Mini Lipstick haul + 1st impression review – NYKAA Liquid Matte Lipstick & Loreal Limited Edition Cannes Lipstick

Hello beauties ! Hope you are having an exciting week.

I am sure most of you watch the Cannes Festival every year. I particularly wait to see the outfits and makeup looks my favorite celebs flaunt at this festival. This year I absolutely loved Aishwarya Rai’s purple and black Michael Cinco gown. She looked like the Queen of butterflies. My second favorite was Deepika Padukone’s sheer white Zuhair Murad gown. Let me know in the comment section who was your best dressed celebrity at Cannes 2018.

To celebrate Cannes, Loreal Paris has recently launched a Limited Edition lipstick in their Color Riche range. The packaging and color both looked stunning in pictures. Also the name of the shade “Red Carpet” perfectly goes with the Festival theme. It is a collector’s item and I am so happy to finally own this beauty.

You already know how much I love shopping from NYKAA and also love many of their own products. I shared with you earlier that I particularly love their So Matte lipsticks and Mattelicious crayons. NYKAA recently launched their Liquid matte lipsticks. This was a very long awaited launch. Finally the brand has their own liquid lipstick range and the most fun part is they named all the shades based on different Indian cities. I wanted to get my hands on all the shades but I restricted myself to only 2 for now.

I received these products last week. So I have tried them only 1 or 2 times before sharing my thoughts with you. This is only first impression review. I will be trying out these products more and will update you in future if my thoughts change.

Lets get started !!


Loreal Color Riche Limited Edition Cannes Lipstick – 999 Red Carpet (INR 750 for 3.5g) :

This is a collector’s item. The packaging epitomizes Cannes in every way. I particularly love the leafy branch imprint. Also the red velvet gives it a retro feel. Loreal Color Riche is one of my top favorite lipstick range in drugstore category. These products never disappoint me. I had to get this one !

The color is a vibrant red with pink undertones. It will suit every skin tone and age group. It is a perfect shade for a night out, wedding or any special event.

The formula is similar to other Color Riche lipsticks. It is very smooth and glides on beautifully. The pigmentation is amazing, just one swipe gives you an opaque application. You have to layer it maximum 2 times to see complete color payoff. It is not completely matte, nor transfer proof. But it is very comfortable to wear on the lips and can be reapplied as many times you want.

Since it is such a bright red color, I will suggest you to use a lip liner underneath. A retractable lip liner I use with this lipstick is Faces Ultime Pro Lip definer – Red 01.


Red is a favorite lip color for all of us I think. Even nude lovers sometimes love a splash of red, do you agree ? I absolutely love this lipstick. I agree that the shade is not unique or uncommon, a close shade similar to this is Maybelline Gigi Hadid Lipstick Austyn. But I would still recommend it for the packaging 😀 In case you still do not own any red lipstick, go grab this one for a special first time.

NYKAA Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick – 07 Dilli (INR 550 for 4.5ml):

I am so happy and excited that NYKAA had finally launched their liquid matte range. The So matte lipsticks in the shade Naughty Nude and Taupe Thrill are my everyday lipsticks to office. I also absolutely love the Mattelicious crayons. I have huge expectations form NYKAA on these liquid lipsticks.

Though I should have bought the shade “Mishti” since this shade represents Kolkata my city. But I have many similar shades of liquid lipstick, so skipped that one. Instead I ordered “Dilli” and “Guwa-hottie”. The packaging is same for all the lipsticks. Only difference is that the picture of the city on the box varies based on which lipstick represents which city.

The tube is plastic, so they are safer than glass packaging. The size is very travel friendly and fits into any hand bag. The transparent body makes it easier to identify the shade.

These liquid lipsticks remind me a lot of the Wet n Wild Catsuit liquid matte lipsticks. The wand is similar, the formula is similar, I am thinking of doing a side by side comparison of these 2 very similar products. Let me know in the comment section if you want me to do so as well.

The wand takes up a lot of product and so you do not need to dip in multiple times. Also the sharp tip makes it easier to apply. The formula is very smooth and creamy. It glides on the lips like butter. The texture is not very runny nor too thick.

The shade Dilli is a pink based nude shade. The shade looks more on the peach side when it dries matte on my lips. The lip product dries down completely matte and do not transfer. The shade is good for office or college purpose, but this particular one will suit only fair to medium skin tones.

Though the brand claims that these are enriched with Vitamin V, they are comfortable to wear for maximum 4 hours. After that they dry up and enhance the fine lines of my lips a lot like usual liquid lipsticks. But the good part is these do not dry up my lips so much that I have to scrub my lips every time to re-apply these. A good lip balm does the job well.

Though the brand claims that these are completely transfer-proof, they do transfer a little and so the inner part fades away quickly if you drink or have a meal.

This particular shade “Dilli” is not a super pigmented one. I have to layer it at least 2 to 3 times to get opaque color payoff. It looks little streaky in places and my natural lip color shows up very slightly on few areas even after layering. I can overcome this by applying a lip liner underneath. But by itself this color looks a little inconsistent.


I would have liked this more if the pigmentation was better. But the shade is pretty and good for daily wear purpose.

NYKAA Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick – 03 Guwa-hottie (INR 550 for 4.5ml):

If you want to buy just 1 lipstick from this entire range, I will suggest you to go for this particular shade – Guwahottie. This shade will suit every skin tone and the burnt orange undertone is perfect for any season of the year. An affordable and beautiful lip product.

The packaging and wand is exactly same as all the other products in this range.

Guwa-hottie is a deep burnt orange teracotta kind of a color. The color is stunning and perfect for both ethnic & western wear, formal or festive occasions. It is quite pigmented unlike Dilli. One swipe gives you an opaque color pay off. A maximum of 2 layers will be enough for this shade.

These lip products are quite stubborn to remove, so you have to use a makeup remover. But lip scrub is not a must as they are not extremely drying. A good lip balm before applying it will make your lips look better for long. Also after removing it, apply a balm and then reapply. I will also recommend you to use a lip liner underneath even if they are not necessary for the deeper shades like Guwa-hottie. But even if the wand tip is sharp it may not be enough to line your lips perfectly.


If you want to try out this collection for yourself, I will recommend you to go for the deeper shades. The lighter shades are not as pigmented as the deeper ones, also the lighter shades like “Dilli” looks a little streaky and uneven on their own. But deeper colors like “Guwa-hottie” look stunning and perfect.

I am planning to try 2 more shades from NYKAA Matte to Last collection next – Kudi and Maharani. Let me know in the comment section which shades you already own or planning to buy in this collection.

Hope you enjoyed reading my mini lipstick haul and the reviews help you in some way. I have only used these products 1 or 2 times so far. I will keep you updated how they fare in the long run.

Stay happy, stay beautiful !!



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  1. IBlissMakeup says:

    Guwahottie is lit 😍💥

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    1. mumisfunlife says:

      Ya that’s my favorite shade from the entire range 🙂

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  2. theswishco says:

    Wow thats a nice review and photos are well captured.. Do check out my blog & lets connect ☺️

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Nykka 2 liquid lipstick is free ?


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