Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss review

Hello everybody! This is Thursday and so we will be talking about “beauty”full things today  😀

I bought an amazing product from Loreal last weekend and cannot wait to share my experience with you. Loreal does some amazing makeup, I particularly love their lip products. Though they are a bit on the pricey side compared to drugstore but most of the time the products are really good quality.

Today’s post is about a recent launch in the Loreal Infallible range – “Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Gloss”. This is part of their Cannes Collection. NYKAA is running a Summer sale right now. Check out this product on their website to get some discount.

Lets get started !!

The Pro matte gloss retails for INR 799 & contains 6.3g of product. The collection has total 10 shades available in India. The shade I own is called 314 Nude Allude.


The gorgeous Deepika Padukone is the face of this product. The transparent tube is shaped just like her body 😉 I love the curvy shape of the packaging, so pretty and feminine. The black cap has a velvet matte feel which makes it feel luxurious.

I am not sure why Loreal decided to name this product a gloss. It is super pigmented to be called a gloss. It is a very moisturizing, creamy, semi-matte liquid lipstick in my opinion. If it is really a gloss, then it is the most pigmented gloss I ever tried.

The formula is very smooth and creamy, it feels super moisturizing on the lips. The pigmentation is to die for, specially since it is a gloss. One swipe gives you absolutely opaque color. It does not settle into lines, does not collect on the sides of your lips, does not give you butt-hole appearance or cracked lips after some time. The shine goes away after some time as it dries down, you get a velvet matte finish on your lips which is very comfortable to wear. Also it stays for a pretty long time compared to any gloss I own. It is not transfer proof, but can be re-applied easily.

I feel the texture of this product is slightly thicker than most other liquid lipsticks in general. Since it is so pigmented, I will suggest not to layer up too much. If you are using it on top of a lip liner or any other lipstick, just one coat is enough. If you are using it on its own, do not go beyond 2 coats if you want the product to settle down to a velvet matte finish. Also since it is creamy and not transfer-proof, not layering too much will ensure that it stays longer on your lips.


The wand is not too long nor too short, it has the perfect size. The applicator tip is amazing and makes life so easy. The pointed end gives you high precision to curve out your lips well. It is certainly better to use a lip liner underneath any liquid lipstick. But even if you do not choose to use, you can easily line your lips with this applicator.

It picks up enough product to give you an opaque coverage in just one swipe. For your entire lips you just have to dip twice.


The shade is not picked up by my camera perfectly. I am very sorry for that. Actually it is quite a tricky color to explain. It has all 3 colors mixed in one – pink, brown and little bit of orange as well. The best way to let you understand the color is – it is a very warm toned brown nude with more pink and slight orange undertones. I know that was a very confusing statement 😛

Try it out for yourself and see how it looks on you. I am certain this shade will look different on different people depending on your skin tone & lip color. For my  fair to medium wheatish complexion, the shade looks a warm brownish pink nude. On my friend who has a deeper complexion than me, this color looks more burnt orange brown nude. On very fair complexion the brown pigment is more prominent.

Whatever color it may look on your lips, one thing I can vouch for is that, this shade will be perfect for any skin tone. I absolutely love this color as an everyday office going lip color.

If you suffer from dry chapped lips and stay away from liquid lipsticks, this is your go-to. Also the hassle of prepping your lips every time you want to reapply a liquid lip paint is resolved by this product. Highly recommend, go try it out now if not already !


Rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase ? Not this shade maybe, but I will try out some more shades in this collection for sure.

I absolutely love the formula, pigmentation and shade of this product. There are 9 other shades available, so definitely try out any of them whichever suits your preference.

The other shades I love and want to try out next are 304 Rebel Rose (bright pink), 306 Aphrodite Kiss (coral with pink undertones) and 318 Bare Attraction (nude).

Hope my review helped you in some way.

Let me know in the comment section if you own any shade from the Pro matte gloss range and share your experience with us.


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