Repurchased Loreal Le Stylo Smoky Eye Pencil + free Loreal nail color

Hello everybody ! Hope you are having a great week.

If you follow my blog, you must have read my previous post : NYKAA Summer Sale haul + mini reviews where I shared with you a mini review of Loreal Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow pencil. I had bought the shade Almond Pink first to try out and see if I like this product or not. I also shared with you that it was the first eyeshadow pencil I ever used. I loved the product so much that I decided to try out 2 more shades from the same range. This time I got an unusual color called Taupe lady which is a taupe color with silver shimmers and a dark bronze color with golden shimmers called Delicat Wood.

There was an offer going on at the Loreal counter, Lifestyle mall near my place. The sales person gave me option to choose any free product within a certain price range (dont remember the exact amount). I chose a blue nail color for the free gift.


In this post I will be sharing my opinion and thoughts about each of the product I bought. Lets get started with the eyeshadow pencils.

Loreal Le Stylo Smoky Eye Pencil retails for INR 750 and contain 1.5g product. There are total 11 shades available in India. I own the shade Almond Pink which is a baby pink shade with silver shimmers. This time I bought the shades – Delicat Wood and Taupe Lady. Apart from the shades I got, you can also try out Le Grand Or (gold shade) and Antique Brass (dark red with brown undertones).

As I said in the previous post, the gold and black color body looks pretty. But if the pencils were color coded it would have been easier to identify the shade.

The best part about the eyeshadow crayon packaging is that they are retractable which makes life really easy.


Taupe Lady is a light purple taupe color with silver shimmers. The color is very reflective and works great as an all over lid shade.

Delicat Wood is a dark bronze color. If you want to go for a dark smokey bronze eyes, this color can be used all over the lid. You can also use it to darken the other corners. I use it as a base color all over the lid, then add a light highlighting gold shade on 1/3rd of inner eye lid starting from the corner and a dark brown matte to define the outer V of my eyes. It is a universally flattering color and various skin tone can use it for different purposes. Also this particular shade I use the most out of all 3 shades I own.


Though the eye pencils are slightly on the costly side, but they are worth the money. The pencil glides smoothly over the eyelids. They have a soft creamy texture which feels almost like a powder after they settle into the skin. If you apply it on its own they do not settle into fine lines or form any crease line on your eyelid. If you use them as a base color, the powder eye shadow applied on top sticks better and lasts for a very long time. The shades blend very easily and seamlessly into the eyes. They even blend well with powder shadows.

There is a good discount offered by NYKAA in their website right now over Loreal products. Check out the shades and try one for yourself. Highly recommend !

Loreal Paris Color Riche nail color – 540 jet set to Paris :

This product retails for INR 299 and contain 11.7ml product. There are total 17 colors available in India. Other good color options in this range are 320 Mauvelous, 280 Pink me up, 112 Members only and 400 Tangerine crush.


I received this beautiful royal blue nail polish as a free gift. I already own a sky blue nail color, an electric blue metallic nail color and a dark blue matte nail color from other brands. You must have read the reviews in my past posts. But this nail paint was quite different from the ones I already own. If you are not comfortable in wearing blue polishes, this is a safer option to go for. The color is not super bold and in your face, but enough to make your nails stand out. I can even wear this color to office on a special day or event. It will look good with both semi-formal and casual outfits.

The nail color is decently pigmented. 2 to 3 layers is enough to get maximum color payoff and opaque finish. This is not a gel polish, the applicator is also not one of my favorite. It is a decent nail product but not the best I have used. Not a must have in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed this post and my reviews help you in some way. Let me know in the comment section if you own any of these products or planning to buy 🙂

Also let me know in the comment section what other beauty related posts you want me to do for you.





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