GlamEgo December 2017 – subscription box review

Hello everybody !!

As you already know, I have subscribed to Glamego – an Indian beauty monthly subscription box. I reviewed the November edition in a previous post. Hope my reviews helped you.

Today I will share with you my thoughts on the Glamego December edition box.


Lets get started !!

This month’s box has a very “Frozen”- like theme 😀 , matching with the holiday season. Blue is my favorite color, I think the packaging is quite cool.

As you open the box, there are 4 products and 2 cards mentioning the product details.


The 2 highlighted products in this month’s box are – Glo Illuminator and Sea Clay Mask. The illuminator as stated in the card was featured in globally renowned subscription boxes like Ipsy and Birch Box. Both the products are exclusively introduced in India by Glamego.


This month out of 4, only 1 is a makeup product and other 3 are skincare items. All the products are quite apt with the winter theme. The makeup item itself costs INR 2100, so this month’s box is really like a Santa’s gift box considering the fact that you only pay INR 299 for all the items.

IMG20171213081432The products I received in this month’s box are :

  1. Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator (20ml for INR 2100)
  2. Natural Bath & Body clarifying face mask – sea clay (20ml for INR 175)
  3. Bio Bloom Foot Cream with natural actives – Eucalyptus (30ml for INR 230)
  4. MOND’SUB crystal collagen eye mask – Gold Eye Mask (INR 200)


Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator :

This is the only makeup item in this month’s box and also the most expensive one. The tube has a nude pink color and looks very pretty.


The packaging is very travel friendly, I particularly like the pointed tip. The tip ensures that less product comes out in one go. Product details are mentioned at the back of the tube.

The product is very similar to MAC strobe cream. It can be used under a foundation all over your face to get a glowing base. You can also apply it as a cream highlight on the high points of your face for a natural looking subtle highlight.

The product is light pink in color and has very fine shimmer particles. Though the color looked weird on my skin when I first applied it, but it blends really well and gets absorbed into the skin leaving only a reflective shine.

I really like the product and look forward to use it a lot during the upcoming party season.

MOND’SUB crystal collagen eye mask – Gold Eye Mask :

This is a very interesting product. It is a gold eye mask which I am very excited to try. This is my first eye mask, I have never used a mask like this before.


The ingredients and other product details are mentioned at the back of the sachet. Instructions on how to use this mask is also mentioned.


The ingredients list has some very interesting items like mushroom extract. I have never used a product which has mushroom in it 😀 Glycerin and collagen are really good for providing hydration to your under eyes and has anti-aging benefits.

The eye masks look really big for my under eyes, it seems like it will cover half of my cheeks 😀 The serum looks quite runny, hopefully I can massage it into my eye area after the mask is used up. The mask is not reusable, means you can use it only once.

As mentioned in the sachet, this product is targeted towards dry skin but can be used by all skin types. My under eyes get quite dry during the winter, as a result the fine lines show up more. I am very excited to try this new product. I will share with you my final thoughts after I use it.

Natural Bath & Body clarifying face mask – sea clay :

This product is my favorite product out of all 4. I really love clay masks. They do an amazing job of clarifying your pores. I have never used a sea clay mask, so I am super excited to try this.


The ingredient list and other product details are mentioned at the back of the tube.


The packaging is very travel friendly. If you are planning to go to a vacation this holiday season, you can surely carry this one. The product comes out of a very small opening, so you dont end up having too much product than required.

Matching with its name, the product is sea green in color and has a nice fragrance. The smell is not very overpowering. The product has a thick creamy texture which you can evenly spread all over your face leaving the eye area.

This a great product to use on your vacation / after a full glam party makeup. The clay mask will clarify your pores and cleanse your skin thoroughly. I am very happy to get this product in my box this month.

Bio Bloom Foot Cream with natural actives – Eucalyptus :

This is the only product I have used before writing this review. As I shared with you earlier, I suffer from extremely dry heel area. I dont have cracked heels, but calluses build up very easily in my heel region. So I need to exfoliate my feet every 3 days. I was very excited to get this foot cream in my box. Since it contains amazing ingredients which can do wonders to your feet, I had high expectations from this product. But I am not happy at all.


The ingredient list and other product details are mentioned at the back of the bottle. As you can see it contains a lot of impressive ingredients like sesame oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, eucalyptus oil, camphor oil, clove leaf oil, menthol and tea tree oil. Also the product is free from parabens, formaldehyde, sulphate and petrochemicals.


The product comes in a hard plastic bottle with a golden cap. The size is very good for travel purpose.

The product has a thin creamy texture, has a shiny white color.

A  drawback of this product is the very strong herbal smell. I do not like the smell at all and every time I open the bottle the smell bothers me a lot. Though when you apply the product, the smell goes away after few minutes. If you are sensitive to strong smell you will not like this product at all.

Another major disappointment is that, in spite of having such an amazing ingredient list, the product does almost nothing to my feet. It does moisturize the feet for some time, but that is not at all enough for my dry heels. Usually I apply foot cream before going to bed and keep it overnight. But I have used it twice and both times my heels have become dry within an hour after application of this cream. I am not happy with this product at all. If you have good feet and do not suffer from any heel issue like me, then may be you can use it as a light moisturizer for your feet. But overall it is not a product worth spending.

I hope my review helped you. Let me know in the comment section your thoughts on this month’s Glamego box.

Also let me know if you want me to review any other beauty subscription box.




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