Makeup Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave Palette review

Hello my beauties ! Hope you are having a great week.

Today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on Makeup Revolution’s one of the most famous and raved about eyeshadow palette – Fortune Favors the Brave. I really love the brand Makeup Revolution, my very first eyeshadow palette was from this brand. You will find a review post of my first 3 palettes from this brand in my initial days when I started this blog. I am not disappointed with any products from this brand so far, all of them are not my favorites but they are not bad products either. I feel Makeup Revolution is one of those brands where they come up with quite consistent quality at quite affordable price.

I was planning to buy this palette for a very long time. Honestly there are too many options available in the market now, its quite overwhelming and somehow I never ordered. But it was always in my bucket list. It looked stunning and so versatile on pictures and videos. I am so happy to finally have it in my collection.

Recently I saw an online website offering a good discount on this palette. I want to talk about the website quickly. I ordered this palette and few other makeup products from a website called ‘’. I have heard mixed reviews about this website, so never tried before. But I heard few Beauty Youtubers including Shreya Jain talk about this website, and so I decided to finally give it a go. My products were delivered in a good quality cardboard box with multiple bubble wraps around each. None of the products were fake or damaged. So I am quite happy with the products. The negative side of this website is I could not find any proper tracking details of my parcel. I could not even find any customer service call center number on their website. I waited and later on sent DM in the site’s Instagram page after a week I think. But the day I DMed them, I received the product, so I did not face much issue. Compared to NYKAA, the delivery time is a little longer for this website. This site also has few specific brands like Makeup Revolution, Wet n Wild, Makeup Obsession etc , but NYKAA has a huge list of brand and products compared to this. I think it is an official website for Makeup Revolution products, but I am not 100% sure about this fact.

If I have to compare, NYKAA is obviously the best online website to buy makeup or any beauty related product. But for few products, this website has quite amazing discount offers going on. So you can definitely check it out here :

Lets talk about the Fortune Favors the Brave palette in detail !

This is how the external packaging of the palette looks like. It is a product for which Makeup Revolution collaborated with British Beauty Blogger to create a 30 shades for this palette. The palette has an MRP of INR 1950 (I got it for INR 1460 from hokmakeup). Net weight of the 6 baked shadows are 0.5g each. The remaining 24 pressed shadows weigh 0.5g each as well.


The beige gold packaging looks gorgeous, the plastic body feels quite luxurious and good quality. Ingredients and other details are mentioned at the back of the cardboard box and actual palette as well.

Only thing I am not sure is why the name of the collaborator British Beauty Blogger is not mentioned anywhere in the actual palette. I only find her name on top of the cardboard box. This is very strange and seems unfair. If you know the reason, let me know in the comment section.

You will be stunned when you open this palette. The color selection looks amazing and the huge mirror adds more to its beauty. I do not own much palettes which have such a big crystal clear mirror. The palette is quite slim and can easily fit into a standard sized makeup pouch. This is a complete palette in itself and you can create lots of different eye looks with just this. So it is a great eye shadow palette for travel purpose.

If I have to really point out a con, the arrangement of the shades are not my favorite. I usually like the colors to maintain a sequence. Like all baked shades in 1 row, mattes in 1 row, light shimmers in 1 row and last row for darker shades – or something similar. But that is a negligible con. Another point to keep in mind is that some shades have quite a lot of fall-out in the pan like Midnight rainbow, New World, Super Gold etc. You have to dust off the palette after using to keep it clean. On the eyes, some shade have zero fallout, the more shimmery reflective ones have minimum fallout which you can brush away.


A transparent sheet covers the eye shadows from the mirror. It has all the shade names printed on it. The palette comes with a brush which is surprisingly quite OK for beginners or in case you do not have any other eye brush. One side has a flat brush to apply shades on your lids and the other is a blending brush. It is obviously not the best eye brush possible, but it is definitely better than most brushes which come with eye shadow palettes.

The color selection is amazing as you can all see. It contains not only 30 shades but the eye shadows have variety of finishes – matte, shimmer, sheen, satin, metallic and baked. The colors are not too bold to get intimidated. But it still has some bright metallic colors for a glam look. It also has basic transition shades, good matte crease shades, few dark outer corner shades and a matte black. You can easily create variety of eye looks using just this palette alone.

There are 6 baked eye shadows – Skylight, Golden Coins, Green Machine, New World, Super Gold and Lonely Planet. Rest are all pressed pigments.


All the shades are swatched below on my hand. Please excuse the tiny scars, I met with a minor accident few months back. Remember eye shadows may look different on hand swatches compared to what they actually turn out on the eyes. Matte shades do not ideally swatch well for any palette, the shimmers always stand out and swatch better.

Few matte shades you will not be able to see well as they are very close to my skin tone and sadly do not show up that good on camera even after I layered them several times.

Lets go into the shades one by one!

Row 1 :

  • 1. Glimmer (sheen) – beige gold shade, a subtle inner corner and brow bone highlight
  • 2. Buffer (matte) – pink nude color, transition shade
  • 3. Peachy (sheen) – light peach color, can be used as lid color for a subtle soft peach simple eye look, good shade for daytime eye makeup. Can be used as a blush if you build it up.
  • 4. Hope (shimmer) – cool brown, nice all over lid or crease shade. Has slight silver tint to it when light reflects.
  • 5. Fortune (shimmer) – bronze gold, all over lid shade
  • 6. Skylight (baked) – electric blue with golden shimmers, beautiful all over lid shade, one of my favorite shades of the palette, very pigmented
  • 7. Transformer (matte satin) – peacock blue, outer corner or all over lid shade, super pigmented and has a satin finish which almost looks matte.
  • 8. Midnight Rainbow (sheen with glitters) – royal blue tint with lots of metallic blue glitters, great as a topper over another base eye shadow color or pop of glitter in the center. This shade is best used with a wet brush.


Row 2 :

  • 9. Ice Cloud (metallic) – white with silver shimmers, very reflective shade, looks gorgeous as inner corner and brow bone highlight, very pigmented
  • 10. Golden Coins (baked) – taupe shade with white golden shimmers, good as a crease color or to blend outer corner darker shades.
  • 11. Cashmere (sheen) – taupe, very similar to Golden Coins but less reflective
  • 12. Tip Top (matte) – light khaki color, transition shade, this one is my least favorite because it does not look good on me and even looks weird in the pan after the first layer comes off.
  • 13. Yes Please (shimmer) – Greenish Gold shade, gives a metallic shine to the eye makeup if applied all over the lids, one of my favorite shimmers in this palette, one swipe pigmentation
  • 14. Green machine (baked) – teal green with pale golden shimmers, nice metallic all over lid shade, good pigmentation
  • 15. Smoothie (matte) – a darker green compared to the previous 2, has a satin finish but looks matte on the pan. Shade is buildable, good to darken up the outer corners.


Row 3 :

  • 16. Caffeine Fix (matte) – my favorite matte brown shade, slight light chocolate brown. Very buildable but pigmented. Great shade for transition as well as crease. You can even use it to fill in your eyebrows.
  • 17. Latte (matte), very light brown color, sorry it is so close to my skintone that it did not show up in the swatch. For me it only evens out my eyes as a base. You may use it as a transition shade if it suits your skin tone.
  • 18. Pink Diamond (metallic) – light pink metallic shade with silver shimmers. It is a beautiful all over lid shade for a girly romantic eye look. Good for inner corner highlight, can be even used as a cheek bone highlight.
  • 19. Creme (matte) – beige matte color, this one also did not show up in the swatch as it is exactly same as my skin tone. I use it to even out both eyelids as a base before applying any other shades. It will work as transition if it suits your skin tone.
  • 20. Drama Queen (matte) – deep plum shade. This is one of the most pigmented mattes in the palette. A beautiful plum shade, great for outer corners. You can even build it up as a lid shade for a matte plum eye look.
  • 21. Lonely Planet (baked) – charcoal with pick, violet, golden and silver shimmers. A very pigmented and reflective shade, the pink shimmers are most visible on the eyes. You can use it to deepen up outer corners or you can build it up as a lid shade for a metallic smokey eye look.
  • 22. Blacqua (matte) – black. A most essential shade in every palette. This is not very pigmented but buildable which is quite safe for beginners. You can build it up to create a matte smokey eye look or use it to deepen up the outer corner of your eyes.


Row 4 :

  • 23. Soft (matte) – pale beige shade, looks almost white. Good as a base color to even out the eyelids before you go with any other shade. Can be used as a transition if it suits your skin tone.
  • 24. New World (baked) – Ivory gold with lots champagne gold shimmers. Very reflective and pigmented. Can be used both as a all over lid shade, inner corner & brow bone highlight. Can also be used as a pop of gold in the center of the lid over any other shades.
  • 25. Favour (shimmer) – Mauve pink with silver shimmers. A deeper pink shade compared to Pink Diamond and Peachy. Very pretty with good pigmentation, quite reflective all over lid shade.
  • 26. Sunset Hour (shimmer) – Rose Gold. A perfect rose gold reflective shade. Looks very pretty as a all over lid shade. You can even use it on the center to brighten up on top of other eye shades. Good pigmentation.
  • 27. Super Gold (baked) – Dark bronze gold with golden shimmers. Gorgeous metallic shade for all over lids. Very pigmented.
  • 28. Winning (matte) – dark purple color, has a satin finish which looks almost matte. You can build it up as a lid color for a satin purple eye look. Can be used to deepen up outer corners as well.
  • 29. Brave (shimmer) – dark purplish grey shade with blue, pink and light golden and silver shimmers. The pink & silver shimmers show up more in the eyes. Good for a very reflective smokey look, or on the outer corners. Very pigmented.
  • 30. The Revolution (sheen with glitters) – Pink and golden shimmers on a dark purplish charcoal base. This shade has more golden shimmers in it compared to Brave. Gives sheer coverage. Great as a topper shade over any other lid shade color or in the center of your eyes.


My favorite shades out of all 30 are – New World, Sunset Hour, Super Gold, Pink Diamond, Caffeine Fix, Drama Queen, Lonely Planet, Ice Cloud, Yes Please, Skylight and Transformer.

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Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? No. Only reason is because it will last me a lifetime 😀 I love this palette a lot and highly recommend !

Hope my review helped you in some way. If you already own this palette share your experience with us in the comment section below.

The next palette I am going to try from this brand is the Soph X Makeup Revolution Extra Spice palette. If any of you have tried it please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Lovely review a d loved the pallet too I bought it from Nykaa…

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  2. Vivian Yeong says:

    I don’t think I can pull those shades off but great swatch nevertheless!

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  3. Mars says:

    MR has great palettes. I don’t know if I’ve seen others with so many other finishes, so that’s cool!

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