Eco Park trip – Seven Wonders & more

Hello everybody !! Hope you are enjoying the special blogiversary posts this week.

Eco park (also called Prakriti Tirtha) is a eco tourism park in New Town Kolkata. The park surrounds a huge lake which has a lot of water activities. The main park has some amazing attractions like Biswa Bangla Haat, Children’s Eco Park, Floating Musical Fountain, Butterfly Garden, Play Area, Bamboo Garden, Fruits Garden, Food Court, Adda Zone, Grass Land, Tea Garden, Mask Garden and huge stretch of beautiful flower garden. On the other side of the lake is Eco island where there are luxury cottages and a multi-cuisine restaurant. The park has a total area of 480 acres.

To know more about this park visit their website :

This place holds a special place in my heart since I used to come here a lot with my husband (then my fiance) before getting married. It was newly inaugurated back then and we were always excited to find out new features and attractions added to this place each time we came.

This time they did it huge – the news spread like wildfire on print media, news channels and social media that our Eco park is going to have Seven Wonders of the World. Imagine how excited I was when I heard this news, a place only half an hour from my home is hosting Seven Wonders of the world. But I kept the excitement within me for few more days and planned to visit Eco park and the new attractions on 30th December 2017. What better way to celebrate the last weekend of the year !!

The last Saturday of 2017 was a bright sunny day. We reached Eco park at around 4PM. The sun was just preparing to set, but it was still quite nice and bright. I didnt miss an opportunity to take a photo of the beautiful scene with the sun shining above the huge lake.


As you move on inside the park, you come across lots of green patches and pretty flower gardens.


There are 2 fountains inside the park. Benches are there surrounding the fountain so that you can sit and relax. When the lights go up at night, the colorful lighting adds more drama to the already beautiful fountains.

This is a huge rose garden on your way towards Tropical Rainforest attraction. This rainforest was my favorite place in this park before the Seven wonders. In summers, as you walk along the forest path mist of water falls all around you from the water showers high above. The dimly lit path surrounded by huge trees and the water mist creates a mysterious and thrilling experience. In winter, you can still enjoy the path, but the showers are turned off.


In the center part of the park near Children’s area, there are sculptures of various animals. This group of giraffe looks so lifelike that if you look at them from far you will think you are seeing a real one. Children love this place and so did we.

That is me playing peek-a-boo among the trees ๐Ÿ˜€


Husband loves his monkey game ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ posing with the trees.

This elephant was huge, true to a real one and the deer was very cute. There was a gorilla also which I could not capture, it was on high demand among the selfie crowd.

As you continue walking towards Seven Wonders, you come across many other attractions of the park like this Mask garden. It has sculptures representing a huge variety of masks from different parts of the world.


Just in front of the butterfly garden, you will see these 2 beautiful architecture of Goddess Durga. This one is a stone structure.


Just at the back of the stone structure, this is a metallic figurine of Goddess Durga.


As you turn right from this place you can see the entrance to the Seven Wonders. You have to stand on a queue to get your entry tickets. There are 2 permanent booking counters and few temporary ones also open up beside them if there is too much crowd. These are the New Seven wonders of the world –

  • Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  • Petra, Jordan
  • The Colosseum, Rome
  • Chichen Itza, Mexico
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Taj Mahal, Agra
  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

The first wonder which you come across on entering the grounds is The Great Pyramid of Giza with The Sphinx.


There are 3 pyramids in total with the Sphinx in the middle. You are allowed to go inside the biggest pyramid. A replica of a coffin is placed in the center and various hieroglyphics adorn the walls.


Next structure just beside the pyramids is Petra Jordan.ย  A small fountain of water flows into a stream along the boundary of Petra to represent the advanced water supply system of the city.


The structure is imposing and looks really grand specially when the lights are turned on in the evening.


These are the pillars opposite to the main entrance of Petra. I think these represent the Hadrian gate but I may be wrong. You can enter the main structure and see the replica of stone caves.


Here we are posing with the pillars of Petra ๐Ÿ™‚

The next wonder which is visible even from a long distance away from the Seven wonders ground is Christ the Redeemer. This cultural icon of Rio de Janeiro looks magical and majestic just like the actual one.


In front of Christ the Redeemer there is a large area with large number of different figurines representing Maya and Inca civilization. They symbolize the next 2 wonders from Latin America – Machu Pichhu and Chichen Itza.

Opposite to the Great pyramid of Giza and beside the Inca & Maya figurines, you cna behold the most ethereal wonder from our country – The Taj Mahal. As we all know Taj looks the best on a full moon night and coincidentally the day we visited this place also had a full moon. The stream which originates from Petra continues its course behind the Taj. This is the back view of the structure which you can see if you stand in front of the Sphinx.


This is how the Taj looks from the front, breath-taking and beautiful. Though I feel the original one in this case looks more magical than the replica. I missed the intricate marble carving details on the wall which makes Taj architecture so impressive. Also you cannot go inside this structure which I was quite disappointed about.


We move on to the next wonder after Taj. This is the Colosseum of Rome. I felt that Petra and Colosseum structures are built with more detail in this park compared to the rest of the wonders. Honestly I have never been to any of the wonders except Taj in real life. I formed my opinion based on the photos available.

The Roman Colosseum looks imposing and grand, very similar to what the real structure is. Even the partial ruin caused by earthquake and stone robbers is kept in mind.


This is the interior view of the Colosseum. The tiered seating arrangement, special boxes and hypogeum (remains of the arena) are constructed with meticulous detail.

That’s another selfie of Mu-Mi in front of the Colosseum arena.


The last but by no means least wonder of the park is The Great Wall of China. The actual wall is around 500 meters long, which cannot be fully replicated obviously in practical life. But this architecture shows a small but brilliant replica of the original structure with the sections in the middle just like the original one.


The sections are great view points to behold the whole seven wonders ground with all the 7 wonder structures in their full glory.


This is a view of Colosseum from one of the sections in the wall.


The whole park looks spectacular and a land of magic from this view point in the Great Wall. This was my favorite view of the entire trip. You can see almost all the remaining 6 wonders here.


I am overjoyed with the fact that even if I cannot possible visit all seven wonders of world in real life, I can enjoy their replica at such a close distance from my house. Also this is a great place for children to see these structures they study in history books with their own eyes. I agree that the architecture is only a replica and not an exact match with the real ones, obviously that is the reason they are Wonders right ? Still it is a very commendable and remarkable effort by our Government.

If you plan to travel to Kolkata in future, I highly recommend you to check this place out.

Hope you loved the last post on our blogiversary week. Continue to show your love and support so that our blog grows better and bigger !!

Lots of love – from Mu-Mi ๐Ÿ™‚


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