Dad’s birthday lunch – FB exclusive recipes

Hello everybody !!

Festive and wedding season is going on in full swing. Hope all of you are enjoying a lot !!

This is my 100th post in MuMi’s Fun Life blog !! Yeeeeaaaaaaaa !! Cheers to all of you! Thank you so much for your love and support.

Saturday (2nd December) was my dad’s birthday. Here is a pic of our Birthday boy with some of his gifts – a card, a packet of gems 😀 , cake and the hoodie he is wearing.

Me and mom prepared  a special birthday lunch. We wanted to include some of his favorite dishes. The menu was not very elaborate yet perfect for a family lunch at home. If you have a special occasion coming up, you can definitely try these amazing dishes for your loved ones.


We are a family of 88 now in our FB page. Lets extend the number as much as possible. All of us will be happy to welcome new members !!

I will be sharing the recipes of all the preparations very soon in our Facebook page. Make sure you like and follow us if not already.


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Here is a sneak peek of the dishes I will be sharing:

Slow cooked rice with vegetables (Veg Biriyani)

Veg Biriyani

Shredded Cabbage with Minced Mutton (Mutton Keema diye Bandhakopi)

Shredded cabbage with Minced Mutton (Keema Bandhakopi)

Eutropiichthys vacha, a species of schilbid catfish cooked in onion tomato based medium spicy gravy (Baacha Macher Jhal)

Vacha Fish in onion tomato gravy (Bacha Macher Jhal)

Prawns cooked in thick coconut gravy (Chingri Macher Malaikari)

Prawn in thick coconut gravy (Chingri Macher Malaikari)

Marinated chicken legs slowly cooked in a spicy gravy (Chicken Chaap)

Chicken marinated with yogurt and slow cooked in spicy gravy (Chicken Chaap)

Let me know in the comment section which one you tried and which is your favorite out of the 5.

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