Santas Box Nov 2017- subscription box review

Hello everyone !! Its Monday, wish you a great week ahead 🙂

If you follow me in Facebook, then you must be knowing that I have subscribed to 2 beauty boxes last month – Glam Ego and Santas Box. In case you are not following me in social media please do, you can find all my links in the home page right hand side.

I have received the Glam ego box today. I will review it in the next post.

In this post I am going to tell you about the Santas Box – November 2017 edition. If you do not know about it  here is a small info :


Santas box is also known as Violet Box. If you are from India you can go to this URL :  If you are not from India you can still go to the link and select your own country from the drop down. It is a beauty subscription box which contains 5 products. If you buy only the current month’s box then it will cost you INR 590. If you go for 3 month subscription then you have to pay total INR 1620 (540 per box). You will profit the most if you go for the 6 month subscription plan which will cost you INR 2700 total (450 per box).


In the Limited Edition section they have Vintage Violet Box where you will get accessories, beauty, skincare as well as food items like tea / coffee bags. Also you will find Luxury Boxes of tea and coffee. You can find various interesting items in their website which you can buy individually if you are not interested in the subscription boxes.

I have bought the 6 month beauty box subscription plan. This is a very good opportunity for me to try different products and also know about various lesser known brands.

The company will provide 1 month free sanitary supplies to a girl in need for every box you purchase, so you donate to a good cause if you buy this box.


If you follow any beauty guru on Youtube, many of them have coupon codes for this box which you can use to get an extra product like me.

These are the 6 products I received in my November 2017 box :

  1. Inveda Green Tea Makeup Remover – this is an extra product (INR 250 for 100ml)
  2. Fuschia Coffee Cream Smoothening Face & Body Scrub (INR 250)
  3. Fuschia Lavender Love Hydrating Face Toner (INR 250 for 500ml)
  4. Tatha Natures Blessing Face Scrub (15g)
  5. Wild Earth Calm Body Wash (INR 99 for 30ml)
  6. Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel – Made in Heaven (9ml)


Inveda Green Tea Makeup Remover :

This is a very essential product for makeup lovers like me. I was very happy to get a green tea  and chamomile makeup remover since I have combination skin.


The bottle is quite big and will last you for around a month if you use it very often like me. Though the bottle is bulky it is not heavy, and the sturdy body makes it easy to travel with. The cap fits tightly.

It is a paraben free product and has green tea and chamomile. All these make it quite beneficial for my combination skin.

The ingredient list is mentioned at the back of the bottle along with other details. I have already used this product to remove my makeup 4 times before giving you my opinions.

The product looks like water and has a fresh scent.  But I feel you need a little extra product compared to the usual eye makeup removers to get rid of a heavy eye makeup.This is the only small con I have found for this product.

But you can easily overlook it because of its other benefits. It removes light makeup, base makeup and lip makeup very easily and completely. You need a little extra effort if you love waterproof eye makeup like me. But it does not at all sting on my eyes, neither do I feel any burning sensation or irritation in my skin when I apply it. A big plus is it does not leave any oily residue on your skin which is really good for combination and oily beauties.


I am quite happy with this product. Overall it does a good job as a makeup remover.

Fuschia Coffee Cream Smoothening Face & Body Scrub :

If you are a coffee lover you will drool over this product. The delicious scent of coffee will take your skincare experience to another level this winter 😀

The best part about this product is – it is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, synthetic fragrance and SLS.


The price and other details are mentioned at the bottom of the tub. The plastic tub is quite sturdy and the metal cap fit tightly. An amazing product to travel with.

The product looks like a coffee paste and the smell is of real coffee powder. The goodness of aloe vera, olive oil, wheatgerm oil and almond peel adds to the benefits of this scrub. Though I am not a big fan of the scent 😛 since I do not drink coffee, but the product performs very well. It has tiny scrub particles which exfoliates your skin gently, the creamy texture does not strip moisture from your skin. This product is ideal for any type of skin specially in winter. It does not get rid of blackheads completely but the skin feels soft and smooth after application. You can use it 3 to 4 times a week.


Impressed with this product as well !! A good scrub specially for winter.

Tatha Natures Blessing Face Scrub :

This scrub is meant for normal and combination skin. But I feel any skin type has to use a good moisturizer after applying this scrub specially in winter to avoid dry patches on your skin.


The drawback in the packaging is that it does not have any layer over the actual product. The product is loose powder like, so as soon as you open the lid it tends to fly here and there. As a result every time you open the lid slight product is wasted. Also since it is made of glass, the tub is risky for travel purpose.

The ingredients are mentioned at the back of the bottle.

Unlike the coffee cream scrub, this one is more heavy duty. Since it is in powder form, you can dampen your face, take about 1/2 teaspoon product into your palm and rub gently on your face.

I feel this product will work best if you use it as a exfoliating face pack than just scrub. So I mix it with aloe vera gel / rose water every time I use.

The exfoliating particles are gritty and helps you deep cleaning your skin. It has a distinct scent of wheatgerm. If you have clogged pores/ your skin goes through lot of impurities and dust/ you have blackhead issue, this scrub will be beneficial for you.


Fuschia Lavender Love Hydrating Facial Toner :

Toner is the most multipurpose product in your skincare kit. It makes you feel refreshed, shuts down open pores, helps you remove makeup and some even act as astringent.

This toner has a very refreshing cooling sensation when you apply it on your skin. It is natural, hand made and contains lavender which makes it more beneficial for your skin.


The ingredients are mentioned at the back of the bottle. It contains aloe vera, chamomile water, glycerine, glycolic acid, wheatgerm extract and vitamin E.

You get a spray pump which is covered with a transparent cap. The bottle is transparent plastic but quite sturdy. It is excellent for travel purpose. Also when you finish the toner, you can carry any product of your choice in the little spray bottle.

This toner is great for both winter and summer. But I see myself using it most in summer, I can easily carry it in my hand bag and spray some soothing lavender to beat the summer heat.

Wild Earth Calm Body Wash :

This is like TRAVEL PURPOSE EXCLUSIVE written all over it. Whenever I look at the beautiful blue product I feel like I will save it for a beach holiday 😀

You donate to a good cause further. Each time you purchase a Wild Earth product a part of the money goes to “The Bluebell Community” which works for development of underprivileged children.

The product is natural, cruelty free, eco friendly, free of sulphates and paraben.



The ingredient and other details are mentioned at the back of the bottle.

I have used the product once. It has a beautiful fragrance and leaves your body fresh and smooth after washing. You can definitely use it in winter, but as I said I will save it for a beach holiday in summer 😀

The bottle is transparent plastic, light and small – ideal for travel purpose. This one also you can reuse once you finish the actual product.


Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel – Made in Heaven :

This is the only makeup product I got in this box. It is a 5 toxic free nail paint.


You can never go wrong with the color red whichever skin tone you are. This is such a classic festive color, totally apt for this time of the year. The golden shimmer adds to the party feel of this nail paint.


The product is really long lasting compared to other nail paints in the same price range. I do house hold work but still this nail paint did not chip even after 4 days. I wore it for a whole week.

I am very happy with my Santas Box this month. Hit like if my review helped you.

Also let me know if any of you have subscribed to this box and what do you think about the products you received.


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