Nyx Professional Stay Matte but not Flat Liquid Foundation review

Hello everybody ! We are back to another “beauty”full Thursday 🙂

I feel so happy as soon as I start writing even the first line every Thursday you know. No doubt I even love sharing with you veg and non veg recipes the rest of the days. But talking about beauty and makeup just fills my whole being with happiness and excitement. Wow! makeup does wonders not only to your appearance but also your soul I believe. It is a stress-buster, confidence-booster and a brilliant time pass with your girl gang. Also it sets my mood to ramble at the very introduction 😀 😛

I had shared with you my first impressions on the controversial liquid foundation – NYX stay matte but not flat. I used the term “controversial” because this product has so much of divided opinion. Some people absolutely hate it and list it among the most disappointing foundation. Others really love and use it very often in their makeup routine. I quite liked it in the beginning to be very honest. But now my thoughts have changed a little after using it for 3 weeks in a row. So I decided to share with you a detailed post and my final thoughts about this product, in case you are planning to buy it for yourself.

Lets get started !

The NYX Stay Matte But not Flat Liquid Foundation retails for INR 900 for 35ml.

This is how the product looks. It is a transparent tube with a black plastic cap. It is not a very interesting packaging but serves the purpose. I like tubes having a very precise tip like the Loreal Infallible Pro matte foundation. But this one just has a small hole from which the product comes out. Since the product is very runny, there is a high chance that more product will come out than required if you are not careful while squeezing the tube. This makes the tip quite messy and a little difficult to use. I have to clean it with a tissue every time I use it to avoid the cap getting dirty.The cap fits tightly and does not leak at all, so it is good for travel purpose. Also the size is perfect to fit in the travel kit.

The packaging for me is not bad, but there are definitely a few cons.


The brand claims that this liquid foundation is oil-free and water based. Also it claims to be full coverage, mineral enriched and gives you a matte look. In my opinion the false claims made by the brand at the very front of the foundation tube is what caused so much negativity about this product.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned at the back of the tube. It also says “Shake well” in bold letters. I really did not understand the reason for this. Since the brand mentions, I do shake the tube a few times before squeezing the product out. But I do not understand the purpose or see any difference when I forget to shake it.


The consistency of the product is super runny. So be careful while you are squeezing out the product. It is very easy to blend and get an even application. It takes a little amount of time around 2 minutes to settle into the skin completely. But does not dry down matte as it claims even if you wait for an hour. It leaves a little shiny and dewy look to the skin.

The oil-free and water based claim will surely attract a lot of oily beauties. But do not fall into this trap at all. This is not at all suited for oily skin types. I have combination skin (T-zone). This foundation disappears from the part around my nose after a couple of hours. It makes my pores really visible specially around my nose after few hours if I do not apply a good pore filling primer underneath. If you have textures or open pore issue this foundation will make your situation worse, so do not go for it. If you belong to dry to normal skin type, have young skin or blessed with naturally good skin, this product is a good option for you. For combination skin like mine, a good primer and setting powder is a must for this product.

This foundation does not last on my skin for more than 4 to 5 hours. I have to touch up especially my T-zone area after every 2 hours as I am oily on those areas. You can easily reapply the foundation as it is very light weight on the skin. It almost feels like a BB cream with a better coverage, so that is an advantage if you like using a foundation on everyday basis.

The shade Soft Beige is perfect for my complexion. It looks exactly my skin tone but a little better version after I apply it. If you are a MAC NC 30 (wheatish complexion), this shade will suit you perfectly. It is very easy to blend both with brush and sponge. I prefer a dense brush for this particular foundation, because I find that my beauty blender soaks up a lot of product and further decreases the coverage. Due to the yellow undertone, it decreases the appearance of dark circles and spots to some extent.

It gives you a sheer natural coverage on 1 to 2 layers. But you can build it up to medium if you prefer. I will suggest you not to layer it up too much, it may appear greasy or enhance your pores and textures even further. It is better to keep it light for the rest of the face and only layer it up where you need extra coverage.


Rating : 3/5

Will I repurchase ? Maybe. The shade matches me perfectly and I  work in an air-conditioned office for most of my day. So it works for me that way.

Overall this is not the most horrible foundation I have ever tried. So I do not hate it. But the brand claims are definitely misleading. This is a foundation for those who like their makeup on the slightly dewy side, want a sheer to medium coverage light weight foundation for office or college, this product is a good one. It does a better job than a normal BB or CC cream. But think about the price point also before you decide to invest on this. INR 900 is quite steep for this product. You get Maybelline Fit me at half of this price and it is quite a good quality drugstore foundation for everyday use.

If you have oily to very oily skin, have textures and open pore issue or you have to stay out in the sun for long or you have a hectic day and cannot touch up your makeup at regular intervals, stay away from this product completely.


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  1. I’ll have to try it out to see what I think. Loved hearing your thoughts!

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