Glamego January 2018 – beauty subscription box review

Hello everybody !! Today is beauty Thursday 🙂

This month I received my Glamego box late 😦 I am sorry for the delayed review. But you still have time to order this month’s box. So lets get into the review to help you decide if you want the box or not.

If you are new to my blog, Welcome !! I have subscribed to India’s leading and least expensive monthly beauty subscription box called Glamego. The price of the the box individually is INR 299 only. You get 4 deluxe sample / full sized products in each month’s box. Since the price is so affordable please try out this box if you enjoy new products to try out / know about less popular but good quality brands. I have already reviewed the Glamego November and December 2017 boxes. Please check them out if not already.

Lets get started !!

This is how this month’s box looks. Its quite cool with the Super woman theme, also the “Noresolutions” slogan matches my thoughts. I never make any New Year resolutions because I do not feel the need. Instead I love to make bucket lists of things I want to do / achieve in the new year.


As you open the box, there is a card which thanks the subscribers for making Glamego India’s no 1 beauty box. It truly deserves the no1 spot considering the price you have to pay for the box and the actual product cost. Next there is another card giving you details about the products.

The products I received this month are :

  • Bio Bloom Skin care Face Oil (15ml for INR 1499)
  • Mcaffeine Caffeine Shower Gel (50 ml for INR 189)
  • Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream (20ml for INR 220)
  • Bella Voste The Perfect Gloss – 01 Turf Tan (3.2ml for INR 599 )




I have received 3 Glamego boxes so far starting from November. This is my favorite one out of all 3. I am really really happy with the products I received this month. If you are planning to try out this subscription box for the first time, this month is a great option. All products are very useful in your day to day life and all 4 are of very good quality.

Here is a more detailed review about the products.

Bio Bloom Skin care Face Oil :

This product is exclusive to Glamego. In my opinion this is the star product of this month, not only does it cost a whopping INR 1499 but it is really good quality.

This product has multiple uses. You can use it as a facial oil in your skincare routine. It has age defying and radiance boosting benefits if you have dry dull / ageing skin. You can also use it as a radiating dewy base under your foundation for a healthy inner glow. You can even mix it with your matte foundation so that your foundation gives you a glowing dewy finish.


The ingredient list and other details are mentioned in the box. The ingredients are very beneficial to our skin : Apricot oil, Carrot seed oil, rosehip oil, germanium oil, lemon oil, fankinsence oil, myrhh, rosemary, vitamin E and evening primrose.

It claims that it is a facial oil having age defying and radiance boosting benefits. The product is free of paraben, mineral oil, petrolatum, LLP and petroleum.

The oil is inside a dark thick glass bottle with a dropper. This is a typical packaging for any essential oil. The dark color increases the shelf life of the product, the dropper makes its application hygienic. The bottle is quite travel friendly because it is light weight, compact size and the cap fits tightly. It is safer to carry it inside the box because of the glass packaging.


The product is a glossy transparent runny oil. The texture of the oil is quite runny and not at all thick like few other facial oils. I have a Juicy Chemistry serum having almost identical ingredients (helichrysum & rosehip cell construction serum), but the oil is quite thick and leaves a slight yellow tinge when applied.

But this product instantly absorbs into the skin when you massage it in. Plus the smell is so nice and pleasant which is rare for a herbal oil. The smell is not at all overpowering, so even if you are sensitive to smell I do not think you will face difficulty with this product.

I have combination skin (oily T-zone). I cannot use facial oil throughout the year specially in such a hot and humid place like Kolkata. I generally only use facial oils / serums during winter. But this product is so light weight and fast absorbing that I can definitely use it throughout the year. So all ly oily beauties out there who are scared of using facial oil, you should definitely give this product a try.

Even if you belong to the dry skin family, this product will impress you. Since it contains so many essential oils it feels moisturizing on the skin. Also it gives an instant radiance if you suffer from dry dull skin.

Though I am not sure about the age-defying property since I have only used it for a week. But if you have ageing skin this product will definitely add a youthful glow.

See how reflective and glowing my skin is looking when I applied just a tiny drop of this oil at the back of my hand. I love it !!


Mcaffeine Caffeine Shower Gel :

This is a very interesting product. I have never seen / used any product which has caffeine in it.

Caffeine has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is good if you have skin inflammation issues / acne.


The bottle is a transparent plastic with a black cap. The size is quite travel friendly. The ingredient and other details are mentioned at the back of the bottle.

The product is free of paraben. It contains glycerin, vitamin C, vitamin E and taurine apart from caffeine.

The product is a aquamarine blue color fluid. It is not too thick neither too runny. It forms bubbles even in the bottle, so I assume it will lather up really well when used as a body wash. The smell is decent.

Even if the product is used up, I will keep the bottle to take my favorite body wash during trips.

Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishment Cream :

Another favorite of mine in this month’s box. A good nourishing and moisturizing face cream is an essential item for winter. This is a deluxe sample size product.

Even my husband loves using it 🙂


The ingredient list and other details are mentioned at the back of the tube.

Ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk. almond oil, shea butter and grapefruit oil adds moisturizing benefits to my dry skin during winter.

The product is free of parabens and claims to have lightening, whitening and brightening benefits.


The product has a soft creamy consistency, white in color. On application it leaves a white cast initially, but as soon as it gets absorbed into the skin the white cast goes away. The cream is quite moisturizing but light and non greasy. It has a nice fruity smell which stays on your skin for quite some time. Overall a good product to include in your winter skincare.

Frankly speaking I do not believe in any product which says it has whitening and lightening properties. I do not see this cream giving me any whitening or lightening benefits. We do not even need those benefits. It may brighten the skin in the long run, considering it has some good ingredients. I am using it for only a week, I will update you on this fact later.

Bella Voste The Perfect Gloss – 01 Turf Tan :

Bella Voste is really impressing me every month with their products. Not only are they priced so reasonably, the products are all great quality.

I have used their lipstick and nail polish before. If you follow my blog, you will remember that I got a Bella Voste pink lipstick in my Glamego November bag which I use a lot, also a red nail polish featured in my 2017 favorites list.

If you have yet not tried products from this brand, please try and you will not be disappointed.


This month I received this nude brown lip gloss from Bella Voste. The packaging is good. I like transparent body since it is easier to detect the color.

The ingredients and other details are mentioned in the box.


The product claims to plump and hydrate the lips. It is mineral oil free, nano-ingredients & talc free. It also claims to last for upto 6 hours.


If you follow my blog you know that I love the Faces Glam on Lip glosses. They retail for INR 549. The Faces are also quite pigmented for a lip gloss.

These Bella Voste are a tiny bit pricier than Faces at INR 599. But the price is justified due to the fact that these glosses are smoother and less stickier than Faces Glam on.


The doe foot applicator is very convenient to use, especially for people who have smaller lips. The product is so pigmented that even if this color is a lighter nude shade, I need only 2 coats to have a uniform opaque color on my lips.

The lip color is quite reflective, but do not have any  glitters. It gives a nice wet look to the lips. Also since the color is nude, you can use it as a top coat over any color of lipstick.

It does not plump your lips, but surely makes them look fuller and shiny. Also the 6 hour lasting claim is not true. On my lips it lasts for 2 to 3 hours and then it starts fading. But I am not complaining, since it has a very light formula and you can easily reapply as many times you want.


Even on its own the color is pretty color. Even if it is a lip gloss, you can wear it daily to office / college. Especially during winter when our lips get dry and chapped easily, this moisturizing lip gloss is a very good option.


I hope my review helped you in some way.

Comment below if you have subscribed to this box, what do you think of this month’s products.

Also let me know if you want me to review any other beauty subscription box.


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  1. Wow, you got very nice products!

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  2. I will definitely try this product out! Do check out my blogs as well! Great work!

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    1. mumisfunlife says:

      Sure dear .. Best wishes & more success to your blog !!

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