Glamego June 2018 – beauty subscription box review

Hello my beauties ! Hope you are having a great week.

I got my Glamego June 2018 box last week and I am super excited to share my views on the products I received this month. In case you do not know about Glamego please head to their website : to view their subscription plans and offers in detail. In short, it is India’s leading monthly beauty subscription box. You get 4 to 5 products at INR 299 per box every month delivered at your chosen address.

Glamego has a certain theme every month depending on which the design of the box depend. This month it is “Women Empowerment”. I loved the quotation both inside and outside of this month’s box. The picture of a very traditional Indian married woman blowing up a bubblegum is so interesting and brilliant in my opinion.


There is a discount code for Glamego subscribers if you want to buy any Aroma Magic products. Its a good affordable brand. The Mineral Glow scrub was the very first product I loved and tried from this brand.

Also there is a card regarding the most interesting product I ever received from Glamego – a solid perfume. The card warns that the perfume should be kept in cold environment so that it does not melt. I keep it in my refrigerator 🙂

The remaining 2 cards are information about the products Glamego has given out this month. There are 4 products in this month’s box. There was an option of choosing the lip kit shade like most other months. This is a feature which I really love about Glamego. There are some surprise products which are really interesting, but few products we can also choose based on our preference or complexion.

These are the products I received in my June 2018 box :

  • Sesa Ayurvedic Hail Oil (INR 130)
  • Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub (INR 75)
  • Vert Love Potion Solid Perfume (INR 1000)
  • Bella Voste Ulti-matte Lip Contour Set (INR 1149)


Sesa Ayurvedic Hail Oil :

I got a proper hair product for the first time in my Glam ego box (apart from an anti pollution hair spray). Sesa is an Ayurvedic brand and this product is 100% herbal, has no mineral oil and no chemicals.


The plastic bottle looks ordinary in my opinion. The bottle is opaque which makes it difficult to know how much product is left. There is no partition between the cap and the actual product, so it is not very safe for travel. Though my bottle does not leak so far, yet it seems dangerous.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned at the back of the cardboard box as well as the actual bottle.

I prefer a small opening in my oil bottles because that way I can control better how much product I want to use. This one has a much wider opening and so I have be extra careful every time I want to pour out the oil.

The benefits of this oil is yet not clear to me. I have used it only twice just to give you my opinion. I am not a regular oil person. I have thin hair and I prefer nourishing hair masks more than oil. But I like to oil my hair twice a month to provide nutrition to my roots. Any skin and hair care products have to be used regularly in order to see results. So I will keep you updated if I see any result in future post if I use this hair oil religiously.

The oil is very light and runny. It has a blue tint to it. The good thing about this product is it does not weigh your hair down or make it sticky. It gets absorbed very quickly. I shy away from using oils generally as most of them make my thin hair look limp and sticky even after washing it well with shampoo. But this does not do so at all.

The biggest con of this product for me is the smell. I absolutely hate the way it smells. A very typical extremely strong herbal odor which keeps bothering me as long as the oil is in my hair. If you are sensitive to strong smell or do not like strong herbal scents like me, you will not like this one at all. I did not like the very famous Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Oil for the same reason as this. I usually like to oil my hair overnight or at least 2 hours before washing it off. So bearing with such a strong smell for such a long time becomes really difficult for me.


If you are on the look out for a good herbal hair oil try out the Satthwa hair oil. I bought this oil on the recommendation of Shalini from the youtube channel ‘Knot me Pretty’. Let me know if you want a detailed review about this product in the comment section.

Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub :

First of all, these travel size products which come in my Glamego boxes are life savers for me. I almost have all essential skincare items in such mini sizes, thanks to Glamego that I am always sorted whenever I travel.

Aroma magic is a very affordable good skin care brand. I was a big fan of this brand during my college days. I used their eye cream, face wash, hand cream etc. But my most favorite product of all time from this brand is the Mineral Glow scrub. So I was excited to get another scrub from this brand in my box.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned at the back of the tube.

Honestly I do not like the smell of coffee. I even do not like the taste of the beverage. The only thing I like is cold coffee with a lot of ice creams on top 😀

The scrub is not bad, but I am not a big fan of it. Its just an OK product for me. I cannot tell about the anti-ageing property because I have only used it twice so far. But in my opinion the Mineral Glow scrub is a lot better option than this – the micro beads scrub my face squeaky clean and also smells good. This coffee scrub has chunky scrub particles but they do not do much to exfoliate my skin or remove blackheads.

Vert Love Potion Solid Perfume :

This is the most exciting and interesting product in this month’s box. I have heard of solid perfumes in various beauty channels. I even know that some people use molten wax from perfumed candles to moisturize their body. But I have never tried any of these before. I am looking forward to using this one so much.

This is the first product I am trying from this brand ‘Vert’. The product is free alcohol & preservative. It contains natural fragrance oil / essential oil apart from moisturizing elements like cocoa butter, almond oil and beeswax. The ingredient list & other details are mentioned on the box.

I am not a very big fan of the packaging. The tin case does not look great. Also there is no partition between the cap & the actual cap which would have been more hygienic.

The product looks like a balm. It has a soft whipped creamy consistency when you touch it. It almost feels like touching clarified butter (ghee). It feels extremely moisturizing on the skin. My skin even feels soft on the spots I apply it, thanks to such nourishing ingredients. If the quantity was more I would have applied it all over my body 😀

The smell of this perfume is heavenly. I have a very similar scented candle in my room which I absolutely love. It is quite strong if you smell it in the tub, but when you apply it on your body the beautiful perfume just lingers on for a couple of hours without bothering you at all. It is not a very long lasting perfume, you will have to reapply it after every couple of hours, but that is alright for me considering it has such a lovely fragrance and absolutely chemical free formula. In a way reapplying it multiple times during the day is good in my opinion as the this product has shelf life of only 6 months and you only need a tiny bit to smell amazing.

As instructed by the brand, you have to be careful the perfume should not melt, so keep it in the fridge and only take out you want to apply. Also do not carry it with you if you have to stay out in a very hot environment. The perfume goes away very quickly if you sweat a lot.

Bella Voste Ulti-matte Lip Contour Set :

I get one Bella Voste products in almost every box 😀 I am not complaining at all since I like most of the products. This time I chose a very pretty pink shade for this matte lip contour set.

I already own a Bella Voste ulti-matte lipstick. You can check out my previous Glamego review for this. The lip pencil is a new experience.

The lip pencil is a tad bit darker and more pigmented than the lipstick which is great for a liner in my opinion. I love the lip liner more than the lipstick.

Lip pencil is a game changer when it comes to lip product. If you tell me to choose any 1 lip product to use for my entire life, it has to be lip pencil, that too a retractable one. They are so easy to line & define my lips, very long lasting and looks exactly like wearing a lipstick or lip crayon. This Bella Voste pencil is unfortunately not a retractable pencil. But the product is good quality, creamy, glides on my lip smoothly, great pigmentation, completely opaque application in one swipe and a beautiful cool toned pink color.

The Ulti-matte lipsticks by Bella Voste is not a completely true matte range. It gives a semi matte finish which is transferproof, but lasts on my lips for at least 4 to 5 hours. They are not super drying, but it is better to scrub your lips before reapplying. The pigmentation is decent, 2 to 3 swipes will give you opaque application.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the products I received in this month’s Glamego box and my thoughts on them.

Let me know in the comment section what products you received if you are a Glamego subscriber. Also let me know if you want me to review any other beauty subscription box for you.

Stay happy ! Stay beautiful !


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