Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask review + Comparison with Wella Elements Renewing mask

Happy Women’s Day to all my beauties !! Value yourself and feel beautiful from within, that’s the gift you can give yourself ever ! To all my male readers, if any 😛 respect, positivity and love is what your girl expects from you 🙂

Today I am going to review a hair mask which is not new in the market actually. But I was so obsessed with my Wella Elements renewing mask that I never thought of trying a new one. Only when I emptied 5 tubs of the same mask 😀 😛 I decided to try this Toni&Guy Reconstruction mask. I have used products from this brand before like the Shine Serum drops and Heat Protection Spray. I liked both these products, so had high hopes from the mask as well. Honestly the decision was made easier by NYKAA since I got it on sale 😀 for INR 750 when the actual MRP of the product is INR 1000.

Since both the hair masks I own make the similar claims and even cost almost same, I will be sharing with you a comparison of both the products in case you cannot decide which one to buy. So lets see if the Toni&Guy hair mask wins the battle against my all time favorite hair mask Wella Elements.


I have already done a full review on Wella Elements Renewed Mask last year. You can check that out if not already.

Lets start with a detailed review on Toni&Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask (INR 1000 for 200ml)

This is how the packaging looks. The actual tub comes inside a similar looking white box.


All the ingredients, brand claims, directions to use and other info are mentioned in detail at the back of the box. They are also mentioned at the back of the tub.


The brand claims that this hair mask “Intense treatment for  damaged hair, deeply penetrating the fibres and giving a softer, smoother finish”. This claim is not entirely true in my opinion.


The packaging is a huge white plastic tub which is quite bulky and heavy to travel with. The plastic is quite sturdy and good quality. The product is white in color and has a thick butter like consistency. It has a very strong smell which is not unpleasant but quite strong for my liking. Strangely the product only smells strong in the tub and immediately after applying on hair, but after washing my hair the smell is entirely gone. I prefer my hair to smell beautiful for quite some time after applying hair mask which does not happen much with this product.


I have medium length thin hair and suffer from dryness and frizzy hair specially in winter. I apply this hair mask at least an hour before roots to end , concentrating more on the roots 2 times a week. I wash off the mask with a mild shampoo. I wash my hair on alternate days. Since I do not use any separate conditioner, I scoop out about a spoonful product and apply on damp hair after shampooing. I wash off after about 3 to 4 minutes.

When I apply it as a mask, my hair becomes smooth and slightly soft. But the effect does not last for me more than a day. My hair becomes frizzy and dry just the next day after applying this mask. When I apply it as a conditioner, my hair is manageable and tangle free for some time, but very soon it becomes frizzy if I do not apply any hair serum.

Since the product is so thick and butter-like, I expected it to be really moisturizing and nourishing. But I do not find it doing much good to my dry frizzy hair. It performs in my opinion better than a normal conditioner but way less than a proper nourishing hair mask. If you like to use heating tools to style your hair like me or your hair is chemically treated / colored, this hair mask will not work for you well.

If you have very limp fine but oily hair, you may enjoy this mask as a nourishing but voluminous mask. It is a decent product if you have naturally good hair and do not suffer from any problems like split ends, frizz and dryness.


Rating : 2.5 / 5

Will I repurchase ? NO, it did not work well for me.

I think it is quite clear that the Toni&Guy reconstruction hair mask is not matching with my preference. But I will still compare it with the Wella Professionals Elements renewing mask for your information.

This is how the tub looks like. It contains 150ml and retails for INR 1075.

If you recognize that background, a big hug to you 🙂 That means you and I share a long journey from my initial days.

DSC05682The tub is way more compact and light compared to the Toni&Guy one. I have traveled with it several times.

The ingredient list and other details are mentioned at the back of the tub. This product is free of sulphate and paraben. Though I did not see any paraben mentioned in the ingredient list of Toni&Guy mask, but since the brand does not clearly state that its product is free of anything I am not sure. So the Wella Elements mask is safer and less damaging to your hair in the long run.

This product has a less thicker texture than the Toni&Guy one. This one looks like a shiny white whipped cream. It is easier to spread on my hair because of the light creamy formula. The smell of this one is to die for. My hair smells beautiful even after couple of hours later to washing. The day I apply this mask my washroom smells like a hair salon. I absolutely love the smell and feel of this product.

Talking about the performance, this product makes my hair super soft, my fingers slip through my hair and they also look shiny. My hair remains nourished and frizz free for 2 to 3 days which is superb in my opinion. I do not go to any hair spa treatment anymore from the day I started using this product last year. If you have same hair issue like me – dryness & frizz, you style your hair with heating tools or you have damaged chemically treated or colored hair, I highly recommend this product to you. This little tub is a salon at home. It is slightly on the higher price range, but every penny is worth the investment.

This is my holy grail product and its still a clear winner for me !!

Let me know your holy grail hair mask in the comment section below so that I can try it out in future. If you have used any of these 2 products, share your experience with us below.


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