Trip to Nicco Park – the place we first met

Hello everybody !! I am so sorry I could not upload any posts since Friday. I went to my hometown for Saraswati Puja and there was very limited internet connection.

To compensate for all those days, I am going to upload all the missing posts this week πŸ™‚

This post is a very exciting one. We went to an amusement park called Nicco Park (also known as Jhilmil park) near Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata. This is the place where I met my husband for the first time and Mu-Mi’s story began. He proposed me in this very park and so this place is very special to us. We visit this park every year during our anniversary week to re-live that 1st day.

This is the main entrance to the park.

nicco park entrance

There are ticket booking counters on either sides of the gate. You can avail 4 type of packages – only entrance, Dry park package, Wet park (Wet-o-wild) package or Dry + Wet park combined package. The price varies depending on what type of package you are going for. Remember there are some basic free rides available even if you opt for only entrance tickets. Dry park package includes majority of the rides. Few rides like Scary house are not included in any package, you have to book them separately even if you pay for Dry or Combined package. No Wet park package includes dress and locker cost. You can carry your own clothes. If you are carrying any luggage booking a locker is mandatory. Sometimes you can get discount coupons through online sites or nicco park booking counters which reduces the package cost to almost half.

My first conversation with my husband started as we were standing in a queue in front of the right hand side ticket counter. There was a long queue that day since it was Sunday (1st September 2013). It was boring waiting for our turn so we started chatting with each other, simple casual questions about each other. Honestly he looked love struck from the very first moment he saw me πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It was definitely love at first sight for him. For me, my first thoughts were he is a very friendly person having a great sense of humor. He was wearing an amazing wrist watch, which made him a person of good taste for me. The most interesting quality of hubby dear was, he loaded his lady love (me !!) with sweet compliments and attention the whole day which I think is a good move to attract any girl πŸ˜€ Girls analyze boys more I feel, or may be I am like that.

Comment below of what you guys thought about your partner when you first met him/her.

We opted for the dry park package only.

As you enter the park with your tickets, you have to collect a wristband depending on the package you paid for. After wearing the bands, the first thing you see right in front of the entrance gate is Sheroo. He is the mascot of the park, a chubby cute tiger.

I am trying to twin with Sheroo in the below pic πŸ™‚ Of course he looks way cuter than me.


This is the first ride you see as you enter into the main area of the park. You have to sit inside a semi circular cup and the cup rotates by itself. Also multiple similar cups are attached to a rotating disc. So this ride is called Disco Dance πŸ˜€

This was the ride where he first touched my hand πŸ˜‰ I sound very cliched I know, but I remember each and every moment of the 1st day. I hope you all have similar memories which you cherish all your life πŸ™‚


The next ride, on the opposite side of Disco is called Flying Saucer. This ride is definitely not for the faint hearted. Please read the instructions and precautions carefully before you go for this ride.

Among my top 3 rides at Nicco park this one is at number 3. We will come to the top 2 later in this post.


This ride is called Moon racker. The ride is like a mini train having 2 seater compartments attached to one another. The train goes up and down in a circular track. There is a demi moon like structure, when the ride enters the moon a loud audio effect is given. It is a fun ride specially for the kids.


There is a huge lake inside the park. You can enjoy boat ride in the lake. We found some beautiful swans resting by the water.


The next ride, very near to the lake is “River Caves”. A circular stream of water flows inside a cave. There are around 6 boats having capacity of 6 people. The boats lazily float in the flowing stream, goes inside the cave and then comes out. There are different statues, visual effects, audio effects depicting various scenes like jungle, Buddhist monastery, ghosts in a burial ground, spaceship etc. It is a very interesting ride specially if you have kids.


A bridge is constructed to cross the lake from one side to the other. The fountain is decorated with colored lights which makes it even more pretty in the evening.


After this you can enjoy 2 superb rides – Water Chute and Cyclone. Both are great fun and thrilling. In case of water chute a carrier having capacity of around 8 people goes up in a track to an altitude of a small hill, then it drastically falls into a pool of water and out of it. The ride goes on for 2 rounds.

Cyclone is my second favorite ride among my top 3. It was my all time favorite for a long time until this year a new ride called Sky Dive got introduced. You can see a pic of the ride on the main entrance photo I shared with you in the beginning. The huge orange track looks really intimidating from below. The ride is really really not for the faint hearted. Also please read the safety precautions carefully before you go for this ride. There are multiple sudden ups and downs in this ride which makes it one of the most popular and exciting attractions of Nicco Park.

We were quite tired after so many rides and the sun was just about to set. So we decided to go for The Toy Train ride. This is just like a real train, just smaller in size. It covers the whole park in a single round at quite slow speed. So if you are tired like us or traveling with aged members, this ride is a superb option to get a look around the whole park.


Though there are various stalls scattered inside the park, the main Food Park of this place offers some amazing food options at an affordable rate. There is also a gaming area just beside the food park. We went for Chicken Lollipop with ketchup for a quick evening snack.


This is the show stopper ride of this park and my number 1 favorite. Sky Dive is very recently introduced to the park and it is the most popular one of course. But what is a bit disheartening is that you are only allowed to go for this ride once in a day. This is of course done to prevent huge queues, but still I really wanted to go another time, it was so awesome.

This is again not at all for patients or faint hearted. So please read the rules and safety instructions carefully. The ride takes you very high on a tower and then you free fall suddenly down, again go up and down multiple times. It is amazing and super thrilling. If you go to this park, please enjoy Sky Dive and Cyclone if not anything else.


We had some more time at hand, so we decided to go for a stroll around the park once more. The lights make the park more beautiful in the evening. One structure which looks most impressive when the lights go up in this imposing Eiffel Tower replica. You can climb up to the first floor if you want.


As I told you the fountain is decorated with various colored lights and it looks prettier in the evening. It is a very popular selfie spot πŸ˜€


I liked this statue of a knight riding a horse inside the Children’s park. I am still a kid at heart πŸ˜€ and these kind of places bring that out further.


Our special day ends with this pic which shows you the exact ticket counter and place to form the queue where we first met and spoke to each other πŸ™‚


Hope you enjoyed our Nicco park trip and also remembered your first day with your loved one just like us.

Lots of love from Mu-Mi!!



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