Malabar spinach seeds with mustard paste (Shorshe bata diye Pui Metuli)

Hello everybody !! Hope you are having a great week.

I had shared with you few recipes on Malabar Spinach already last year. Please check them out if not already. Malabar spinach is not a typical spinach, it is a climber and bears round nut like seeds. The seeds are small and green in color when young, later on they turn darker into a blackish green color. I personally love the soft green young ones, but some people also prefer the matured nut like ones.

As you know this plant is completely edible apart from the roots. Today’s recipe is a simple and easy one using Malabar spinach seeds in mustard paste. This is a quick side dish you can prepare with plain rice any day specially when you want a lighter meal / running out of time.

Try to select only those branches having maximum amount of seeds. Discard the leaves for this recipe.

Lets get started !!


Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Soak mustard seeds in water for some time before you start.

Add 1 tablespoon mustard seeds, 1 green chilli and 2 tablespoon water. Add a pinch of salt. Prepare a smooth mustard paste using a mixer grinder.

Cooking Time : 10 minutes

Ingredients :

  • Malabar Spinach seeds (pui metuli) – 200g, cut the branches having seeds into 2 inch pieces
  • Tomato – 1 medium sized, finely chopped
  • Dry red chilli – 2, whole
  • Whole mustard seeds (yellow) – 1 tablespoon (You can also use mustard sauce / kasundi if you prefer a slight sour flavor)
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon (optional)
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Sugar – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Oil – 2 tablespoon (I used mustard oil)
  • Green chilli – 2, 1 for mustard paste and other for garnishing


Recipe :

If you are running out of time, you can add the chopped malabar spinach with seeds pieces into a pressure cooker. Add 1/2 cup water and a pinch of salt. Wait for 1 whistle in medium flame. (Number of whistle will depend on how mature your seeds are, soft and green ones like the seeds I used take very less time to boil). When done take them out from the cooker and keep in a separate boil.

  1. Heat oil in a wok. When the oil heats up, add whole dry red chillies. Wait for few seconds.
  2. Add tomatoes. Add salt and turmeric powder (if you are using). Lower the flame to medium. Stir fry until the tomatoes become soft and mushy.
  3. Add chopped malabar spinach seed pieces and sugar. Mix well. Cover the wok with a lid. Let the spinach release water and cook in its own juice. Stir occasionally. You can add little warm water later if required.
  4. Wait until everything is completely boiled. The gravy should be thick and not runny at all. (If you have pre-boiled the spinach seeds then wait only until the water almost dries up.)
  5. Add mustard paste (or mustard sauce whatever you are using). Mix well. Let the gravy dry up and starts sticking to the spinach seeds.
  6. Once done, turn the flame off. Garnish with remaining green chilli.

Serve Malabar spinach seeds with mustard paste hot with plain rice.



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