Glamego August 2018 – beauty subscription box review

Hello beauties ! Hope you are having an awesome week.

As you know I review the Glamego monthly beauty subscription box every month. Glamego is currently India’s leading beauty box. The number 1 position is absolutely well deserved as you get 4 to 5 quality products every month at a very affordable price.

In case you want to know about Glamego or want to buy a subscription plan for yourself please click the link to their website :

The packaging of Glamego boxes have a separate theme every month. This month’s box has a super cute BFF theme. The quote is ideal to define the relationship between you and your bestie. If you have a girl gang or a girlfriend with whom you can speak your heart out, you are very lucky. For me my bestie is definitely my husband and this quote ” Teri Meri Banti Nahi, Par Tere Bina Meri Chalti Nahi” holds true for us.


This is how this month’s box looks from inside. There are 4 products inside the box. This month the box not only looks cute, you get products worth INR 3199 for which you actually pay INR 399. Amazing right 🙂

Glamego let me choose the shade of the makeup item – a Bella Voste lip gloss. I chose a bright red shade this time since I already own a nude gloss from the same range.


As always there is a card inside like this which has a brief description about the products along with their price.

These are the products I received this month :

  1. Votre Jelly Radiance Mask – Glitter and Glow (30gms for INR 1200)
  2. Votre Ultima Hydrating & Rejuvenating Sleeping Mask  Rise & Shine (30gms for INR 1200)
  3. Mond’Sub Gold eye mask (INR 200)
  4. Bella Voste The Perfect Gloss – 04 Mercier Rouge (INR 599)


Now lets talk about each products in detail.

Votre Jelly Radiance Mask – Glitter and Glow :

Votre is a  very good skincare brand. I tried their face serum and night cream in the past, both the products performed well on my skin. So I am super excited to get 2 Votre face masks this month.

Glitter face masks is a very popular trend now. I see lot of Instagram stories with such type of face masks. I am not sure how much result shows up on screen, most of them looks gimmicky on camera. This month Glamego is giving a great opportunity to try out 2 glitter face masks which will be a fun experience for all the customers I am sure.

The packaging is quite basic. The plastic tub lacks a separate layer in between the actual product and the lid. Ingredient list and other product details are mentioned at the back of the tub. It contain ingredients like fruit extract, liquorice, jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, vitamin E which can do wonders for your skin.


The product has a jelly like consistency, looks pearly white in color and has a lot of fine silver glitter particles. It looks very pretty under light.

This white tub is a day time face mask. You have to apply it evenly on your face, keep for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off with normal water. The product smells heavenly. Votre products generally always smell good. But this face mask is very beautiful to look at and smells equally amazing.


This mask is supposed to give you glowing skin. So it is good for people who have uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dark spots and dull skin. This product will suit all skin types in my opinion. It gives me a nice cooling sensation after I wash it off. My skin looks clean and fresh, not drying at all. As you know skincare does not show results instantly. I will update you about the brightening property in the future if this product makes a noticeable difference in the long run.

Votre Ultima Hydrating & Rejuvenating Sleeping Mask  Rise & Shine :

Another face mask from Votre to pair with the previous one is included in this month’s Glamego box. This one is a sleeping mask which you need to include in your night time skin care before going to bed.

The packaging is quite basic just like the previous one, just this one is black in color same as the Votre night cream. I have the same issue with the packaging like before – the plastic tub lacks a separate layer in between the actual product and the lid.

Ingredient list and other product details are mentioned at the back of the tub. This one also contains various fruit extracts, jojoba oil, aloevera juice, vitamin E etc which are great for your skin.


The product looks like a jelly similar to the day mask, but this one has slightly thicker consistency. It has a golden beige color with lots of fine golden glitter particles. A very pretty mask to look at.

This black tub is a night time sleeping mask. So after you have cleansed and toned your skin, apply a thick layer on your face and spread it evenly. Keep it overnight and wash off with normal water once you get up in the morning. The product smells amazing similar to the day time mask. But the smell is not too overpowering to bother you while sleeping. It feels very calming and relaxing, gets absorbed into the skin after some time, so no need to bother about staining your pillow.


This mask is supposed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin throughout the night. So when you get up in the morning your skin should feel soft and nourished. It feels cooling and soothes my skin, I love the sensation. For my combination skin it does keep my skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the night. This product is good for normal to oily skin types in my opinion particularly during hot and humid weather. For dry to very dry skin type this mask may not be enough. Also I feel it will not be able to moisturize my skin during cold winter nights when my skin becomes very dry. But I am loving it now.

As for the brightening property due to the presence of golden glitter particles, I do not see any immediate effect as of now. I have used it just for a couple of days, will update you if I see results in future.

Mond’Sub Gold eye mask :

This is a repetition product for me. I already received this product last December. You can check that post for detailed review on this.

GlamEgo December 2017 – subscription box review

I have used this eye mask, the previous time I received it. I could not really tell any difference to be honest. Skin care does not work like magic and often you cannot see any instant result. You need to keep applying the product religiously for a period of time to see results. Since the eye mask cannot be reused, I used it only once. A good thing about this mask is it is easy to use and sticks to the under eyes. Some eye masks slip off and thats really annoying, this one does not do so.  It hydrates the under eye area and is a good evening pamper session product after a tiring day.

The sachet contains quite good amount of the serum which you cannot completely utilize at a time. So keep applying the serum under your eyes even after the eye mask is used up. Be careful, the serum is very runny and may spill out easily.

Bella Voste The Perfect Gloss – 04 Mercier Rouge :

I received Bella Voste gloss in a previous Glamego box. The shade I got was 01 Turf Tan. It is a nice nude gloss. You can check out the shade and a detailed review in this post :

Glamego January 2018 – beauty subscription box review


The ingredients and other product details are mentioned on the box in which the gloss comes. The best thing about this gloss is that – it is mineral oil free, nano-ingredients & talc free.

It has a typical doe foot applicator. The sponge tip contains enough product to cover 1 lip at a time. So you need to dip maximum 3 times to get complete opaque application.

The product true to its claim is very hydrating and long lasting. The pigmentation is quite good for a gloss. It looks quite glossy, but not in a chunky way. Your lips look plump and wet after applying this gloss. If you are not having food, this gloss can last you 5 to 6 hours without any touch up. It does transfer just like any other gloss. But it leaves a nice tint even if it wears off after a meal. You can easily re-apply it anytime.

The product is enough pigmented to wear as a reflective lip tint on its own if you do not have too much uneven patches on your lips.

The shade Mercier Rouge is a very bright red color. It looks very beautiful on all skin tones. Such shade can lift your makeup instantly to give you a glam look even if you are wearing a basic makeup on the rest of your face.


Hope you enjoyed reading what I received in this month’s Glamego box and my reviews helped you in some way.

Let me know if you are a Glamego subscriber and what products you received. Also let me know if you want me to review any other beauty subscription box for you.



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