Favorite Makeup Products of 2017

Hello everybody !! Hope 2018 turns out to be amazing for each one of you.

In this post I am going to share with you makeup products which I have loved and used almost every single day throughout 2017. Some of them I have already done detailed review posts, you can surely check them out in case you want to know more. Few of them I will mention only in this post. But if you want detailed review on any such products please let me know in the comment section below πŸ™‚ I will anyways share with you mini reviews on each of the product.

Please note that the products are not really released in 2017, but I wanted to share only those which I have actually loved even if they are old release.

Lets get started !!


My favorite makeup products list of 2017 is as follows (L-R):

  1. Faces Ultime Pro Matte Eyeliner – Black
  2. Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal
  3. Loreal Base Magique Transforming & Smoothing Primer
  4. Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Powder – 220 Natural Beige
  5. L.A. girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer – Creamy Beige
  6. Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Foundation – Natural Buff
  7. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
  8. Bella Voste Premium nail enamel – Made in Heaven
  9. Nail Trend nail enamel – Shine Divine
  10. Loreal Paris Collection Star – Le Gold
  11. Loreal Color Riche Matte – Paris Cherry
  12. NYKAA So Matte Lipstick – Naughty Nude
  13. Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon – Mystic Mauve
  14. Maybelline Lip Gradation – Coral 1
  15. Chambor eXtreme wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick – 433
  16. Loreal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator – N201 Rose
  17. Loreal Collection Star by Freida – La Vie En Rose
  18. Nail Trend nail enamel – Gold Dust
  19. Nail Trend nail enamel – Ruby Red
  20. Nail Trend nail enamel – Chrome Pink

Lets begin with the Base Makeup products first.

Here is a pic of my favorite Primer, Foundation, Concealer and Compact powder. I do not have any particular favorite on Loose Powder, Stick Foundation and Stick Concealers, so they are not included in this list.

IMG20180103211318Loreal Base Magique Transforming & Smoothing Primer :

This really does what the name suggests. You will see an instant difference in your skin as soon as you apply it on your face. It brightens and smooths skin, as a result your foundation glides beautifully. Also my makeup sticks to my face for quite a long time. You need a tiny bit of product for your entire face, so it will last you a very long time. Even if it is like a thick cream, but after it gets absorbed into your skin, you wont feel anything on your face. It is the best primer if you have lot of texture on your face.

Only problem with this product is that the consistency is quite thick, so do not rub it on your skin. You have to pat it into your skin for best results. Also one more con is it does not do much in reducing your pore. So if you suffer from large pores, you have to use a pore filling primer on your problem areas.

Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Foundation – Natural Buff :

This is my go-to foundation for every day use. I wore this foundation each and every day of 2017 religiously to office. If you are a college going / working woman like me, this is the best foundation hands down. If you have combination to oily skin, just go and buy it, I can recommend it to you blindly. You NEED this in your life, its that great πŸ˜€

The product comes in huge shade ranges, blends into skin beautifully, gives you a semi-matte finish, gives medium coverage which you can build up, lasts fine and the best part is very reasonably priced for daily use. Since it is semi-matte and not completely matte, it is comfortable to wear and do not increase dry patches in your skin. So even dry to normal skin people can use it. Also you can use it in winter with a good moisturizer underneath. Overall it is such an universal product.

The only complain I have is the packaging. It does not come with a pump and the bulky glass bottle does not make it travel friendly.

But still it does its work so well that I can overlook the packaging πŸ˜€

L.A. girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer – Creamy Beige :

I have not reviewed this product in detail earlier. Please let me know if you want to see a dedicated post on this.

I have 3 shades of this same concealer and planning to buy a darker shade to use as cream contour this year. The shades I have are : Natural, Creamy Beige and Pure Beige.

Natural is quite light for Indian skin tone. You can use it to noticeably highlight your face, especially if you are going to an event. Pure Beige has heavy orange undertones, it is best suited for medium skin tone and for people suffering from very dark under eyes.

The shade which exactly matches my light to medium skin tone is Creamy Beige. This has yellow to orange undertones. If you have wheatish complexion, few dark spots to cover and have a slightly dark under eye area, you can try this shade. It works great for me.

This concealer blends into skin easily and gives you such a beautiful coverage that you can use it alone without any foundation on days where you do not want a full done up face. Just apply it on your problem areas, set it with a powder and you are good to go. You will find an exact shade whichever skin tone you have, they have a huge range of shades. It is a multipurpose product – you can highlight, conceal, correct and contour.

Only problem I have with this product is the brush applicator. I do not like the brush at all and I feel it makes the product very messy. I use it with a beauty sponge.

Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Powder – 220 Natural Beige :

No Maybelline is not paying me a single penny guys πŸ˜› I should stop raving about the Fit me! range before you get bored. I feel I am too obsessed with it. But honestly this is one of my top favorite compact powders I have ever used. Considering the price point, I LOVE it more.

I use it every single day along with the foundation. Even the concealer from this range is great (I am in the shade Sand). But L.A. girl tops the concealer list just because of the coverage.

The compact is a dream for combination to oily girls like me. But if you love a matte finish base, even normal skin beauties can use it. You can already see in the pic I have hit pan on my second compact. Thats how much I love it. Just go get it girls !!

Only con is the mirror is placed at the bottom part of the product. So every time you want to see and mirror, you have to keep flipping the partition.

You can have a look at the swatches of each base products I mentioned.

IMG20180103212326I do not have any particular favorite contour and blush product for 2017. Also I was more excited with the cream & liquid highlighters more than the powder ones.

The 2 highlighters I was most impressed in 2017 are both from the brand Loreal.IMG20180103211355Loreal Paris Collection Star – Le Gold :

This was the most exciting and interesting buy of 2017. The product looked intriguing yet scary when the Loreal person recommended me to try it at the counter. It was looking like a shimmering golden lipstick with lots of gold glitter. They were selling itΒ  as lip topper, but I later found out that the product is really multi purpose.

The color is not absolutely opaque on the first swatch, it only leaves a beautiful golden sheen with few specks of glitter if you apply it once with a light hand. You can build it up to a brilliant opaque gold color if you want. The product has a smooth creamy texture which blends into the skin easily. Thus you can use it as a lip topper, eye shadow as well as highlighter. It is best to use it with your finger instead of sponge / brush.

The product is similar to Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife which is a world over rage. Obviously it is not an exact dupe. But you can consider it a cream form of Trophy Wife at a much cheaper price. In case you have notΒ  tried it yet, please go ahead and let me know if you are as impressed as I am.

If you want a more detailed review on this please comment below.

Loreal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator – N201 Rose

This is the first liquid highlighter I bought this year. Later on I have tried many like Maybelline and NYX. But somehow I always gravitate towards this Rose one. I already own golden and pearly highlighters. So this was a nice change.

The color is so beautiful and looks so stunning on my skin tone that I used it on almost every festive occasion. Since it is a liquid highlighter I sometimes use it as a base for my powder highlights. On its own it gives a coppery rose gold color which looks great on Indian skin tone. You can use it all over your lids as an eye shadow or as a cream base for any other powder shimmer eye shadow. The liquid base makes the powder shimmer color pop more and last longer.

The product blends into the skin really well and you can layer it and build it up to as much intensity as you want. I like to apply it with my fingers and then blend it with a beauty sponge.

There is a golden color available in this range. You can try any one of these whichever you prefer.

See the swatches of both the highlighters in the below pic.


We finished on the face products. Now lets go ahead to eyes. I do not have any favorite single eye shadow / palette this year. Also no colored liners made it to my favorites list. Though I like my NYX and Maybelline colored liners, but honestly being a working woman I do not use them very often. Black liners and kohls are my best friends. As for Gel liners I am still quite happy with the cult product Maybelline Lasting Drama.

These are my favorite eye products of 2017.

IMG20180103211418Faces Ultime Pro Matte Eyeliner – Black :

This is my most favorite liquid eyeliner till date. The applicator wand has the perfect shape, length and grip. I have to dip it 2 to 3 times maximum to draw a winged eyeliner for each eye. The product dries down completely matte but does not feel drying on the lid. It does not crack or increase fine lines at all. The color is super matte black.

If you love shimmer eye shadows with a perfect matte black wing, this is your eyeliner. Highly recommend !!

Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal :

As you can see in the pic the pencil has become really small. It is the fourth pencil I am going to finish of the same product πŸ˜€

This has the blackest black color I have found in any eye pencils available in India. If you are a lover of intense black lined eyes / smoky looks you must try this gel kajal.

The color is absolutely opaque on a single swipe, gives the darkest black color possible. The product is super creamy so it is glides smoothly on your eyes. It comes with a free sharpener and has a smudging tip at other end.

The downside is that it is so creamy that you have to be careful not to apply too much pressure when you apply it and also when you sharpen it. Also the kohl does not stay long in my lower waterline. It smudges after few hours if I do not smudge / set it with eye shadow.

The best way to use this eye pencil is to draw a fine line and then smudge it / set it with a dark eye shadow specially in the lower water line.

If you want a more detailed review on this please comment below.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

You will find this product in almost every beauty enthusiasts list in 2017. This is the best Mascara by Maybelline till date. Absolutely true to its claim it does give you a full fan lash effect. It adds length, gives volume and separates your lashes. What more do yo need from a mascara at such an affordable price.

I do not use the waterproof version, as I love using mascaras daily. Waterproof versions are really difficult to remove and I feel it makes my lashes too tight.

This mascara is very comfortable to wear, the non-waterproof version is quite easy to remove. The color is super black. The product does not clump up / dry down easily.

Only downside is that if you have small lashes which does not hold curls, you have to use a eyelash curler before applying this mascara. It does not do much in curling the lashes on its own.

You can find swatches of each eye products mentioned in the pic below (Sorry the mascara swatch is not good, it has dried up completely)


Now lets talk about the product no woman can live without. Even if you absolutely hate makeup / you are a lazy person, I am certain even then you will own some lipsticks πŸ˜€ We are that crazy about lippies.

I am a lipstick fanatic. To narrow down the list to only 5 lip products was a very difficult task. I had to leave out many of them which I really like. Lip liners and lip tints and lip gloss I have not included because even if I love them I do not genuinely reach out for them that often. But these are the lippies which I have honestly used every single day of 2017.

IMG20180103211547Loreal Color Riche Matte – Paris Cherry :

This is a comparatively recent buy. I bought this at the beginning of November when the weather started becoming cold. This is an ideal color to wear during the Fall & winter time. Also a deep cherry color complements every skin tone and matches with any outfit.

The product is quite pigmented and gives you an opaque color in the first swipe. The tip of the lipstick is quite pointed, so lip liner is not mandatory. The texture is creamy and glides smoothly, but it dries down matte after sometime. It is very comfortable on the lips specially if you suffer from dry flaky lips in winter. Even if it looks matte, it is not drying on the lips.

Loreal lipsticks are a bit pricey compared to other drugstore brands. But the product is really worth the money. There are many other shade options available in this range, you can choose whichever suits your taste.

NYKAA So Matte Lipstick – Naughty Nude :

I own another color called Taupe Thrill which is a brownish nude color (very “Kylie Jenner”-type). But I feel the formula differs slightly based on the colors for this range of lipsticks particularly. Taupe Thrill feels more drying and lasts less time on my lips compared to Naughty Nude which is very weird.

This is the cheapest lip product in the whole list. You get a very quality product at a very affordable price. The product is semi-matte and not “so matte” as they claim which is actually good if you want to use it on a daily basis. Personally my favorite shade is “Naughty Nude” which is a pink nude color. It complements every skin tone and every age group. Even it looks great on my mom. This is one of my favorite colors to wear to office everyday. Plus the lipstick is decently pigmented, lasts good amount of time, can be layered on top easily and very comfortable to wear. Overall a great product !!

I also like the Nykaa Matte-ilicious Crayon Lipstick apart from the So Matte range. But its not my top favorite. So I have not mentioned it in this post. If you want a detailed post on Nykaa Matte-ilicious Crayon Lipstick or NYKAA So Matte Lipsticks let me know in the comment section.

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon – Mystic Mauve :

I own a lot of lip crayons because they are easy to apply and has more pigment compared to lipsticks. Faces Ultime Pro Lip crayons are my all time favorite lip crayons since their launch. But this year Maybelline gave it a tough competition and snatched the first place in my favorite list πŸ˜€ One of the reason is obviously the price difference. The Faces crayons are priced at INR 799 whereas the Maybelline ones are only INR 450. Another reason is though the Faces crayons gives slightly more matte finish and stay on my lips longer than the Maybelline Intense Crayon, it feels quite drying and so I do not reach for it often in winter.

The Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon is completely opaque in one swipe. The pigmentation is amazing, dries down matte after some time but does not dry out the lips much. This is another product I wear to office almost every single day. The Mystic Mauve is an ideal color to wear throughout the year, but looks best in Fall to winter weather. It complements every skin tone.

There are 8 other shades available in this range in India, you can try out anyone of your liking.

Maybelline Lip Gradation – Coral 1 :

This is the true matte lipstick in this whole list. The most matte of them all πŸ˜€ The peach coral color is so beautiful that it instantly brightens my look whenever I wear it. But go for this particular shade Coral 1 if you have fair to wheatish skin tone only. It may wash out on medium and dark skin complexions. You can choose an appropriate color from many other shades available in this range.

The Lip Gradation is almost like a Lip Liner, but slightly thicker. It is the easiest to apply lipstick ever. You also get a smudge tip at the other end if you want an ombre effect. The product is decently pigmented and completely matte. The best way to apply this lipstick is to dab it on your lips and then blend everything.

The downside of this product is that since it is true matte, it is drying on your lips. So you need to exfoliate and moisturize well before you apply it. Another con is the smudge tip at the end is white in color and becomes dirty easily. So I never use it.

Chambor eXtreme wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick – 433 :

This is the only liquid lipstick in my favorite list. That is because I do not still own a great variety, many liquid lippies are in my bucket list for this year πŸ™‚

This is a liquid lipstick which dries down completely matte and is really transfer proof as it claims. It is drying on your lips no doubt like all matte liquid lippies, but not too much to handle. The color 433 is a deep maroon red, an ideal choice for a bridal, or any festive occasion. The color matches with any type of outfit – ethnic or western and instantly boosts a simple makeup look to a glam one. Deep red lips will never go out of fashion and is a universal color for any skin tone.

The downside of this product is the applicator. The doe-foot applicator is quite large in size, so if you have thin lips I will advise you to apply this lipstick with a lip brush. Also for particularly such a deep color like 433, it is better to use a Lip Liner underneath.

Please find the swatches of all the lipsticks mentioned in the below pic.


Coming to the last section of my favorite list, lets talk about nail polish. This again is a product we start using right from our childhood. We all own loads of them and keep experimenting every now and then. I know you must have tried Maybelline, Lakme, Faces and all the popular choices available in the market. My favorite list contains some very affordable nail paints which are ideal for daily use.

IMG20180103211456Bella Voste Premium nail enamel – Made in Heaven :

I got this in the Santa’s Box November 2017 edition. It is a red nail polish with fine golden shimmer particles in it. I wore it during Christmas until New Year. This is the most long lasting nail paint I own, it lasts for almost 2 weeks without chipping. The product is so well pigmented that I only need 2 coats to get an even opaque color.

Considering the price point this is a really great product.

Loreal Collection Star by Freida – La Vie En Rose :

I got this one free with one of my Loreal purchase. The product belongs to their Collection Star range. The color is a gorgeous fuchsia, opaque even on a single coat. But for better color payoff I apply a second layer. The applicator is best in this one. The nail paint has a gel nail color like consistency, glides on smooth and even. This is one of my favorite nail colors. The product lasts for a week in my nails.

Nail Trend nail enamel – Gold Dust :

The only metallic nail color in my list. This is a very wearable metallic gold shade. The gold is not in your face, but very soft yet shiny. You can easily wear it in college / office.

It is a pain to remove this one. But for that reason it lasts in my nails for ages.

Nail Trend nail enamel – Ruby Red :

This is a classic red nail paint for all skin tones and ages. Again a must-have color for weddings and festivals. A cult favorite red color at a super cheap price. Also the nail paint lasts about a week for me.

Nail Trend nail enamel – Chrome Pink :

This is a shiny nude pink kind of a color. If you are medium to deep complexion, this color may not look on you. But if you are fair to wheatish complexion, this will look beautiful on your nails. A very everyday sort of color you can wear any where with any outfit.

Nail Trend nail enamel – Shine Divine :

This is a shimmering nail top coat. It has a slight pink gel base with lots of multicolored shimmer particles. Even on its own it looks pretty and cute. It gives best results if you apply it over matte nail paints.

I use it over Nykaa Nude Matte Nail Enamel – Nutcracker Dreams (a brownish nude color) and looks stunning. (But I will not recommend you the Nykaa nail paints as they stain my nails badly and chip off after 2 days.) You can try it over any good nude matte nail paint you own to instantly glam up and brighten the color.

Please find the swatches of all the nail colors mentioned in the below pic.


This is the end of my Favorite Makeup products of 2017 list. But I thought of sharing with 3 last products which are not included in the best list but still I used a lot in 2017. Just in case you wanted some good option on the categories missing in the favorites list.

I have included a palette which contains contour, blush and highlight. Also mentioned a colored eyeliner and a lip gloss.


Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour Palette – Light to Medium :

The palette retails for INR 999 and includes 3 powder products – 1 contour, 1 blush and 1 highlight. The palette is quite reasonably priced and very travel friendly. The powders blend in easily. The blush in this particular palette is matte and looks very natural and pretty. The highlight is pearly white and is great for inner corner, brow bone as well as other high points of your face. The highlight is not very blinding but gives a soft glow.

Now coming to the cons – the contour shade is not good for contouring. It is more like a bronzer than a contour. The products are extremely powdery and have a lot of fall out. I like matte blush a lot, but this one tends to enhance the dryness of my face whenever I apply it. The highlight is the one I am impressed with. The brush which comes with it can only be used for nose contouring, it serves no other purpose.

Overall it is a decent palette for daily use when you want everything to be natural and subtle. Also when you are in a hurry to go to office / college you do not want to reach for too many separate boxes. A compact palette like this makes life easier.

There is another palette called Medium to Deep in this range. The contour and highlight is good, but the blush is filled with shimmer. You can try at the counter and if it suits your taste go ahead and buy for yourself πŸ˜€

Please see the swatches of Light to Medium palette in the below pic.


Chambor Extreme eyes long wear kohl – Royal Blue :

The Extreme eyes long wear kohl from Chambor are good quality colored eye liners. But they are slightly overpriced at INR 695. Some of the shades are really worth the money like this Royal Blue, Golden Brown, Peacock Blue and Sparkling Olive. My favorite one which I wear the most is Royal Blue. The liner is pigmented and gives a smooth opaque color in just 1 swipe. You need maximum 2 swipes to get the best color pay off.

But the con is you can only use it in your upper lash line as a liner. But it fades away very easily in the lower waterline. So you have to set it with powder eye shadow if you use it in your lower water line. Even then I feel it fades after few hours.

The Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil is also a good option for colored liners and costs less. But they crack / becomes lumpy in my lower water line. In case you are interested go for Lustrous Sapphire, Striking Copper or Smooth Charcoal.

Faces Glam on Lip gloss – Citrus Dazzle :

Though it is sold as a Lip gloss, but it has very less color pigment in it. It looks really beautiful as a lip topper over any matte lipstick. It has a slight orange tint with lots of gold shimmer. The gloss is highly reflective in light and gives your lips a fuller wet look.

Please see swatches of the eyeliner and gloss I mentioned in the below pic.


I hope this post helped you in some way. I will try out more new and exciting products this year and hopefully come out with a better list by the end of 2018.

Please follow my blog and continue with your love and support !! Happy New year everybody πŸ™‚



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