NYKAA Summer Sale haul + mini reviews

Hello my beauties ! Wish you a great weekend ahead.

As you all know by now that I shop most of my beauty related stuff – makeup and skincare from my favorite online beauty store NYKAA. Currently summer sale is going on in their website. This is a great opportunity to restock, try some new products and also save some money. I do not experiment much with my skincare, I tend to stick to whatever suits me. But I love experimenting with new makeup now and then.

In this summer sale I repurchased few items I absolutely love, they are definitely my ride or die products. I also ordered some new stuff which were in my bucket list for a long time. I went out of my comfort zone and bought an eye shadow crayon, I am both nervous and excited to try this out πŸ˜€

I have mentioned the MRPs of each product because discounts vary time to time. Check out NYKAA’s website to know more about the offers.

These are the makeup products I purchased :

  1. Loreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation – 140 Golden Beige (INR 1400 for 30ml)
  2. Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24H Foundation – 103 Natural Buff (INR 999 for 30ml)
  3. NYX stay matte but not flat Liquid Foundation – Soft Beige (INR 900 for 35ml)
  4. Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky eye shadow – 103 Almond Pink (INR 895 for 1g)
  5. NYKAA eyem24X7 Kajal Eyeliner – Ebony Soul 01 (INR 299 for 0.35g)
  6. Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon – Mystic Mauve (INR 450 for 3.5g)
  7. Maybelline COLORsensational Lip Color – 405 Pretty in Plum (INR 500 for 4.2g)


I will talk a little about the product and also give you a first impression review. I will update you in later posts how these products fare in the long run.

Lets start with the foundations I purchased. 1 is a repurchase – the Stay Fresh one. It is one of my holy grail drugstore foundation which I keep repurchasing for so many years. The other 2 Pro Matte and NYX are new purchase.


Loreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation :

This product is a repurchase. This is my third bottle, so that’s proof enough how much I love this foundation.

The packaging is good, the red cap adds a fun touch. The glass body is thick and quite sturdy.Β  Pump makes it very easy to use, non messy and hygienic. Only because it is a glass bottle I pack it in a bubble wrap to be extra safe.

This is a cult favorite product of L’oreal for many years. It is a medium to full coverage foundation. The formula is not too runny nor too creamy. It blends well with both brush and sponge. I prefer to use my beauty sponge for blending all my base makeup products.

This foundation is on the high coverage side. So this is not very light weight for everyday use. But if you blemish or spots on your skin you can use 1 pump of it with a BB cream or any other everyday light foundation to hide your imperfections well. This product will make you look flawless on special occasions or when you are in a dressy full glam mood. It blends into the skin beautifully and you can easily layer it up to full coverage. It does not enhance pores or textures on the skin. But if you want the flawless base it is always advisable to use a pore filling primer. It is very long lasting on my combination skin compared to most other foundations. I have never tested the 24H claim, but it lasts whole night for me whenever I wear it to a wedding function.

The texture is suitable for all skin tones. It is not extremely matte nor too dewy. But I will suggest oily skin beauties not to wear it during the day if your place has very hot & humid summer like me. It fades faster if you sweat a lot or have very oily skin.

It has 10 shades available in India, most of which have yellow undertones suiting most Indian skin tones. The shade I own is 140 Golden Beige. If you have fair to medium wheatish complexion 140 will suit you perfectly. Remember this foundation oxidizes on the face after few hours, so go one shade lighter than your exact match.


Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24H Foundation :

I am so impressed by the Infallible Stay Fresh foundation that when Loreal launched this Matte version I was super excited to try it out. It was not available in India until recently. So I got my hands on this during the NYKAA sale.

Packaging wise I really love this one, even more than my go-to Stay Fresh. The transparent tube is sleek and flat, very light weight and convenient to travel with. The pointed end helps you give control over how much product you want to dispense.

The formula is slightly thicker than Infallible Stay Fresh. You cannot use your hands to apply this foundation at all. Also do not apply it all over your face at once and then try to blend. This foundation dries up in seconds. So take a small amount and blend it into one part of your face and then repeat for the rest. Also I found it applies better with a sponge than brush. I had to drag the brush in order to blend, the moist sponge helped me a lot better to apply it evenly. Using a sponge the foundation blends well and settles into the skin in seconds. It gives you medium coverage. I wont say full because it is not a good idea to layer this product too much as it will make your face look dead and dehydrated if you apply too much product. It feels absolutely light on the skin and good for everyday purpose. It also lasts really long. I have not tested it for 24H, but it stays on for more than 8 hours for me.

This foundation is better suited for very oily skin in my opinion. The finish is absolutely matte which is not very much to my preference. I have combination skin but such a matte foundation makes my face look dehydrated and flat. I need to apply a really hydrating moisturizer before applying this product. Since I work in a air conditioned office, my skin feels stretchy and dry after few hours even if I use a hydrating face cream like Clinique Moisture Surge underneath.

I feel you have to use a pore filling primer if you are a fan of such absolute matte base. It can show up textures a tiny bit more than Stay Fresh. Also you should absolutely have no dry patches on your face before applying this product, otherwise this foundation will look cakey and settle into the dry areas.

If you have normal to dry skin even combination you really have to prep your skin well before applying it. If you have oily to extremely oily skin, this will be a good choice.

Similar to the Stay Fresh foundation, this one is also available in 10 shades in India. All the shades seem to have yellow undertones which is great for Indian skin tone. The shade I own is 103 Natural Buff. It is slightly lighter than my skin. But from my prior experience with Loreal foundations I deliberately ordered a shade little lighter than my actual skin color. Loreal foundations tend to oxidize after few hours on my skin.

I can also use 104 Golden Beige which is my exact match, but if it oxidizes my base will start looking darker than my skin which is not a good idea for such matte base product. If you have fair to medium wheatish complexion like me, you can go for either 103 or 104 depending on which matches you to the dot. I will suggest you to apply a sample version on your face and see if it oxidizes on you or which shade matches you better after some time before ordering a full size.


If I have to compare between Infallible Stay Fresh an Infallible Pro matte, my oldie but a goodie Stay Fresh is a clear winner again.

NYX stay matte but not flat Liquid Foundation :

I have heard mixed reviews about this product. Some people love it and highly recommend like Shreya Jain. Others seem to hate the formula. I have finished my Maybelline Fit Me and so I was looking for a light weight everyday foundation I can wear to office daily. I am a big fan of NYX as a brand. I love their liquid lipsticks, micro brow pencil, eyeliners, some of their eyeshadow palette. I am really excited to try this NYX liquid foundation.

The packaging is a chubby transparent tube. I really love tubes for travel purpose. Pumps and tubes are my best choices for any product in general. This one has a compact size and very easy to carry.

The product is very runny. So be careful not to press the tube much, otherwise a lot of product may spill out. It can be applied with both brush and beauty sponge. Since it is so runny it can be applied with bare hands as well.

The formula is very easy to blend. It takes a little time to settle into the skin. The finish is not matte at all. I would say it is rather on the semi-matte to dewy side. It is light to medium coverage which you can build up easily. It feels absolutely light on the skin even if you layer it up. It does not enhance pores or textures on my skin.

The brand claims that it is an oil free formula, but this may be tricky for oily skin beauties. This foundation is not much suited for oily skin in my opinion. The excess oil or sweat can remove this foundation very fast. Also because it is slightly on the dewy side, your face may look a little greasy and shiny. This foundation is better suited for dry to normal skin. Combination skin like me can also wear it comfortably but remember to set it well with a loose powder or compact.

This foundation feels light and comfortable on the skin without any doubt. But it does not last very long. It starts to fade out on my skin after around 5 hours. Also due to the semi matte finish I have to blot around my T-zone and touch up with a powder after every 2 to 3 hours.

If you work or study in a air-conditioned room like me this foundation is best suited for everyday purpose. Also in the evening it is great for hang out with friends and any casual occasion. But in case you need to stay out in the sun for long or going on a trip where you cannot reapply or touch up on your makeup, this foundation is not a good option.

There are 19 shades available in India which is superb. Whatever skin tone you have, you will definitely find a shade matching you. The shade I have is Soft Beige. It has yellow undertones and matches me perfectly. If you are similar to my complexion (fair to medium wheatish) this will match you to the dot.

I do not see any visible oxidation so far on my skin. So I think you can order your exact matching shade for this product.


Now we move on to the eye products. I just got 2. The NYKAA kajal is my second time purchase, I absolutely love this and use it every single day. The Loreal eye shadow is a very experimental buy for me. I have never used a cream eye shadow stick before. So it will be a new experience for me.


Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky eye shadow :

This is the most experimental product in my entire haul. I have only tried it twice on its own so far. I guess I have to try it more to give you my exact opinion. I have not tried it with any eyeliners so far, stay tuned for more updates on these.

This is a Loreal eye shadow crayon. The packaging is similar to lip crayons. The fact I do not like about the packaging is that they are not color coded. You can only identify them by the sticker at the back. All the crayons have the same black and gold body.

The crayon has a smudging brush at the other end.

There are total 11 shades available in India. I got the shade 103 Almond Pink. It is a pretty light pink color with silver shimmers. I think because the base color is light in this particular shade, the shimmers are more prominent. The actual pigment is more visible in deeper shades.

The crayon is quite pigmented, very smooth and creamy. I glides on the eyes like butter. It is very easy to blend by a dense fluffy eye brush & a smudging brush. First apply the pigment half way or complete lid. Then take a smudging brush to smudge the pigment. Finally you can blend everything into your crease with a blending brush.

Because it is a cream product it may crease on your lids. I will suggest you to prime your lids well before going with this product. Also do not apply too many powder products on your crease or lid area before going in with crayon. I prefer to use such crayons on their own for a quick and simple eye look. It is better to set these with a tiny bit of similar powder eye shadow on top to avoid creasing.

The crayons are a good option if you are on a hurry or not in a mood for an elaborate eye makeup. Also if you are a beginner or do not want to waste too much time in your makeup, these are a good option.

The other shades I want to try out next from this range are 102 Delicate Wood, 101 Antique Brass and 116 Aurora Sky.


NYKAA eyem24X7 Kajal Eyeliner – Ebony Soul 01 :

I have mentioned this product in a previous post also. Please check that out if not already. I will link it here for you : Makeup haul + 1st impressions – LorealXBalmain, NYX Cosmic metals & more

This kajal is my second purchase. I apply kajal on my lower waterline every single day, also tightline my upper waterline sometimes. This product fulfills all my criteria. It is jet black, matte, glides smoothly, does not smudge or smear at all, stays on my waterline throughout the day, does not collect on the inner corners. What more can you ask for ! Moreover the retractable feature makes life so easy.


Lastly, lets discuss about the lip products I purchased this month. The maybelline crayon is a repurchase. I bought the exact shade few months back, my mom loved it so much that I gifted her the previous one. But I loved it so much that I got the exact same shade for myself again. The other Color Sensational lipstick is my gift to my mom for Mother’s Day. She wanted a similar plum color for a very long time. So this year I decided to buy her this one. I also bought a matching Lakme nail polish from the store near my house.


Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon – Mystic Mauve :

This product is also a repurchase. The exact product featured in my 2017 favorite makeup product list. You can well understand my love for this lipstick which is very rare. I do not usually repurchase a lip product since there are so many other options to try out. But this one is exceptionally close to my heart.

My mom also loved this shade so much that I gifted her the previous one. I missed it so much that I repurchased the same shade for myself. The color is called Mystic Mauve. It is very beautiful rich mauve color which will look great on any skin tone. The crayon is super pigmented, one swipe is enough for opaque application. It glides on smoothly on the lips. It is not too drying, feels moisturizing when you first apply it. But it settles down matte after sometime. It does not give you cracked chapped lips nor butt-hole look.

I will suggest you to scrub your lips slightly before reapplying since it is a matte crayon.

Please have a look at the previous post I did on this product here :

Favorite Makeup Products of 2017


Maybelline COLORsensational Lip Color – 405 Pretty in Plum :

This is not for me. I am going to gift this lipstick to my mom for Mother’s Day. I know its already over 😦 But that’s the perk of staying far from home. The good thing is I am traveling to my home town to meet my family today evening. So I can give it to her in person finally πŸ™‚ The day you are with your mom is Mother’s Day right, I am keeping it that way πŸ˜€ Let me know in the comment section what you gifted your mom this year.

My mom is a huge fan of pinks and purples, unlike my friends’ moms in general who usually prefer reds I have heard πŸ˜› She wanted a lipstick and a nail paint exactly the color of onions πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I searched and tried so many products you cannot imagine to find an exact onion color my mom wanted. Finally I found this one. Funny story πŸ˜€

This is Maybelline’s cult product. This Colorsensational lipsticks are there since I have heard about Maybelline probably. They increase the shades in this range every year and introduce new formula.

This one is called Pretty in Plum. It is part of their purple range, so the cap of the bullet is purple colored. The color is a very pretty plum with pink undertones, like onion πŸ˜€

The lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing which makes it comfortable to wear any time of the year. My mom hates matte lipsticks, another exception. I have an exceptional mom in every way πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It has a satin finish which looks quite glossy on full light.

The lipstick is not transfer proof and due to the satin finish does not stay on your lips very long. I will suggest you to apply a lip liner underneath to make it last longer. But it is very light and comfortable, you can easily reapply as many times you want.


Hope you enjoyed my summer makeup haul and my reviews helped you in some way.

Please let me know if you want to do a detailed dedicated post on any of the new items I purchased.

Also let me know if you own any of these and share your experience with us.





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