Festive makeup haul + first impression review

Hello everybody !! Wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

The festive season is about to start in India. The biggest festival for Bengalis is just couple of weeks away. Durga Puja spans for 1 week now for us instead of the official 4 days 😀 ,obviously the preparation starts months before. Then multiple festivals and occasions follow. Also the wedding season is about to begin.

So this is the best time to look your best, light up the show with your glam avatar 😀 Being a makeup lover I only need a teeny excuse to go on a splurge 😛 and what better occasion to increase my makeup collection than now.

In this post I will share with you everything I bought this month, also I will give you my first impressions on each product.

Let me know in the comment section below which of these products you want to read a detailed review.

These are all the makeup products I bought :

  1. Nail Trend Nail Polish– each 20 INR, (Buy 3 @ 60 INR offer at Reliance Trends)
  2. L’oreal Color Riche Collection Star(Freida)- 299 INR
  3. Lakme Absolute Shine Line(Shimmer Bronze)- 450 INR for 4.5 ml
  4. L’oreal Perfect Slim by Super Liner(Intense Black)– 725 INR for 1gm
  5. Faces Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner(Black) – 699 INR for 2.5 ml
  6. Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor (760 Vineyard) – 895 INR for 2.8 gm
  7. Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15(30454 True Red) – 379 INR for 4 gm
  8. Lakme Jewel Sindoor(Maroon) – 140 INR for 4.5 ml
  9. Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Highlighter(N 201 Rose) – 799 INR for 20 ml
  10. Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer – 995 INR for 15 ml
  11. MAC Prep+Prime Fix + – 1800INR for 100 ml


I have just recently purchased them online / from store. I did not get chance to use them enough to give you detailed review. So I will only share my first impressions about each product.

Nail Trend Nail Polish :

I think this is Reliance Trend’s own nail polish brand. They always have “Buy 3 @ 60” offer most of the time in their stores. So each nail polish costs 20INR which is super affordable.

They have huge color range in these cute little nail paints. You will get glitters, metallic shades, pastel shades, common pinks and reds – almost every color you need to match with your outfit 😀

The quantity of product you get is decent compared to the price. Also these last quite long – 5 to 6 days at least even if you do all types of household chores. If you do not do washing & cleaning daily, then these will last on your nails a very long time.

These are the colors I bought :


The glitter polishes are slightly difficult to remove with a nail remover wipe, but other colors are easy to remove. Even the darker shades do not leave any stain on your nails.

L’oreal Color Riche Collection Star(Freida) :

This I just got yesterday 😀 So I still have not tried it on my nails. But I love the color and the paint is quite smooth and applies well when I tried at the counter. Also 2 swipes give a bright opaque color. A very pretty shade for festive season.

I got this as a gift for my L’oreal purchase at the counter 🙂


Now lets talk about my favorite makeup product – eyeliners 🙂 These are the eyeliners I got :


Here are the swatches of my eyeliners :

Lakme Absolute Shine, Faces Ultime Pro Matte, Loreal Perfect Slim (Left – Right)

Lakme Absolute Shine Line(Shimmer Bronze) :

This is a very glam color and ideal for festive makeup. You can rock that perfect metallic liner eye look with this.  Do a smokey eye as a base first and then top it up with this shimmery bronze liner.


The liner tip is not very thin, you cannot do a super thin line with this. But when it comes to shimmer why do thin ? I love that it gives a slightly thicker line so that the bronze clearly shows up in your eye lids. Doing a wing is also easy as the cap has good grip.

Staying power I will test and update you later since this one is also quite new 🙂

L’oreal Perfect Slim by Super Liner(Intense Black) :

This is a felt tip ink liner. The shade is quite black in just 1 swipe. The liner is very good for beginners to create a super thin clean cat eye. This is a good one for daily use when you are in a rush for college / office.

Faces Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner(Black) :

This is the first matte liner I got. Faces is a very good brand in general,  none of their products are disappointing for me. I have used this one once so far. The liner body is also matte which makes it look classy. I thought like matte lipsticks make our lips dry if you wear it for long time, matte liner may also make my eyelid dry 😀 May be it is my mistake, but this liner lasts all day long on my eyes. Totally smudge proof and waterproof, but gets easily removed with makeup remover. The liner dries to matte finish in 1 minute, color is also quite black.

If you are planning to do a glitter eye shadow look this festive season, this liner will best compliment your look.

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor (760 Vineyard) :


This lipstick is a very recent release in Revlon’s Ultra HD range. I do not how many shades they have actually launched in India. But the shades available in the store I went had only 4 or 5 shades, the usual red, pink, plum colors. I hope they have a good color scheme.

As a lipstick, this is extremely creamy and moisturizing. The color does not give you opaque finish in 1 swipe. It gives a sheer coverage in 1 swipe. But with 2 to 3 swipes you will get the desired color. The color I took is pinkish plum color, matching with an outfit 🙂


If you have very dry chapped lips and love a glossy moisturizing lip, this one is a good option.

The price is quite high for my liking. But you can give it a try for sure.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15(30454 True Red) :

This is a must have for the perfect Bengali look 🙂 Saree, black kohled eyes, red bindi and red lips. An universal color which can never go wrong on any complexion.

Oriflame was having a discount offer last month on this lip range. So I decided to try their famous Giordano Gold range.


Interesting thing is this lipstick has SPF 15 which is rare in lipsticks. The texture is glossy creamy and gives a shiny sheer coverage. This is like lipstick + gloss in one. The packaging is very beautiful, looks like a costly high end lipstick.

Coverage is sheer gloss like, but you will get a nice wearable shiny red in 2 to 3 swipes.


Lakme Jewel Sindoor(Maroon) :

An essential for all we happily married Indian women. It has a deep maroon color. If you want to try a new color apart from the usual red, this is a very good option. The sindoor has very fine glitter particles which adds a bit of shine. Plus point is this product does not irritate your scalp, also it is waterproof. Even if you sweat / go out in the rains, your sindoor wont smudge or bleed 🙂

Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Highlighter(N 201 Rose) :

As claimed in the tube – this is a liquid glow illuminator. This can be used beneath your foundation to give you a shiny glowing face. You can also use it as a cream highlight on the high points of your face. This is how I intend to do this product.

If you already own your favorite powder highlight, you can use this cream product as a base to make the powder pop more and last longer.


There are 3 shades available as I found on L’Oreal website. But my store had 2 shades – gold and rose. I chose the rose one. I love this color, one of the best cream highlights available.

The packaging is superb and travel friendly, similar to their BB cream tube. The small opening lets you take out a tiny drop of the product. The shimmer can be subtle if you apply very less product, but can be built up to a beautiful glowing highlight.

The shimmer particles are very fine, not at all chunky, you can hardly feel them when you apply it on your skin.


Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer :

If you do an awesome make up look, but after some time it fades away don’t you feel your whole energy and creativity got wasted ?

That is the reason we all need primers. Most of us neglect this product but it has several benefits. If you have large pores, uneven skin texture a smoothing primer like this gives you a even face where your foundation glides on smoothly.

Primer also forms a layer between your actual skin and the makeup you put over it. It protects your skin, smoothens your skin texture, fills your pores and makes your makeup last longer 🙂


I have read lots of good reviews about this primer, so have high expectations. At the store I applied little bit on my skin. The product looks like a shiny pearly cream. It blends into the skin easily and leaves a slight sticky feel (which is a good news for our foundation). Instantly it fills out small pores around my nose and makes skin look even.

I do not have large pore issue or visible uneven skin texture. But I want to see how long it makes my foundation last 🙂


MAC Prep+Prime Fix + Spray :

Now last but not by no means least – the hero of my makeup haul. My very first MAC product 🙂

I bought this from nykaa.com. They had a wonderful sale last few months, so got this for 1650INR. When the product was delivered I was having such a special feeling. MY 1st EVER MAC 🙂 I know it is now not that special to own MAC, most of you must be already having multiple MAC products, also many will tell me that MAC is not that hyped brand anymore. But since childhood, when I first started getting to know about makeup, I heard so much about this brand. So many years I waited to purchase one MAC product with my own money. Finally I own one 🙂

This is a primer + setting spray. I spray it on my beauty sponge and make up brushes to make my products stick to my skin better. Also I use it when applying shimmer eye shadows to make the colors pop more. When I complete my makeup, I use it as a setting spray to make my makeup last longer.

I have used it only once. So I still don’t know if all the claims and hypes are true or not. But still I am already happy that I finally got a MAC product 🙂

I am super excited to try all these new products during upcoming festivals. Let me know in the comment section if you already own any of these / planning to buy like me.

Also tell me about your festive shopping – makeup / dress / anything you got to pamper yourself 😉



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