Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask review

Hello my beauties ! Hope you are having a great week.

If you follow by blog you know that I am a huge fan of Korean skin care. Some of the products from the Korean brand Face Shop are my ride or die products. This year I wanted to try out products from another very popular Korean brand Innisfree.

There is an exciting offer going on at NYKAA’s shopping site. On purchase of products above Rs 999 from Innisfree, they are giving out a free travel size Green Tea kit and a free sample pouch of their famous Perfect 9 repair serum and cream. This is a great opportunity to experience sample & mini sized products from this range before investing in the full sized bottles.

I absolutely love clay masks specially during this hot & humid weather, they are part of my skincare routine throughout the year. Clay masks are very good for deep cleansing my skin twice a week. I have heard a lot of beauty gurus rave about the Innisfree Super Volcanic clay mask and the benefits of the Jeju island ingredients used in Innisfree skincare products. So I purchased it on sale to try for myself. I got the free samples as well which is an added bonus.

In this post I will be sharing with you my experience of the Innisfree clay mask. I will also share with you my opinions about the Green tea kit and Perfect repair 9 range, which I received as free samples.

Lets get started !


Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask (100ml for INR 1000):

This super volcanic clay mask claims to tighten pores, remove sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells, deep cleanses skin, enhances skin tone and gives cooling effect. These are everything I need my face mask to do since I have combination skin and use makeup on a daily basis.

Innisfree products use ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea. Jeju volcanic clay is made with the Jeju volcanic mineral from the explosion of Jeju volcano.


The tub is made of quite sturdy plastic with a metal cap. The combination of dark chocolate body and bronze lid looks good. The product name with the logo is imprinted on top of the lid.

I only have 2 issues with the packaging. It would have been better if there was a partition between the actual product and the lid. The partition given is just a plastic sheet which you can lose easily. Also it would be great if they had given a spatula along with the tub to scoop out the product.


The ingredient list and other product details are mentioned in the cardboard box as well as the product body. I am happy that it is not written in Korean like the Face Shop products.


I read in some reviews earlier that the mask is quite hard and difficult to spread into the skin. I was a bit apprehensive about this. But fortunately I did not face any such difficulty with my tub. The product is a ash colored thick cream. It has tiny exfoliating particles which help in removing dead skin cells.

The mask I am using is quite easy to spread all over my face leaving the eye and lip area. I do not find it to be hard or difficult to spread. Since the mask is thick you need less amount compared to general clay masks. I need to scoop out about 3 tablespoon to apply a smooth layer on my entire face and neck area.

The best part of this clay mask is that it does not dry down completely like most clay masks do. That’s why it is absolutely non drying. Most clay masks are not suitable for dry and sensitive skin as they make the skin very dry and tacky. But this one does not do so at all. You have to apply it evenly on your face and neck (leaving the eye and lip area), keep it for 15 minutes and then gently start massaging with your fingers so that the micro particles exfoliate your skin well. Rinse it off with normal water. It instantly feels refreshing and cooling as soon as you wash your face. It also makes my skin clean and smooth. I am using it for 2 weeks now, twice a week. I cannot see any change in my skin tone yet. So I cannot say whether it helps reduce dark spots or uneven complexion.

If you are looking for a mask which deep cleanses your face, cools it down and makes it smooth and prevents clogged pores, this mask is a must have. I absolutely love the results even if I have used it for a couple of weeks only.


Rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase ? YES. I loved this clay mask a lot and hope to see better results in future on regular usage.

My all time favorite clay mask for many years before I discovered the Innisfree mask, is The Forest Essentials Ubtan Multani Mitti. But I find this one more easy to use and cost effective. Loreal Pure Clay mask – Red Algae is also a good option in the affordable range.

2 more face masks I absolutely love apart from this one are The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying mask and The Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and charcoal mask. Let me know in the comment section if you want me to review these products in detail.

Innisfree Green Tea morning Kit (mini size) :

This is the Innisfree Green Tea morning kit – mini size which you will receive if you buy products above Rs 999. The mini size makes them great for travel. Also it is a good way to try out the products before investing in the full sized bottles.


The packaging is quite pretty and matches perfectly with the green tea theme. I particularly like the packaging of the cleanser. Thankfully Innisfree gives all product information and ingredient list in English instead of Korean which is a major advantage for non-Korean customers like us. They are mentioned at the back of the cardboard box.


Now coming to each of the products. I tried each one of them while I travelled to my mother-in-law’s place last week. Darbhanga, which is part of Bihar state is where my mom-in-law stays. The weather is very different to where I live. It was more cool, dry and less humid compared to my city Kolkata. So I can share with you my thoughts better after testing these products in 2 different climate.

The Green tea morning cleanser is a transparent gel like product. It does not foam up at all. It makes your face clean and refreshed. Honestly I do not hate it, also do not like it very much. It is a decent product, non drying and good for sensitive skin. But apart from this there is nothing special. I will not buy the full sized tube. I like the Plum Green Tea Cleanser more than this, you will find my review on it if you are interested.

The Green Tea Seed Serum is a transparent runny product. The product feels light on the skin but takes little more time to absorb compared to other gel based serums. What I like most about this product is that it is quite hydrating compared to many other serums I have used. If you are extremely oily or live in a very hot place, only this serum can give your skin enough hydration. I quite like this product and will soon purchase the full size bottle to try more of this serum. It is a great product for morning skincare.

The Green Tea Seed Essence-in-lotion is also a very good product. It is a milky runny lotion which is very light weight on the skin and absorbs into the skin very well. If you have dry, normal or combination skin this product will suit you very well especially as a light day time moisturizer in summer. I use it after the green tea serum and both the products keep my skin soft and hydrated for a very long time. I am still head over heels over my Face Shop Chia seed cream and do not think any product till date can replace my love for it. Another all time favorite day time hydrating face cream for me is the cult product Clinique Moisture Surge. But this product is also a good option to try out.


Innisfree perfect 9 repair serum & cream (free sample) :

Honestly I always wanted to try this perfect 9 repair serum. But the price is on the steeper side and I was not sure whether it will suit my skin or not. It was great to get a sample of the serum and cream to test out the products.

Like others the product description and ingredient list are mentioned in English at the back of the samples. The original products look same as shown in the picture.

This range is great for mature skin as it has anti-ageing benefits. You can definitely start using it after 25, but if you have already turned 30 such targeted anti-ageing skincare is must for you. I am 28, so I have also started testing out which treatments suit my skin so that I can prevent early signs of ageing. This serum and cream has 9 active ingredients of Jeju anti-ageing elixir complex. It fights signs of ageing and hydrates your skin to give you smooth and dewy complexion.

This range of products are good as night treatments. I find both the products to be quite heavy for my combination skin during summer, so I have saved them to use in winter so that I can enjoy the benefits better. The serum gets absorbed into the skin quickly, but the cream forms a creamy layer over my skin which feels greasy in this super humid weather. If you have very dry skin, or you sleep in an air-con room you can use it even in summer. But I think this product will not suit oily skin beauties. The anti-ageing benefits show up only after regular usage for a long period of time. So it will buy the full sized products during winter months and update you about my experience.

Hope my reviews helped you in  some way and you enjoyed reading this post.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have used any of these products and share your experience with us.





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  1. Mars says:

    I haven’t used innisfree, but I saw them on social media, so I was wondering about them… Thanks for the review!

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    1. mumisfunlife says:

      You can try the Volcanic Mask or Green Tea Serum as your first Innisfree product.

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  2. Yeppo Cup says:

    Wow thank for the review! I’ve been meaning to try the super volcanic mask for a very long time now… Hope you will drop by my blog too, have a great day! 🙂

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