a deep shade like Bordeaux.

The shade Bordeaux is a glam bold sexy burgundy. It will instantly make your makeup look like a diva. A very beautiful shade suitable for all skin tones, particularly medium to deep. If you are afraid to experiment with deep shades, go try out this one !


Rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase ? I will definitely repurchase a kind of nude everyday shade next time. But I love this color for party and special occasion. Such a glam shade.

Trust me I own a Loreal Lipstick which is double the price of this one. It looks exactly same on the lips. Rather this one is more comfortable to wear. At this price, this product is a must try product again. Highly recommend !

Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo :

The sales person at the counter was the most eager to show me this particular range. They call it the Deluxe lipstick range, which both looks and sounds quite luxurious.

The packaging is most classy and pretty in this range. The sleek long gold body looks beautiful. But surprisingly this bullet does not have the pointed tip like the other Flormar lipsticks. That is a big bummer as the almost flat end makes it difficult to line the lips. You have to be extra careful or use a lip liner. It has a very strong smell which might not be suitable for people who are sensitive to fragrance.

The formula is very similar to the pretty cream & glaze range. This one is a little more matte than the pretty series. Pigmented, comfortable formula just like all Flormar lipsticks.

The shade Elegant Terracotta is a beautiful warm brown color with burnt orange undertones. On deeper skin tones, this can be a pretty nude color. But this shade will suit all skin tones and interestingly look different on everyone. I love the shade.


Rating : 3.5/5

Will I repurchase ? No. I liked the other ranges of Flormar lipsticks more compared to this. I do not particularly like the shape of the bullet.

But it is not a bad product, you can give it a try if you like the color / packaging.

Flormar Revolution perfect Lipstick :

This is the costliest range I tried at the Flormar counter, only considering bullet lipsticks.

This product has unique and interesting packaging. Even the bullet has a design carved in it. I am quite impressed with the packaging. The black and white design on the cap looks fun! It has a mild chemical smell, but it will not bother you.

The formula is the most matte out of all the 5 ranges I tried. Flormar lipsticks have a slight sheen to it even if its is a matte lipstick like this. So it cannot be considered as a true matte, but you can say its a semi-matte. Though personally I find true matte lipsticks quite drying and uncomfortable to wear in the long run. All the Flormar lipsticks including this one is comfortable to wear and does not dry the life out of your lips.

It is of course pigmented like all others. It glides smoothly on the lips. One swipe is enough but you can go for a second coat if you want.

This lipstick fades very uniformly compared to other 4 even if you take heavy meals. If you take no or light meal, it will last you around 8 hours. Since it is a long wearing matte formula it may dry your lips a little. So scrub your lips and apply a lip balm before reapplying the product.

The shade Red in Fire is a bright orange coral shade. A very beautiful color to wear any time of the day, even at night. The shade is best suited for fair to medium skin tones.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? I have purchased the shade R06 Revolutionary Red for my mom ๐Ÿ™‚

A good semi-matte lipstick with an interesting package. Go give it a try.

These are all 5 lipstick swatches at the back of my arm.


Flormar Color Palette Eyeshadow – 04 Golden Caramel & 06 Pink Desserts :

These 2 eye shadow palettes are my first purchase from Flormar even before any of the lipsticks. They also have quartet palettes, but I did not like the formula. The shadows in the quartets are not as pigmented as these, some even look chalky.

These 5 eye shadow palettes each retail for INR 800 and contain 9g of product.


There are few more shade options available in this range. But all palettes follow a particular color scheme. I bought a pink & coral themed palette called Pink Desserts, and a golden and brown themed palette called Golden Caramel.


The palettes are basic black in color. They do not have any mirror. But the packaging is very light and sleek, good for travel purpose. They have a brush included which is very basic and kind of useless.

All palettes have a lightest highlighting shade as the first shade. The shades go deeper as you go right. The next 3 are all over lid shades. The 5th shade is the darkest shade to smoke out or deepen the outer corners.

All 5 shades are shimmers shades. There are no mattes.


This is how the Pink Desserts palette look. Honestly I was not planning to buy this one at first. I was more attracted towards the Golden Caramel palette. But I thought I do not own much palettes with nice pink shimmers. So I bought it in the end ๐Ÿ˜€

The last 3 shades are my favorite. The second baby pink shade does not suit my skin tone, but if you are fairer than me it will look pretty. The white highlighting shade is very pigmented and looks good in the inner corners as well as brow bone. The shade which looks best as a all over lid shade on my eyes is the second last coral shade – my favorite and most used color of this palette.


These are all 5 shade swatches. You can see all the colors are quite pigmented. They last on my eyelids for ages. Trust me they are even sweat proof and does not crease or fade at all. Once you apply on your eyelids they do not move until you remove with a makeup remover. They are great quality super finely milled powder shimmers.

Only point to remember is these shadows have little bit of a fallout. Some shades like the first 2 lighter ones seem to be more powdery than the rest. But they blend like a dream. For maximum impact apply the all over lid shade or the lid shade you want to pop at the center with your fingers or a wet brush.

The second baby pink shade looks a tad bit chalky on my eyes as well the swatch below because it does not suit my skin tone. Its too light for me. If you are fairer than me, this shade will look good on you.

I would say this palette is better suited for fair to medium skin tones as most colors will not show up or look too light on deeper skin tones.

A good quality eye shadow palette to try out if you love a pink girly romantic eye look.


This is how my favorite palette Golden Caramel looks like. This is one of my current favorite palettes to travel with. It has all the gorgeous shades I generally prefer to wear.

The most gorgeous golden yellow with a slight hint of orange is the one in the middle. It looks like you are wearing the sun on your eyelids. I love it!

If you plan to buy only 1 eye makeup product from this brand go for this palette. This is the most versatile palette which will suit every skin tone, occasion, outfit anything.


These are all the shade swatches from Golden Caramel palette. The highlighting shade in this palette is quite unique and unlike any color I own. The orange gold color in the middle and the bronze color next to it are my favorite and most used all over lid shades from this palette. The last deepest color is great for a shimmery smokey look. It looks best if you use it to smoke out the lower lash line or carve out the outer V of your eyes.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? Eye shadow palettes take forever to finish. So that’s why I do not think I will have to repurchase.

These are great quality eye shadows, palette is sleek and easy to travel. Only issue is it does not have a mirror and lack matte shades. But still these are worth trying !

Flormar Diamonds Terracotta Eyeshadow – D06 Golden Eyes & D08 Golden Brown :

If you are a makeup lover like me tell me in the comment section how many baked glitter shadows you own and still go weak on your knees whenever you see a new one ๐Ÿ˜€

How can anyone resist buying such gorgeous glittering circles of happiness ๐Ÿ˜› No that’s not the only golden glitter I own, but I feel like you can never have enough gold in your eyes ๐Ÿ˜› just like a red lipstick. Its like a rule you have to have all of them in your life.

These Baked Glitter Eye shadows each retail for INR 650 and contain 5g of product.


They have I think 6 to 8 varieties of Baked single eye shadows, all of them are glittery. I bought obviously the 2 gold family ones – 06 Golden eyes a pure golden glitter shade and 08 Golden Brown a bronze shade with both golden and silver glitters.


They have a tiny semi circular mirror at the top, which does not have much purpose I believe. Otherwise the packaging is basic black. The lid shuts tight, so you can safely travel with these. But the glitters have quite some fall-outs, so keep them clean is a trouble. But that’s true for any glitter shades I believe.

I always use my fingers to apply baked eye shadows to get the maximum effect. You will lose a lot of glitters if you apply with a brush, there will be fall outs everywhere as well.

Remember since these baked eye shadows are quite powdery they will spread a little all over your lid eventually. To prevent that you can use a glitter primer underneath to seal these in the exact spot you want.


This is how Golden Eyes look like in the pan. Pure gold shade with lots of metallic gold glitters. A very good shade to pop at the center of your lid to give you a golden halo eye.


This is how Golden Brown looks like. This shade looks gorgeous all over the lid. It has a very pigmented bronze base shade with both gold and silver glitters. It looks beautiful when light hits the eyes.


These are both the baked glitter swatches. They are so metallic and pigmented. The Golden Brown looks slightly better than the gold one in my opinion.


Rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase ? These particular pans will last me a lifetime ๐Ÿ˜€ But I will repurchase more shades in this range. There is a electric blue one which I plan to buy next.

Grab these beauties if you are a fan of metallic eye makeup looks. They are great for this time of the year.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Flormar makeup haul and my reviews helped you in some way.

Let me know in the comment section if you already own any of these product or which one you plan to buy.


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  1. dramajunkie says:

    I never tried this brand or heard of. Can you tell me where are such places to shop for makeup and skincare (in mumbai).


    1. mumisfunlife says:

      You will get the brand ‘Flormar’ only inside Reliance Trend stores in India.


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