Maybelline the falsies Push up Drama Mascara review

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Mascara is an essential part of makeup for many of us, but for some it is a terrifying task. I am someone in the middle. I love mascara without any doubt, but I do not use it on everyday basis. I have sensitive eyes and wear glasses whenever I work in my laptop (which is 90% of my day :D).

Choosing a right mascara is very important for all of us, the choice varies depending on when you use it and how. Always remember that you should not use a mascara for more than 6 months, if the product dries fast then not more than 3 months. Our eyes are very delicate and so should be taken extra care. Another important thing to remember is pay attention to the applicator, it should not be too big for your eye lashes or poke you in the eye easily. I will suggest not to experiment with a new mascara online, try it on the store and only buy if you feel comfortable with the applicator and the end result suits your requirements.

I have reviewed the Maybelline Lash Sensational and Loreal False Lash Superstar Mascara in my previous posts. Please check them out if not already. In this post I will be sharing with you my thoughts on Maybeline the falsies Push up drama mascara.

Lets get started !!


This is not a new purchase for me. It is my second purchase. I had shared with you my thoughts about this product in brief while reviewing the Lash Sensational. Some of my friends wanted me to write a detailed post, so I decided to do a bonus post this week. Sadly I have ripped off the cardboard packaging it came with. If I get a new product in future I will surely include the ingredient list and other details mentioned on the cardboard.

The mascara retails for INR 600 for 9.7ml of product.

I quite like the packaging of this mascara. It is less bulky than Maybelline’s other mascaras. The color scheme of black and pink looks fun and pretty. The cap looks a little more coral toned pink compared to the bottom. The middle part of the tube is black and decorated with rose gold fonts.

There are 2 variants of this product – waterproof and washable. I always use the waterproof one since I live in a hot and humid city.


The applicator wand & tip are all plastic and black in color. The wand is quite long. The applicator small spiky bristles all around. The shape of the applicator helps achieve the false lash effect.

The texture of the product is thicker and creamier compared to Maybelline’s other mascaras. But it does not clump up, smear or smudge at all. The applicator size is perfect for my eye shape. It is neither too big nor too small. The bristles hold each lashes and lifts them giving your lashes quite an impressive length. The pigment is pitch black so it gives the intense black look to your lashes.

It is more a lengthening mascara than volumizing in my opinion. It does not curl your lashes if you have drooping lashes like mine. But it definitely gives them a good lift on applying 2 to 3 coats. I will suggest not to layer this mascara multiple times, I apply just 2 coats usually, go maximum for 3 coats. Since the formula is quite thick your lashes may feel heavy and super stiff.

It makes your lashes a little extra stiff compared to Lash sensational which may be uncomfortable for some of you. But that property helps this product give you that extra length and lift to your lashes. It is very long lasting and completely water proof. I have even worn this in slight rain and it has not washed or smeared at all.

This mascara is one if the best I haved used for lower lashes. Though the applicator may look bigger, it is surprisingly super easy to coat the lower lash even better than Lash Sensational.


Now coming to the con of this product. This mascara is a pain to remove. You need a really good oil based makeup remover if you want completely clean lashes.

If you even use Garnier micellar oil-infused remover or similar, you have to keep rubbing multiple times which is not good for the delicate eye area. The Clinique Cleansing balm does a good job for this type of products, but everybody cannot afford such an expensive remover.

Rating : 4/5

Will I repurchase ? Yes

My overall thought for this mascara is that it is a really good product for special occasions or days when you want that false lash look without actually wearing one. But on everyday basis I still prefer my Lash Sensational.

It is better than Loreal False Lash Superstar mascara in my opinion as it gives better result without the extra priming my lashes step.

Let me know in the comment below what is your favorite mascara so that I can try it in future 🙂



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