Plum Naturstudio kohl-cum-liner review

Hello everybody !! Hope all of you had a great weekend !!

We had a fun filled time last week celebrating Kali Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj festivals back to back. Since my husband is from Bihar, we have Chhat Puja coming up this week. I am super excited !! 😀 😀

Almost every stores as well as online websites were offering discounts for Diwali. What better occasion to buy more makeup for us 😛 I have used Plum skincare products in the past, they are always paraben free. You can check my Plum Green Tea range review if not already. It is a good affordable range for combination / oily acne prone skin. Overall there products are  budget friendly as well as good quality.

I have heard a lot of beauty gurus rave about the Plum Naturestudio kajal. So I wanted to try the new Naturstudio eyeliners launched few months back. Plum is offering a combo pack which includes the kajal, 2 new eyeliners and a very festive golden sling bag in Nykaa website, also there is a good discount available. I wasted no time and ordered the combo.

These are the products I received :


  • NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl-cum-Liner – Gemstone Green (1.2 gm)
  • NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl-cum-Liner – Uptown Brown (1.2 gm)
  • NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal – Black (1.2 gm)
  • Flip-Tip Sharpener
  • Festive golden glow pouch (Free)

The combo pack is priced at 1635INR, but after discount you can get it at 999INR.

You can also separately buy the kajal / eyeliner at 495INR (get a sharpener free).



I have used all of these products last week for my festival makeup looks. I wanted to give you a tried & tested review. I will share with you my personal opinion about these products, this may vary for others. Lets get started!!

Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal – Black :

This is a very popular and raved about product. I had very high expectations from it.

The packaging is quite catchy. It comes in a long triangular cardboard box. On the box the brand has mentioned important highlighted features of the product and how is it different from other kajals.

As the brand claims the kajal is smudge-proof, water-proof and can be used both as kajal and eyeliner. Also like all Plum products it is 100% vegan and preservative-free.

The kajal is in pencil form which needs to be sharpened (Plum also has a retractable version of this – Plum Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal). The color combination of violet and white looks pretty unlike other kajal pencils which are usually black. The cap fits tightly and will not come off easily, this is good for travel purpose.

As the brand mentioned in the box that Plum kajal is ophthalmologically & dermatologically tested, so it is good for sensitive eyes. Also it is paraben, PVC and mineral oil free which makes it further safe for eyes.


Pros :

This is a very good kajal for daily use as it does not contain paraben like harmful chemicals which can damage our eyes. I suffer from an eye infection sometimes. specially when I catch cold. A part of my upper eye lid swells up and becomes red. So this is a good option for kajal lovers like me, who apply it every single day. I do not have any irritation, itchiness or watery eyes when I use it. Also it gives a decent matte black color, stays for quite long, really smudge proof and water proof as it claims. It is one of the very few kajals which does not fade / smudge on my lower waterline. Also it does not collect on my inner corners like few others.

Cons :

  • It does not have a creamy texture and is not very smooth compared to a gel liner.
  • Though it is good for lower lid and water lines, but it appears little chalky when you apply it as a eye liner in your upper eye lid.
  • The “intensely pigmented” claim is not true. It gives you a decent black color for daily purpose, not dark enough for that jet black wing look.
  • It is not at all “single swipe and you get the color” type pencil. To get even a good black color you have to go over 3 to 4 times which may look uneven and patchy specially on upper eye lid.

I still love my Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal for my upper lids. It fades in my lower waterline after few hours if I do not smudge it. But if you are looking for a super smooth intense one swipe black liner for that jet black wing then go for Faces Gel one.

If you are comfortable with a liner brush then go for  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (my all time favorite).

Rating : 3.5/5

I will repurchase it as it is safer for my eyes to use daily. Also it is better for lower lid / waterline application than most other options available in market.

But it is not a good option if you love intense black color / looking for upper eye liner.

NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl-cum-Liner – Gemstone Green & Uptown Brown :

After the success of their kajal, Plum launched 2 new kohl-cum-liner few months back.

The packaging is quite simple. The liners are attached to a hard paper leaflet and wrapped in a transparent plastic.


The leaflet is quite informative. There is small description on each eye liner on one side.

On the other side, there are 3 eye looks for each (so 6 in total) you can do with Uptown Brown and Gemstone Green liners.

All Naturestudio pencils look the same. Only difference is that the pencils are color coded in the bottom. This makes it easier to detect which colored pencil they are.

The brand claims on these kohl-cum-liners are exactly same as the kajal.

The products are 100% smudge proof and water-proof. They are safe for sensitive eyes since they are 100 % preservative free, vegan, mineral-oil free and ophthalmologically tested.

Pros :

  • Safe for sensitive eyes and can be used daily. They do not cause irritation. itchiness or watery eyes.
  • Green and brown are colors which we use most often and can be paired with any eye look / outfit.
  • Since they are kohl-cum-liners, they can be safely used in our lower eye lid and waterlines.
  • They are smudge proof, water proof and lasts on my eyes quite long. Also they do not collect on my inner corners.
  • Good for everyday use as colored kajal.
  • Colors are matte but have a little shine to them, specially gemstone green.

Cons :

  • The color shown in leaflet for Gemstone green is misguiding. It looks like deep turquoise blue rather than green.
  • The brown liner looks chalky on my upper eye lid. Out of all 3 Naturstudio pencils this one increases the appearance of creases on my upper lid the most.
  • Just like the kajal, the liners are also not intensely pigmented. You have to go over them few times in order to get a good color pay off.

Below are the swatches for all 3 Naturstudio pencils – Uptown Brown, Gemstone Green and Black (L-R)


Rating : 2.5/5

Just like the kajal, these pencils are also fit for lower lid and waterline. They did not impress me as upper lid liners. I will not repurchase them as I do not use colored kajals much. There are other smooth more intense one-time swipe eyeliner available at quite affordable price in market.

If you love to use colored kajals you may give it a try and see how it fares for you.

Flip-Tip Sharpener :

This sharpener is the best thing I received in my combo actually. You will get this flip tip sharpener with any Plum pencil you buy for free.

This sharpener is very unique and good quality. I have not seen a similar one in any other brand. The cover of the sharpener can be detached so that you can clean everything thoroughly once you have sharpened you liner pencil.

It comes with a red pointed mini spatula kind of thing which you can use to remove any pencil sticking to the blade. You can attach the spatula at the back so that it does not get lost.

The sharpener also has a tiny switch. You can control whether you want a round tip or a pointed tip for your pencil by placing the switch left or right. This feature is really impressive.

The packet inside which the sharpener comes has detailed instruction like this on how to use the sharpener correctly. You can read it before using.


The sharpener is really cute looking and has impressive features.

Festive golden glow pouch :

The star of the combo “The golden bling festive pouch”. I wont lie to you when I say this was the main reason why I ordered the complete combo 😀

The bag can be easily used as a sling during this festive time. It goes well with both ethnic / western outfit since it is golden in color. The material is not bad at all, it has 1 pocket and a long chain.

If you want to try any 1 product from Plum Naturstudio, then I will suggest to go for the Black Kajal. You can give the liners a miss since you will definitely find better ones in other brands.

I hope you found my review helpful. Please let me know in  the comment section if you have tried any Plum kajal/eyeliner and how it fared for you.

Also let me know if you want me to review any other product of your choice.





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