Winter special hair products haul + review

Hello everybody!!

Winter is coming !! 😀 😀 Cheers to all GOT lovers 🙂

November has already started. Though we go not have a real Fall weather here in Kolkata, but weather has already started becoming dry and cool. So I decided to stock up some of my favorite winter products and try some new ones. I will be sharing with you all my winter care stuff – haircare, skincare, makeup in the upcoming posts.

Please let me know in the comment section if you want me to do any specific posts – like winter care routines (for hair and skin), everyday makeup, or any specific product review.

This post is a tiny winter haul of hair products from the online beauty website One of the product is a re-purchase and others are new.

Lets get started !!

These are the products I bought :

  • Soulflower pure & natural Rosemary Lavender healthy hair oil (400 INR for 225ml)
  • Soulflower pure & natural Bhringraj oil with coconut and sesame (400 INR for 225ml)
  • Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask (1075 INR for 150ml ) – re-purchase
  • BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum (500 INR for 75ml)

I am using each of these products for over 2 weeks now so that I can give you detailed review. But I am sharing my personal opinion & experience which may vary for you.


Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask :

I will be doing a separate post on Wella Professionals Elements range right after this, you can read a more detailed review about each product in that post.


I have already used up my previous Elements mask tub, so this is my second purchase. You can very well understand how much I am in love with this product.

All products in this range are free from paraben. Besides from giving great results, they are healthy for your hair. The ingredient list is mentioned at the back of the tub.


The product comes in a tub. As you open the screw up lid you can scoop out as much product you want. You can use a wooden spoon instead of hands to avoid germs. The tub is quite sturdy and can be carried during travel.

I have greasy scalp in summer and my hair weighs down with sweat and dirt. I use it only on my hair once a week in summer. But in winter my scalp turns super dry, hair becomes extremely frizzy and lifeless. In colder months I use this mask 2 to 3 times a week on my scalp as well as hair. Apply it uniformly and keep it for an hour. Then wash off with a mild shampoo.

Also if you have very frizzy hair like me, you can use it as a conditioner just on the ends of damp hair after shampooing. Wash it off after 5 minutes.


The product is shiny white in color and has a smooth creamy texture. It gives enough moisturizer so that your hair feels smooth and nourished but not greasy. This is a perfect mask if you have thin hair like me, you will not loose volume yet your hair will feel smooth and shiny. Another major plus for this mask is the smell. You whole bathroom will smell so good, that you will imagine yourself in a luxurious spa whenever you apply this mask.


Rating : 5/5

Only con for this product is its quite expensive and not easily available. But if you want to experience a mini hair spa at home whenever you want, this is a must have product !!

Soulflower pure & natural hair oils -1.Rosemary Lavender, 2.Bhringraj with coconut & sesame :

A relaxing hot oil massage on a pamper evening is the most comfortable feeling in winter. I always get sleepy and relaxed after a hair massage.

As I told you my hair becomes extremely dry and I also suffer from dandruff as a result during winter, I oil my hair twice a week. Also I have a weird habit of getting bored with my hair oils after sometime. This maybe because they last me ages and seem to never finish 😛 😀

I am a huge fan of Soulflower products because they are all pure and natural. I have used many of their products before and also gifted them to my dear ones. Special mention to their pure essential oils and bath salts – please try them if you haven’t already.

Though all of their products are amazing, I particularly love their lavender bath salt. It really relaxes and soothes my muscles after a tiring day. So I decided to go for the Lavender hair oil. But I was not sure whether the lavender oil will provide me with enough nourishment I need for my super dry scalp and hair. So I bought the Bhringaraj hair oil with coconut & sesame.


I found it surprisingly that both the hair oils look same 😀 even if the ingredients are different. The bottles are plastic which is safe to use.

Soulflower pure & natural Rosemary Lavender healthy hair oil :

I got this hair oil in particular because it contains rosemary which helps fight dandruff and promote hair growth. Also it contains lavender which will give me a relaxed soothing night’s sleep besides nourishing my strands. I apply it all over my scalp and hair and keep it overnight.

The oil has a herbal fragrance which is not very strong. It kind of lingers for sometime when I apply it and goes away after few hours. This is good for people like me those who keep the hair oil overnight.

This oil also contains Juniper and Amla which further helps in repairing hair follicles.


The box mentions the benefits of the hair oil. The ingredients and other info and mentioned in the bottle.

At the back of the bottle the brand mentions the benefits of each of the ingredients.


I was actually wrong about this oil when I assumed this one will not provide the needed nourishment to my hair. The product is extremely light and absorbs fast into your hail. But it also moisturizes my hair quite well.

A very good option for someone who does not like thick greasy hair oils / strong smelling herbal oils. A must have for thin hair girls like me 😀

Soulflower pure & natural Bhringraj oil with coconut and sesame :

This hair oil I use only once a week, usually during weekend. It is very good for a deep conditioning hot oil hair massage.

I feel the product works best when I slightly warm it and then use all over my scalp and hair. I use a generous amount of product (like the old champi our mothers used to give us when we were kids) and cover every part of my hair from root to tip. It has a distinct strong coconut oil smell which may be a problem if you are sensitive to strong fragrance.

Every ingredients (Bhringraj, coconut and sesame) in this oil are extremely beneficial for any hair type and they provide good food to your hair follicles. They are used since ancient times to achieve beautiful thick tresses.

The cold pressed technology used in this oil further makes it healthy for your hair.

The oil is more moisturizing compared to Rosemary Lavender one, which makes it better for color-treated / thick / extremely dry hair. But the texture of the oil is as light as the other one and non-greasy.

I generally apply it 4 hours before going for bath and wash off with a mild shampoo. On days when my hair feels extremely dry, I leave it overnight.


The brand mentions the benefits of this oil on the box. On the bottle it mentions directions to use the product along with other details.

The ingredients are mentioned at the back of the bottle along with benefits of each of them.

Both the hair oils have the same packaging. The bottle has a flip cap which makes it secure for travel and easy to use. The actual bottle has a white stopper which you can prick with a safety pin and a make a desired size hole. The product comes out from the opening in the flip cap.

Both the hair oils look exactly same. They are quite runny and transparent. They have a slightly yellow tinge, but looks colorless in some light.


Rating : 4.5/5 for both the oils

You can choose any hair oil from Soulflower according to your hair need. I am very happy with both these products. They are quite expensive but will last you forever. Also they are very good quality, pure and natural.

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum :

I will be doing a post where I compare this serum with my all time favorite Tony&Guy Shine serum drops. Watch out for that post if you are interested !!

Though I still love my trusted Shine serum drops from Tony&Guy, I wont lie when I say I got bored of using it throughout the year.

I was excited to try this serum from BBlunt when I heard my favorite beauty youtuber Shreya Jain rave about this product.


The packaging is typically similar to BBlunt hair products. All their hair serum/gel/ leave-in creams look like this. I like the royal blue color of this bottle.

If you hold the bottle in front of light you can see how much product is left, this is a big advantage. The bottle has a pump which makes it easier to use, also it is more hygienic. To increase travel-friendliness & hygiene, it comes with a cap to keep the pump secure.


The serum contains Avocado, Jojoba, argan oil and vitamin E which are very good for your hair.The ingredient list is mentioned in the bottle along with directions to use this product and other details.



Though it is a good product and works well to make my hair frizz free, smooth and tangle free. I apply mainly at the ends of damp hair starting from mid-length. It controls frizz for 3 to 4 hours which is again quite good considering how dry my hair gets in winter. But I would be very happy if I get a serum which will last me full 8 to 9 hours I stay in office.

The product is transparent and very runny. It smells great when you initially apply it but sadly the smell does not last much. It may be good if you do not like perfumed products, but I love when my hair smells good for a long time, so that is a con for me.

The product is extremely light weight, gets absorbed into your hair in seconds. If you are looking for a quick fix to control frizz for a decent time, it is a good product. But if you have very dry / extremely frizzy hair and you want more moisture in your hair throughout the day, then this will not help you much. You can try the BBlunt Anti-frizz leave in cream instead of this.


Rating : 3/5

It is expensive, even costlier than the Tony&Guy one, which is a major con if you use it daily. Overall this is a good product and you can try it to see how it fares for you.

I hope my review helps you !! Let me know in the comment section if you have tried any of these products and your opinions on them.


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