My first nomination for Liebster Award 2018

Hello everybody !! I am so happy, excited and thrilled to share with you that I am nominated for the first time this year for Liebster Award 2018.

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I am nominated by the wonderful Amina Kawthar. Thank you so much dear. Your encouragement means so much to me.

thank you

If you follow her blog, you already know how honest and artistic she is just like her name. If not please follow her to read her amazing posts here: .

About Liebster Award :

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It started as far back as 2011. This award is special as it is a great way to appreciate and encourage fellow bloggers. It also helps you acknowledge the bloggers whom you love to read and spread awareness about their amazing work with others.

To know more about this Award please visit this link :

Rules of Liebster Award :

Each blog gets one entry. To enter you must:

  • Create a post in your blog about this Award and spread the news.
  • Acknowledge the person who nominated you in the same post. Also let the person know your opinion about his / her own blog.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • Choose at least 5 (maximum 10) bloggers whom you enjoy reading and want to nominate. Also write a bit about why you love their blog.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Notify your nominees that you nominated them. Also paste your post link in the notification so that they can follow required steps.
  • Paste your post link regarding this award in my comment section so that I can go through your answers ๐Ÿ™‚

Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and ends on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be picked on the 31st of December. The winner will get a special prize.

Questions to me by Amina :

1. What is your favorite social media platform?

I use both Facebook and Instagram regularly. Its tough to choose between these 2. But if I have to absolutely choose 1 favorite, it has to be Facebook. I am using it since school days and it has been my constant companion in all phases of life.

2. Do you love your current job? Why?

Yes I am juggling between 2 jobs currently. I am a software engineer and also a blogger ๐Ÿ™‚ Its hectic, takes a toll on me sometimes to manage family life, office and blog all at a time. But I enjoy each and every moment as both jobs are important to me in different ways and I love both. All thanks to my husband for being my backbone in both the jobs.

3. Favourite place you had travelled to?

Unfortunately I have a huge bucket list of places I want to travel, but I could tick only a few so far. Anyways, I have a long life ahead, hope we can make it up in the upcoming years. My favorite place I traveled so far is Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I love the place for the diversity it offers to tourists – live coral reef, beach, hills, mangroves, wild life, tribal people & their lifestyle, limestone caves, cruise experience, an infamous cellular jail, museum what not. I did snorkeling for the first time and saw under the sea life and living corals. It was a superb experience.

4. How long have you been blogging?

I am a new blogger. I started my blog page in February 2017. So I completed 1 year this month.

5. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?

I watch Youtube videos as well as read blogs. The first blog I ever read was Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog (IMBB). I loved how people shared their opinions and experience on various makeup products which helped a lot of readers like me. Corallista, Snob Journal and IMBB are some blogs which initially attracted me to this world.

After reading and watching a lot of Influencers, I decided to share my own thoughts and opinions with the world as well. I think this is a platform to help each other, spread happiness and positivity, build awareness and just have a lot of fun creating & sharing. Also I love the fact that whoever you are whichever part of the world you are this is a great platform to have discussions or simply chitchat like close friends ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Ebook or paperback?

I am old school in this. I love paperback over ebook always. Moreover being an IT professional & blogger I am sticking to my laptop / mobile for the major part of my day. Books give me a relief from the electronic world. The smell of a new book, the brown pages of an old most treasured book, small scribbles on the back of a book which bring back fun memories. Books are special, ebook can never replace them for me.

7. Have you watched a movie more than once? If yes, what movie?

I am a movie addict. At dinner time me and husband watch 1 movie regularly together. So I have watched a huge list of movies more than once. But I will share with you few of my favorite ones – Titanic, Avatar, Gladiator, Edward Scissorhands, Fault in our stars .. list is endless ๐Ÿ˜›

8. Where do you reside?

I stay in Kolkata city under West Bengal state of India.

9. Do you wear makeup everyday or just for special occasions?

I wear light makeup everyday to office. On weekends or special occasions I like to glam up ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Have you become great friends with someone via social media?

I am just a 1 year old baby in this blogging world ๐Ÿ˜€ So I am yet to make friends. But I am eagerly waiting for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

I nominate 7 bloggers I absolutely love reading :

  1. Gamintraveler : ( As I mentioned before I have a huge bucket list of places I want to travel. Whenever I plan to go anywhere out of India, I will definitely refer your blog for guidance. Ruben and Rachel you both make life easier for fellow travelers by your detailed travel guidelines. Till the time I cant go to any of those beautiful places, I will see them through your pictures.
  2. Voyages Of Mine ( I love your photography Haley. Your photos bring out the beauty of the places more to readers like us who only visit them through your lens.
  3. lifewithlilred ( My beautiful Sarah. We share the same love for makeup and I love reading your opinions about the products you review and other makeup related posts you do.
  4. BeautyBeyondBones ( Caralyn you are inspiring, sweet, honest and awesome. I love your recipes ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Cooking with a Wallflower ( Andrea how do you manage to capture such stunning pictures of your recipes. Your blog teaches me so much. I always feel I have so much to learn from you. Superb culinary skill !!
  6. beccapbeauty ( ) Becca you are already such a beautiful person. Makeup makes you even prettier. I love to see the looksย  you create, the products you review and all other makeup posts . We share the love for beauty.
  7. dineANDrhyme ( I love you both Diana and Donna. Your blog is a goal for a food lovers like me. I really learn a lot from the visual treat you provide to your readers through the food posts. Also you provide a great opportunity to your guest writer to share their restaurant & food experiences on your blog.

My Questions for the nominees :

  1. What do you think is the most important quality a bloggerย  should have ?
  2. If you can choose only 1 person and 1 essential item to travel the world, what will you choose ?
  3. What do you prefer – self planned trip / travel package of a tour operator ? Why ?
  4. What do you think is the most versatile vegetable which you can use in any dish ?
  5. What do you think is more important to enhance your beauty – a good fashion sense or good makeup skill ?
  6. What inspires you more – a biography of a great man or a heart warming fiction
  7. What do you think is more important to you as a blogger – satisfaction of a creator / appreciation from your readers ?
  8. What do you prefer more on a special occasion- fine dining at a luxurious restaurant / candle light in your dining hall ? Why ?
  9. If you win a lottery some day what will you choose – fulfill your own dream / help any of your loved one fulfill his/her dream ? You can only choose 1 not both.
  10. Which one do you think is an absolutely essential home decor – small live pot plants or photo collage frames ?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amina Kawthar says:

    Oooh wooow I really loved reading this. Amazing answers ๐Ÿ˜ you write so beautifully .. thank you for participating and again congratulations ! Like I said you deserve it ๐Ÿ‘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you so much again for my nomination – it’s publishing on Monday! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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