Little M.A.C products review – Ruby Woo, Lip glass Oyster Girl & Strobe Cream

Hello beauties ! Wish you a great weekend ahead.

I am super excited for today’s post. One of my best friend has come down to India couple of weeks back from the US. She bought 3 of her favorite products from the Little M.A.C range for me as a gift. I was no doubt very very happy to meet her again after almost 2 years, check out our Instagram to see fun selfies (link is on the homepage). She always wanted to gift me my 1st M.A.C product, because back in the day we both were huge M.A.C fans. But it is quite an expensive brand, so it remained a dream for many years.

Technically my first M.A.C buy was M.A.C fix plus primer+setting spray. I got it a few years after getting my job. I wanted to go for something which I can use for multiple purpose and finish up before the expiry date. If you are a crazy makeup hoarder like me you will understand, it is a huge challenge to finish up a particular item when you have multiple options 😀 Being a M.A.C fan for so many years, I wanted one of the best and most versatile product as my first buy.

M.A.C released their mini travel-sized range called Little M.A.C few months back. This range has some of their cult favorite best selling products and few recent launches as well. The best part about this collection is the size and the price point. The products are very travel-friendly and because of that you can utilize each product to its full. Also the cost is comparatively affordable considering its a M.A.C product. Little M.A.C is available online at NYKAA, check the collection out if you too are a M.A.C fan like me 🙂


These are the products I received from my friend as gift :

  • Little M.A.C Strobe Cream (30ml for INR 1000)
  • Little M.A.C retro matte lipstick – Ruby Woo (1.8g for INR 900)
  • Little M.A.C Lipglass – Oyster Girl (2.4g for INR 900)


Now I will be sharing with you my thoughts and experience about each product. Lets start with one of the very versatile multi-use product from M.A.C – the strobe cream.

Little M.A.C Strobe Cream :

If there is any product apart from M.A.C fix plus which is a must have for anybody, even if you are not a huge makeup lover is this strobe cream. This magic product can do so much wonders that you will be amazed to see.

The packaging is a cute round tube, a little bulky in appearance. The pearly white color of the body matches with the actual color of the cream. The flip cap makes it hygienic and easy to use, also travel friendly.

If you are not a makeup artist and will use this product only for yourself, I will suggest you to try this Little M.A.C cream first before investing in the full size product. You can utilize it till the last drop easily before the expiry date.

Unfortunately the pink and gold strobe creams are not available in Little M.A.C range, you have to buy the full size product if you want to buy those particular shades


The product is pearly white in color and has a thin light weight creamy consistency. You can use it with your body moisturizer for a overall glowing skin. You can use it as a highlighting & moisturizing primer before going with your foundation. You can use it over your base makeup as a subtle cream highlight for a glow from within look.

Though the product is white in color, it gets absorbed into the skin very easily if you massage it well. It does not leave any white cast on my skin, only the tiny shimmer particles make my skin look radiant and glowy. The formula is quite thin and non greasy. So it is suited for all skin types. But for combination to oily skin beauties I will suggest you to not apply it during the day if you are out in the sun, specially if you stay in a hot and humid city like me. For dry and dull skin beauties this product is a must have for you, as it will instantly make your skin look bright and nourished.

This is a great product for office and college going girls for your everyday makeup routine. You can easily apply it with your moisturizer to have a healthy happy glow on your face without using any highlighter.


Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes

If you have dry dull skin or you are not a fan of beaming highlighters, this product can be your best friend. Even if you do not have any such issues, this product is so multipurpose that its a must have in  my opinion !

Little M.A.C retro matte lipstick – Ruby Woo :

This is probably M.A.C’s most popular lipstick of all time. If you are a makeup lover, I am sure you already own it or dream to own it someday. The perfect red lipstick of all time.

The term bullet lipstick started when M.A.C came up with this packaging I believe. This little M.A.C bullet lipstick looks very similar to a real bullet. Its very cute and tiny, will fit into any purse however little space you have.

The shimmery black body and the silver inside is a classic M.A.C lipstick packaging. This little MAC one has less quantity obviously compared to the full sized product. But I think due to such a bold color this size is a better choice. You can actually use up the whole lipstick in the bullet.

The cap shuts with a satisfying click. So it is a great product for travel purpose – tiny, universal color and good packaging.

The true red pigment will suit every single skin tone of this world. You can apply dots and then smudge for a nice red tint during the day. For a evening look or night out apply 2 coats of this and you can look like a glam diva even without spending much time with the rest of your makeup.

The product gives you one swipe opaque pigmentation, but I love to apply 2 coats to make the red more bold. It glides on my lips like butter. Though it is a matte lipstick it is not overly drying. But like all matte lipstick, you need to prep your lips well before applying this one, more so because it is such a bold color it may enhance all your cracks.

The lipstick is not transfer proof. But it is very long lasting if you do not have heavy meals. It is not a good idea to re-apply this lipstick on top of the existing layer. It is  always better to scrub your lips, moisturize and then apply such a bold lip shade to avoid any patchiness or dry flakes.


Rating : 5/5

Will I repurchase ? Maybe. Honestly my makeup drawer is filled with eye shadow palettes and lipsticks. There are the 2 things I buy the most. So I generally never re-purchase any lipstick. But no doubt this was is a must have and a superb product. Go get it if you have not already !

I will purchase Little M.A.C matte lipsticks in the shades – Mehr and Diva next.

Let me know in the comment section which is your all time favorite M.A.C lipstick.

Little M.A.C Lipglass – Oyster Girl :

The is the lip gloss range from M.A.C. Honestly I do not use gloss on a daily basis. But sometimes its fun to use these as lip toppers. There are 11 shades available of these Little M.A.C lip glass range.

The packaging is basic. Like all Little M.A.C products, this one is also tiny and good to carry in your purse. The glass body makes it easy to identify the shade.

The applicator is a standard one. I usually like a more tapered doe foot applicator. The wand has a good length for ease of application. The applicator picks up quite a lot of product even if it is small in size. I can cover 1 entire lip by just dipping once.


The shade Oyster Girl is a very light pink with silver undertone, but has lots of golden shimmer particles. It is an interesting color, but somehow it does not suit my complexion at all. Very strangely it makes my lips appear darker if I apply it on its own.

The formula is quite thick to be used as a lip topper. On its own the gloss weighs down mu lips a little and feels sticky on the inner part of my mouth.

The formula is quite balmy and moisturizing, also quite pigmented. So if you choose a better shade it may look good on its own if you want to go for shiny lips.

If you are really interested to try this product, I will suggest you to go for the shades Nymphette or Prrr. Not a big fan of this shade Oyster Girl in particular.

You can see back of the hand swatches of Ruby Woo and Oyster girl in the below pic.


Rating : 2.5/5

Will I repurchase ? No. Compared to the price point, there are better lip gloss and lip toppers available in the market at much less price. Its not a bad product but not a must have either !

Hope my review helped you in some way. Let me know in the comment section your favorite products from M.A.C so that I can try them out in future.


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