The Face Shop skincare haul + review

Hello everyone !!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be sharing with you my Face Shop haul today.

I bought all the products from – my favorite online beauty store. They were having amazing discounts last month on Face Shop products. I have heard lots of Youtubers rave about this Korean brand and specially the white seed and chia seed range. Koreans are blessed with beautiful skin and they always look amazing. I have heard the secret behind the glowing beauty is their skincare products and routine. So I decided to try some of the Face Shop products myself and see how they work for me.

These are the products I bought (all prices mentioned are MRP):

  • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (120ml) – 590INR
  • The Face Shop Rice Bran All-In-One Cleanser (145ml) – 690INR
  • The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Serum (50ml) – 1990INR
  • The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream (50ml) – 1990INR
  • The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream 03 White Floral (30ml) – 430INR


Now I am going to share with you my views on each of these products. I am using these for about a month now. I absolutely love this brand and like all their products so far.

Lets get started on a more detailed review.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover :


This eye and lip makeup remover is targeted specifically for long lasting and heavy lip and eye makeup. There is a cleansing water from the same range which you can use to remove daily/light makeup.

The makeup remover contains rice water which has brightening benefit. I cannot comment on the brightening side now since I am only using it for a month. But  since the product is water based, it does not leave any oily residue on your face which most removers do.

The product is extremely gentle on the skin and removes any waterproof and long lasting makeup in 2 to 3 swipes. The texture is fluid and looks milky. You do not have to rub too much or use too much product. Take out 2 to 3 drops in a cotton pad, hold it on your eye makeup for 10 seconds and wipe off the makeup. Then repeat the step once again to make sure no makeup is left. If required you can repeat one more time just to be extra sure. Since the product is very gentle it wont harm your skin in any way.

The packaging is quite good for travel purpose. Also the bottle is transparent and you can see how much product is left.

Rating : 4/5

Though it is costlier than the usual makeup removers we generally get, but it is worth the price. The makeup remover is really good and lasts you quite long. I will surely repurchase it.

The Face Shop Rice Bran All-In-One Cleanser :


This is a all-in-one cleanser which contains rice bran, rice, almond, apricot and red bean grains. It works as a makeup remover, mild scrub and facewash at the same time. The product looks like a beige colored gel with tiny yellow and brown particles. The consistency is like a thick creamy gel with mild exfoliating properties.

This cleanser is an extra step after using makeup remover to make your face squeaky clean and remove every trace of makeup from your pores. The mild exfoliation helps get rid of dirt and impurities. The gel like texture cleans your wash and keeps it moisturized at the same time.


You have to only use 1 to 2 pumps for your entire face and neck. Spread it evenly on your wet face and neck first. Then take little water in your hands and work up into lather. The cleanser lathers up really well when you start massaging with wet hands. When you wash off the product you can feel your face feeling fresh, clean, bright and moisturized. You can instantly see the brightening effect in your face after using this cleanser if you had a long tiring day/ your face was exposed to lot of sweat and pollution.

The pump packaging makes it convenient and hygienic. The transparent bottle will show you how much product is left. The best part is there is a lock just below the pump to prevent the pump getting pressed accidentally and avoid product getting spilled. The bottle does not have a travel friendly size, if that is not your concern you can easily travel with it.

Overall this product is AMAZING !! Totally worth every penny since you get cleanser + scrub+ facewash all in 1 bottle.

Rating : 5/5

I love this cleanser and 100% will repurchase it in future.

The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Serum :


This is a anti-pigmentation brightening serum with the benefits of white seed.

The product has slightly runny texture and its white in color. You need only 2 pumps for your entire face and neck area. The serum is totally non sticky, gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It helps brightening up dull face, reduce dark spots and hydrate your skin. It can be used by any skin type beauty.

About the anti-pigmentation property I do not see any significant change so far. But the serum is very hydrating and makes you look even toned if you use it twice a day after cleansing and toning. For a product to show proper effect you need to religiously use it for few months. I am sure this serum will help  reduce my dark spots in the long run. I even use it under my eyes so that it helps hydrate my eyes and reduce dark circles.

The packaging is very classy. It has a pump and the bottle is white and looks luxurious. A transparent cap prevents the pump from getting accidentally pressed. So it is quite travel friendly.

Only con is the bottle is not transparent, so you cannot see how much product is left. Also the cap is not very tight and may come out during travel.


If you are looking for a very hydrating serum for dry flaky skin, dull looking skin, or if you suffer from dark spots like me you can surely give this product a try. The smell is mild and beautiful. Overall I like this serum a lot.

Rating : 4/5

I am seeing slight improvement in my skin already after using it for a month. My skin looks more even and I know it takes time for a product to show significant effect. But I am sure this will benefit my skin in the long run + this serum is really moisturizing. I will repurchase it in future for sure.

The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream :


This product is the STAR of my haul. This is in every favorite Face Shop product video I have seen in Youtube ever since this brand launched in nykaa. It was so hyped and raved about that I was definitely going to try it. I am super amazed by this. This is one of the best face creams I have ever used.

The packaging is very luxurious. The tub really looks fancy and expensive. The greenish blue color is beautiful. The steel colored cap adds to the beauty of the packaging. As you open the steel cap you get a white plastic cap which you have to lift up to see the product. Since the product is in a tub and it may get contaminated easily if you dip your fingers in it, Face Shop provides you a cute little transparent plastic spoon. You can dip the spoon to take out only a pea sized amount of product out and then close the lid, clean the spoon and reuse later. This way the cream will last you a very long time.

The no shine hydrating face cream contains chia seed and green tea extract. This product is suitable for all skin types.

The cream is thick but has a gel like texture, so even if it acts like a good moisturizer it feels very light on skin. You need only pea sized amount for the entire face. I use it as a night cream since it is quite hot and humid now. During winter I can use it as a day cream also. If you have very dry skin, you can use this cream during day and use slightly more amount at night. Combination and oily beauties use it as night cream during summer and monsoon.


The cream is absolutely non-greasy, it blends into your skin really well. It does not make your skin shiny or leave a film on your face which most of the thick face creams do. It has a nice mild floral fragrance. My face feels soft and moisturized in the morning when I use this product at night.

Rating : 5/5

This product is very very good, totally worth the hype. I know why everybody is loving it so much. Definitely try this out if you want to try a single product from The Face Shop. I will keep repurchasing it forever !!

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream 03 White Floral :


The first thing I want to tell you is LOOK AT THE PACKAGING !!! I mean have you ever seen a cuter hand cream than this ?? I love love love this cute little bottle so much that even if the product is bad I will purchase it for the packaging !! No I’m kidding 😀 Not only the packaging is super cute the product is also good and has a lovely smell.

The hand cream is white, has a beautiful floral fragrance which is not too overpowering. The consistency is light and blends into your hands within a minute.


This cream is light and suitable for normal skin people who need a decent amount of moisturizing. This will not make your hands oily / sweaty at all, it blends really well into your skin as soon as you apply it. The smell remains even after an hour of application.

If you have very dry and flaky hands or you spend long hours under air con, then this hand cream will not be enough moisturizing for you. You have to reapply it frequently.

The only con about the packaging is you have to take the product out with your hands which is not hygienic and may contaminate the product. But since the product is a light moisturizer you can finish it quicker than a thick cream.

There are few more variety in this range of hand creams, they have different color and smell. All of them look super cute.

Rating : 3.5/5 (I wanted to give 5/5 only for the packaging)

I will repurchase some other variety of this product since all of them look so cute. Though this is not the best hand cream, but give this a try for sure, at least for the cute little pet on top 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Face Shop haul. If you have already purchased / used any product from this brand please let me know in the comment section below.

Also tell me which product you ordered to try for yourself after reading my review 🙂

Hope we all have perfect skin like the Korean beauties using The Face Shop products !! 😀


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