Glamego April 2018 – beauty subscription box review

Hello beauties !! Wish you a great week ahead.

I received my Glamego April 2018 box Saturday afternoon. I decided to share the products I received and my thoughts with you today. If you follow my blog you will know that I subscribed to Glamego since November 2017 and I review this box each month. In case you missed the earlier reviews please check them out.

If you are new and do not have an idea about Glamego, here is a brief info :

This is an Indian monthly beauty subscription box which only costs INR 399 per box for 4 items. It is the leading beauty subscription box service in India. If you are interested to know more you can visit their website

You can choose any subscription plan – 1 month box will cost INR 399, 3 months subscription will cost total INR 987 (Rs 329 per box), 6 month subscription will cost total INR 1794 (Rs 299 per box), finally 12 months subscription will cost total INR 3468 (Rs 289 per box). You will get combination of full size and deluxe samples of 4 products every month.

This is how the April 2018 box looks like. I absolutely love the packaging this month. It screams summer in every way – bright colors and ice cream stick. Both lemon and fuchsia pink are 2 of my favorite summer colors.

This month Glamego is giving out an extra product – A surprise summer treat. So I received 5 products in my box.

Though I am a little disappointed because the surprise product is a repetition for me, I already received the same product in my January 2018 box. I like the product, but a new one would have been more exciting.


These are the products I received this month :

  • My Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Stain- Foxy Red Head (14gm for INR 499)
  • Tjori Wild Turmeric Anti-tan Treatment (50gm for INR 525)
  • Vedic Line Gold Facial (6 sachets for INR 350)
  • NELF Aqualite Fairness Compact powder with UV & SPF 18 (9g for INR 350)
  • Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream (20ml) – summer treat surprise


Lets get started about my first impressions on each product !

My Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Stain – Foxy Red Head :

This is a Lip Moisturizer stain. The prettiest looking product in the entire box. I an super excited to try this lip product. As mentioned in the Glamego product details card this product is selected for Eminent Vogue Beauty Awards 2018.

The packaging reminds me of the Balm cosmetics products. The sexy retro ladies adorn the outer box as well as the tube. The actual product comes in a tube similar to the Himalaya or Vaseline lip moisturizers, just this product has prettier body and tinted. You need to squeeze the bottom of the tube and the product comes out from the angled tip. The smell is very girly and floral. It mentions Flamingo Pink and Peonies in the card which comes inside the box. I can identify the smell of roses heavily. Honestly I am not a huge fan of rose scented products, but if you are you will love it.

The lip moisturizer looks rich red in color when it comes out of the tip. But once you apply it on the lips it gives you a soft coral tint with a heavy orange undertone. It has a mild lingering floral scent even after applying it on the lips. The balm is extremely thick in texture but spreads smoothly on the lips. It contains nourishing ingredients like fruit-based butter, beeswax and essential oils.

You need a tiny amount to moisturize your entire lips. The effect is similar to my favorite Maybelline Baby lips, but this one is even better in my opinion. It feels absolutely non sticky, your lips do not feel heavy at all. I applied it to my lips twice after I received the product to test it out for this review. It stayed on for quite a long time on my lips.

The swatch looks too orange in my pic, I am so sorry for that. My camera could not pick up the right color. I assure you the color is red with orange undertones in reality and looks a pretty coral tint when applied on lips.

This is am amazing product for that light to no makeup summer days.

Tjori Wild Turmeric Anti-tan Treatment :

It is a anti-tan face pack, a very essential skincare product for summer. The brand claims that this product is completely chemical free and contains only natural ingredients like white turmeric, vetiver, fuller earth etc which are beneficial for our skin.

The packaging is pretty basic. The plastic looks cheap and not that sturdy. There is no partition in between the lid and actual product, so be careful whenever you open the tub. The product may get contaminated easily if you do not use a wooden spoon and absolutely dry hands.

The product looks like any clay based powder face pack. The powder is very finely milled and has quite strong herbal smell. I do not like the smell at all, I do not like any herbal scent in general. But clay based face masks are always good for skin and if this one genuinely has no chemicals and contains wild turmeric, it will be a good choice for summer skincare.


You have to mix around 2 tablespoon of this product with rose water, aloe vera gel or yogurt and apply uniformly on your face leaving the eye and lip area. I will continue to try it and keep you updated on how well this face mask works for me.

Vedic Line Gold Facial :

This is a one time use gold facial kit, ideal for any special occasion or bride-to-be. Having a healthy glowing skin is more important than enhancing your beauty with makeup. So pampering your face once a month with a good quality facial kit is a must.

Active ingredients are quite beneficial to skin – saffron,  almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E etc.  Complete ingredient list is mentioned at the back of each sachet.

The 6 steps in this facial kit are : scrub, cream, massage gel, face pack, cleanser and moisture serum with SPF. The required amount needed for one time usage is given in each sachet. You only have to cut the right sachet and follow the directions to use.


There are 6 separate sachets for 6 steps in your facial procedure. Each sachet is numbered and name of step, directions to use, ingredient list is mentioned in each of them. Follow the process sequence and enjoy a pamper evening at home to wake up with glowing healthy skin the next day.

Ladies like me who do not get enough time to visit salons, kits like these are really beneficial to get the same salon-like experience at home. In summer our skin is more prone to dirt, sweat, gunk, pollutants and all sorts of harmful element. A brightening treatment like this is good for your skin.

NELF Aqualite Fairness Compact powder with UV & SPF 18 :

This is the only makeup product I received in this month’s box. Glamego mailed me to chose the shade I want to receive which I was very happy about. I chose the shade 02 Ivory. I have seen few makeup products from this brand in NYKAA. But this is the first time I will try out NELF product for myself.

The compact gives a light sun protection with SPF 18 and also claims to protect from UV rays. The ingredient list is mentioned on the box as well as at the back of the case.


I do not like the compact case packaging much. The plastic feels cheap. The biggest con for me is that my compact has a faulty lock. It does not shut tightly. I am not sure if I have received a faulty product or the packaging is not good for any of these cases. The mirror inside the case is kind of OK, has few spots which never seems to go. The silver color at the rim has gone off in some places for me. The only thing I like in this product is the puff. The puff is really soft and looks cute.


Though I think I chose the lightest shade available, if you have complexion similar to me (fair to medium wheatish) then this shade will still work for you. But if you are lighter than me, this shade will not work for you. But I like my powder to brighten or highlight my complexion, which this shade does not do for me.

It is just an ordinary every day kind of a compact. The powder is finely milled and blends well into the skin. But it does not give you much coverage, also it does not control oil much. I do not see this compact powder working for me much.

I am not that happy with this month’s beauty product unfortunately. Hopefully I have a better experience next time.

Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream :

I had received this same product earlier in my January 2018 box. I have already reviewed it before. Please visit this link to read my January post : Glamego January 2018 – beauty subscription box review

If you have seen my travel essentials post last week, you will notice I am traveling with this cream as a night cream. This product has a nice fruity fragrance and moisturizes my face well. I like this cream. Also the size makes it ideal for travel purpose.

I hope my first impression reviews helped you in some way.

If you have received your own Glamego March 2018 box, please share your views about the products in the comment section.




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