Day trip to Vedic Village Spa Resort

Hello everybody !! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

I went to Vedic Village Spa Resort (Kolkata) for a day trip with my office colleagues last Saturday (15th June). Since me and my husband work in the same office we could go together.

Vedic Village is a beautiful destination for a full day trip with friends and family. It is around 30 to 45 minutes distance from Kolkata airport. The property is huge (150 acres as mentioned in their website) but quite well maintained. It is a nice blend of authentic Bengal village and modern amenities with huge green fields, beautiful flora, swimming pool, children’s park, spa, cottages, restaurant and lots of fun activities.

We were a group of 35. All of us gathered in front of our office gate on Saturday morning (9:30AM). We boarded a bus which we reserved for the whole day. Breakfast was served inside the bus – puri, potato curry and sweet. The day started really well with some dance song playing in the bus recorder, everybody’s favorite puri in hand and excitement in mind.

After about 40 minutes we saw the main entrance gate of Vedic Village. Everybody went crazy with excitement…Yeaaaa our fun day trip finally began and all of us poured out of the bus like little children πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ The entrance was really huge and looked like some rural palace gate. The weather was initially cloudy when we started but it soon turned bright and sunny. All of us were enjoying the relaxed refreshing surrounding…huge trees, lovely breeze, clear blue sky, chirping we waited for a guide to take us inside the resort.


As we were walking towards our reserved conference hall, we saw a Pool Party going on. Loud music, people dancing in the pool with similar theme costumes, some amazing snacks being served. Some of us felt like ooo why didnt we book that pool.. it looks so amazing !! But we didnt know that better and more amazing stuff awaited us inside πŸ˜‰

OM 1 is the 1st conference hall, right beside the entrance to swimming area. There is a temporary car parking area in front. The environment is beautiful and serene with a big gate matching with the rural theme of the resort, trees, beautiful flowers and a Lord Ganesha idol… a very welcoming view.




DSC04398OM1 conference hall looks like a village cottage from outside but has every modern facilities from LED lights to Air Cons and round table sitting arrangements. The best part was the side view. Creepers and plants were grown over the pillars and walls giving it a very beautiful eco-friendly look.


DSC04486After our selfie and photo session got over outside the hall πŸ˜› we went inside OM 1. The room was quite huge… can accommodate around 100 people at least. Since we were 35 the room looked bigger and more spacious with lots of empty chairs πŸ˜€ We were served chilled water and cakes. Next we had tea / coffee with biscuits. The seating arrangement was formal and comfortable.

This is me with a kid of one of our colleague. His name is Tintin. Isn’t he so cute?


This is husband and some of our colleagues.

After having tea, snacks and settling down for sometime, we went to the most awaited part of our destination – the swimming pool. The entrance to the swimming pool was really one of the most beautifully decorated part of the resort.


The swimming pool was big enough. They have strict rules for swimming costumes. You can carry your own if you have proper costumes, or you can buy them in a store beside the pool. The pool had different partitions for various water levels. A mini waterfall runs down all along the boundary wall of the pool. There is refreshment & drinks counter at the side and some sun bathing chairs under the trees. The staff are very helpful and help us getting towels, clothes, guarding our luggage everything.


There is a lounge area in front of the pool where there is another similar conference hall OM 2. We took a selfie sitting in the lounge chair πŸ™‚


After a little photo session we all changed and ran into the pool. All of us were shouting, dancing and playing like little children πŸ˜€ We were such a happy fun group of people having a blast. We played with balls, had a mini swimming competition, water dance and many fun stuff.

It was really a happy sight to see people irrespective of their age, gender, official status / position bonding with each other so well and making the trip so fun for everybody.

After spending about an hour in the pool, we decided to explore the cottages of the resort. All the cottages have lakes in front or at the backside. First we came to the Earth Villas. They are like 2 storey huts with a bamboo staircase and mini gardens..very rustic typical village style structures.


Next we saw the Deluxe Villas. They looked bigger than the earth villas and had more modern facilities. Even the lake in front of them was double the size compared to the earth villa lake.


This is me posing beside a beautifully decorated Earth villa entrance door.


Beautiful flowers and nature all around the resort add to the beauty of this place.


That’s me again…walking along the road. Maybe I am trying to fly like a bird on top of those trees πŸ˜€


Small bridges connect the earth villas to the main part of the resort (beside the swimming area). Me again posing on a bridge (a sneak peek of my actual top).


Exhausted after swimming and exploring, we went for lunch to our OM 1 hall. The resort organizers had already laid out the buffet before we arrived. Without any further wait we queued up for lunch.

The menu : Dahi wada, salad, pickles, papad, jeera rice, nun paratha, lahsuni daal, veg jhalfrezi, malai paneer, afghani fish, methi chicken, mango ice cream and gulab jamun.

The food was a big let down for me. Actually I love spices and flavors in my food. But the menu lacked anything exciting and the food was bland. May be people who do not at all like spicy food and nothing hot, or may be like sweet food items … probably can like some items. But personally I did not even like the menu selection. Honestly disappointing food for such a luxury resort 😦

After a not-so-satisfying lunch my energy went a bit down. We rested for some time in the hall. But then our organizer told us to proceed to the activity area for some fun activities and games. So with new enthusiasm we got on the resort vehicle to reach the gaming area.

The actual activity hall was quite crowded when we reached and there were not enough tables to accommodate everybody. So me and husband decided to go to the children’s park. The park is at the end of a huge green field. You can hire bicycle or bike and explore the area. You can even play badminton / football / cricket or any outdoor games in the field. Also there is a area for archery in this field.


I am trying to climb the bars πŸ˜€ These kind of trips really brings out the kid in you πŸ˜€


From the park we walked toward the spa village part of the resort. The street lamps were innovative, totally apt with the village theme.


This is one the Aqua Home house in spa village. I loved the idea of growing grass on the walls and roof of the house.


Some flower and fruit trees in the aqua houses. Very beautiful, peaceful and relaxing place to spend with your family.

After our little exploration we went back to the activity room and played billiards and some more fun games. They have a bowling pin area also inside this room, but it was not included on our package, missed 😦



Mr Husband trying to play billiards for the first time πŸ™‚


Around 5PM it was time for some afternoon tea. So we came back to OM 1 for some tea and cute pastries.


Finally before boarding the bus, I took my last pic of the day.


At 6PM our bus left the Vedic Village entrance gate and marked the end of our exciting and fun day trip. Such a lovely and wonderful day we all had !!

Hope you also loved reading about my trip. Please share with me if you went on any trip this weekend in the comment section below.







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