PAC Pore Primer review + Comparison with Loreal Base Magique primer

Hello everybody ! Hope you are having an amazing week.

In this week’s beauty post I will be sharing with you my thoughts on PAC Pore Primer which claims to give you a flawless finish. I own few makeup brushes and sponges from this brand. I have seen beauty gurus rave about almost every single product from this brand. So this year I have decided to add few of their bestselling makeups to my vanity. The first product I decided to start with is the Pore Primer. Stay tuned for more reviews of other PAC products soon !

PAC stands for Professional Artist Cosmetics, the brand was initially created by Martha Tilaar. It is a premium quality cosmetic brand with products perfectly fitting Asian skin. In case you want to know more about this brand please visit their site :

I am a huge fan of PAC as a brand. They have a huge variety of great quality makeup product like foundation, concealer, highlighter, eye shadows, lipstick, lip liner, liquid lipsticks etc. PAC also sell amazing quality makeup tools like brushes, sponges, etc. To know more about PAC products or to shop from their website please visit this link :

You can also shop PAC products from or amazon.

If you follow my blog since last year you will remember how much I loved the Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer. It even featured in my Favorite Makeup of 2017 list. I already have a detailed review on this product in my Festive makeup haul post. Please check that out if not already. In today’s post I will be comparing the PAC Pore Primer with the Loreal Primer. Lets find out together if this new product can beat my old favorite.

Lets start with detailed review of PAC Pore Primer first !

IMG20180405111036The product costs INR 795 for 25g of product. It is slightly on the expensive side, but PAC products are really good quality.

This is how the product looks. The packaging is minimalist yet classy. I like the black & silver theme. Since it is a tube it is more hygienic, easier to carry and use. Also since the tip of the nozzle is very narrow, you can easily control how much product you want to dispense. The tube is slim and light weight, the twist open cap fits tightly, so it is  good for travel purpose.

The ingredients and other details are mentioned at the back of the box and also the actual tube.

The product is a  thick light beige colored cream. It may seem that it will not suit every skin tone since it is tinted. But once you blend it into your skin, the tint is not visible at all. Rather I feel, because it has slight tint, it is easier to blend into the skin.

It feels extremely light weight on the skin and blends within seconds. It fills in the pores around my nose, between the brows and lip area completely. My skin feels smooth and even, perfectly ready for the base makeup. Since I have combination skin, my T-zones become oily very easily specially during summer. But this primer controls oil to a good extent.

Sometimes in this hot weather I only apply this primer concentrating on the T-zone, apply concealer to hide under eye darkness, apply a compact powder all over and that’s all. This primer helps to control any oiliness on my face about 6 hours.

If you have very large pores, this primer may not cover them completely. But if you have tiny pores which we all generally have, it will cover them very naturally.

In the below pic I have shown you the final result in my hand (with a tiny pea sized amount of product), after blending the primer completely into the skin.


Rating : 4/5

Overall it is a really good primer for everyday use as well as special occasion. A must try product, highly recommend !

Now lets compare PAC Pore Primer with Loreal Base Magique primer :

The Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer costs INR 1025 for 15ml product. So it is costlier than PAC primer.

Packaging wise, both products are different. The Loreal one is a tub whereas the PAC one is a tube.The Loreal tub is small but bulky. The glass body looks pretty in the vanity but may break if you accidentally drop it. The tub is not hygienic as you have to dip your fingers every time you want to use the product.

I like the PAC primer packaging more since it is light weight, hygienic, easy to use, small nozzle tip gives more control on how much product comes out, also good for travel.

I could scrape out a tiny amount of product from my Loreal tub to show you how the product looks. To read more review about this product go to these 2 posts : Festive makeup haul + first impression review and Favorite Makeup Products of 2017

The Loreal primer in pearly white in color and has a thicker consistency than the PAC one. Since it is quite a thick product, it is better to tap it into the skin. It may ball up slightly or will be difficult to blend if you try to rub it into your skin. But due to its thickness it is better suited for people having large pore issues. Also it works better during colder months in my opinion. In summer it feels slightly heavy on the skin.

The PAC primer is tinted, has a light beige color. It is very light weight and blends easily into the skin. If you do not have major pore issues this primer is a perfect choice for you. Overall I love this product more than Loreal primer.

So we have a new winner !! The PAC Pore Primer is now my new favorite primer 🙂


Hope my review and comparison helped you in some way.

Let me know in the comment section if you want me to review any other PAC product.

Have a nice day beauties !!



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