Glamego July 2018 – beauty subscription box review

Hello beauties ! Hope you are having a great week.

I received this month’s Glamego box really late. The box was dispatched by Glamego on the very first week, but the courier company delayed delivery of the package. A major reason can be bad weather condition. We are experiencing heavy rainfall in Kolkata almost everyday this month.

If you follow my blog you know I have a 12 month subscription of Glamego and I review this India’s leading monthly subscription beauty box every month since Nov 2017. In case you are new to this box please visit their website for more details / to subscribe :

Every month Glamego has a theme to their box. This month’s theme is close to my heart and it conveys a strong relevant message to the subscribers. This is how the box looks.


Glamego has partnered with “Zariya” which is an organization to help fight women facing violence or abuse of any any form. They keep it confidential and help women maintain their privacy. This is a great effort in my opinion by Glamego to spread awareness about such organizations because crime against women is a raging issue which seems to be getting worse day by day.

I like that Glamego has skipped the straw like things which they used to fill their boxes earlier. But I wish they bubble wrap the items to prevent any damage or leakage.

I received 5 products this month instead of 4. The extra product Saffron Face Cream I already received in a previous box. I wish Glamego lets its subscriber choose the extra product in future, so that we can choose a new product instead of a repetition.


The products I received this month are :

  • Sesa mud hair spa kit (3 step kit – 4 sachets for INR 99)
  • The Natures Co.  Red Wine Sleeping Face Gel (35ml for INR 900)
  • The Natures Co. Saffron Radiance Face Cream (25ml) – extra product
  • Bio Bloom Body Mist –  Valley of Flowers (50ml for INR 450)
  • Elenblu High Volume Waterproof Masacara – Intense Black (8ml for INR 599)


Sesa Mud Hair Spa Kit :

I received a Sesa Hair oil in last month’s box. I did not like the smell of the product at all, so I passed it on to my mother-in-law. She likes herbal oils and doesn’t mind the smell.

This month I was a bit apprehensive about this product. Though the 3 step hair spa kit looked promising I was worried about the strong herbal smell.


Brand claim, product information and other details are mentioned at the back of the cardboard box. Ingredient list is mentioned at the back of each sachets.

It is a unisex product, so me and my husband both tried it together 🙂


Step 1 is a hair shampoo. The shampoo is neither too runny nor too thick. The product is dirty blue in color similar to the color at the back of the sachet. This time thankfully the spa kit products do not smell like the hair oil. The shampoo has a mild smell which is tolerable.

Honestly, I did not like the shampoo much. It cleaned my scalp like any normal shampoo. Since I have thin frizzy hair, I need a nourishing shampoo which does not weigh down my hair. This shampoo did not do anything to tame down the frizz. My hair felt dry and slightly rough after washing it off.

Step 2 is a Deep Nourishing Mud Hair Masque. There are 2 sachets given. The color of this product is sandalwood yellow. The smell is nothing extraordinary, but better than all other Sesa products I tried so far. The masque has a creamy texture.

If you have medium thin hair like me, half of one sachet is enough to cover your hair mid-length to ends. Usually I like to cover all my hair with a hair masque starting from close to roots till end. But the direction given in this one said this product should not come in contact with scalp, so I only start from mid-length. Also as per the instruction, you have to only keep this masque for 2 to 3 minutes, after which you can rinse off. I usually like to keep a deep conditioning masque much longer.

The “Deep Conditioning” property was not at all visible on my hair. I have thin frizzy hair as I said. So I do not use conditioners on a daily basis as they do not help me hair. I use a small amount of a hair masque as a deep nourishing conditioner on towel dried hair after shampooing. This hair felt quite oily and smooth when I was applying the masque. After keeping it for 3 to 4 minutes, when I washed it off, my hair was not quite smooth. It acts like a light conditioner and not hair masque in my opinion.

Step 3 is Revitalizing Hair Serum. The product is a super runny light weight transparent oil. The consistency is similar to my favorite hair serum “BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair serum”. But the result is not the same at all. This serum makes my hair look limp and oily which is not at all what I want for my thin hair. It does provide a decent amount of nourishment as a serum, but I do not like how my hair looks after applying it. I feel it is a better smelling Sesa hair oil packed inside this sachet.

Though this hair kit is very affordable and has natural ingredients, I do not recommend it at all. It did not suit my hair type and so I will not buy it myself.

The Natures Co.  Red Wine Sleeping Face Gel :

I have received quite a few Nature’s Co products in my Glamego boxes. This month I am very excited to receive 3 products from this brand.

I have never used Red wine vinegar skincare products before. This product also has liquorice extract, grapefruit extract, vegetable glycerin apart from red wine vinegar. The ingredients are all beneficial to our skin. All Nature’s Co products are free from any harmful chemicals, this is a major reason why I love this brand for my skincare.

The packaging is basic. I wish there was a partition between the actual product and the lid. I also wish if they had given a spatula. Since these are chemical free products, they are more prone to contamination.

The product looks like a maroon jelly. But you will not see any color on your skin once you apply it. It feels cooling and refreshing on the skin. It also provides enough hydration. I really like this product a lot. It gets absorbed into the skin if you massage it well. It does not make your skin too sticky, but a tiny bit of stickiness remains which I feel works well as a hydrating primer underneath makeup.

It takes a little more time to absorb into the skin compared to products like Clinique Moisture Surge. But at such an affordable price this face gel is really great for combination to oily skin  girls like us, specially in this hot and humid weather. A major downside of this product for me is the smell. The fragrance is too fruity and overpowering for my liking. But if you love such smell, you may enjoy this product more.

Apart from the smell, I like this product a lot. I am using it every day since I received it. If you have combination to oily skin, this is a great product to use in this weather. Recommend for sure !!

The Nature’s Co. Saffron Radiance Face Cream :

I have received this product in my February Glamego box also, this month I received a second tub. Please read my previous post to know about this product in detail :

Glamego February 2018 – beauty subscription box review

A decent face cream for dry to normal skin beauties. If you are oily skin, this product may be too heavy and oily for you. Combination skin like me can use it in winter or as a night cream.

Bio Bloom Body Mist – Valley of Flowers :

I am impressed with all of the products I have received from this brand Bio Bloom in my Glamego box so far. I love body mists and use them at least 10 times a day all over my body 😀 I live in a hot and humid city and so a body mist is a must have. I use one after shower and carry a mini size in my pouch bag to office.

This Bio Bloom body mist is not very small, but you can carry it if you use a bigger pouch. It is quite light weight and slim. It is chemical free which is great for your skin. Mist and deos having alcohol can make your skin look uneven and dark. Also if you apply them after shaving, they may cause burning sensation. This body mist and safe and good to apply directly on the skin.

The smell is really really beautiful. It is refreshing and sweet in a good way. I do not like heavy floral or heavy sweet scents at all. This one is quite strong but in a good way. I mean you can distinctly get the smell but it feels soothing and refreshing, not overpowering and nauseating. I really love the fragrance.

The only drawback of this product is the mist is not at all fine. The spray dispenses a lot of product, it feels like a big splash of water. Also it takes quite some time to get absorbed into the skin. So I apply it after shower before wearing my clothes so that it gets time to get absorbed into my skin and not create a wet mark on my clothes. It is not a long wearing mist. You have to keep reapplying it every 2 hours if you want to smell like Valley of Flowers throughout the day 🙂

The product is free from parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrance. It smells great and good for your skin. Recommend for sure !!

Elenblu High Volume Waterproof Mascara :

This is the first time I am using a product from this brand. I think it is exclusive to Glamego in India as I have never heard or seen this brand before.


The mascara has a really great applicator. The wand is of exact length. It is not sticky or clumpy in any way. Rather it is the one of the easiest mascara to use on your lower lashes. It is not a voluminous mascara as it claims, at least I do not see any significant difference in my lash volume. But it lengthens and curls my lashes and makes them look fluttery and pretty. I specially like the appearance of my lower lashes. It dries really fast, does not smudge or flake off. It is really long wearing.

It could have been one of my favorite mascara. But this product irritates my eyes to another level. After 10 to 15 minutes of applying this product on my eyes, my inner corner and sometimes my outer corner, other times my lashes start itching. It is a very uncomfortable feeling which I do not like at all. If you have sensitive eyes, stay away from this product. Even if you do not have sensitive eyes, I will suggest you to apply a little and see if it irritates your eyes in any way before covering your entire lashes, in case you have received it in your box.

Our eyes are very delicate and so be careful on what products you use. I will not recommended this mascara. There are lot of great mascaras like Maybelline Lash sensational and Loreal Lash paradise which do not irritate the eye at all, heavy duty and makes my lashes pretty. Do not invest in something which may harm your eyes.

I hope my reviews helped you in some way and you enjoyed reading this post.

Let me know in the comment section what products you received in this month’s Glamego box and how did they fare for you.

Also let me know if you want me to review any other beauty subscription box.


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