Plum (Green Tea range) Skincare haul+ mini review

Hello everybody !!

Monsoon sale is going on in every online as well as in store brands now. So its ‘shop till I drop’ for shopaholics like us 😀

My favorite online beauty store ‘Nykaa’ ( is also having amazing offers and discounts as part of their monsoon sale since last month. I will be reviewing all the products I got during my shopping spree in my upcoming posts. I got so many that I could not include them in a single post 😀 😛 So please sign up and follow our page to stay updated !!

I have purchased skincare products mainly from Plum and Face Shop. In this post I will be sharing with you my Plum Green Tea skincare haul (I bought the products last month). Also I will be talking about how the product fared for me and if I will repurchase them in future or not… like a mini review.

Before we move on to the haul here are some info about the brand ‘Plum’ :

Plum is India’s first online-only beauty brand ( This is the first beauty brand in India that’s 100% vegan. The products are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, SLS, DEA & PABA. Plum does not test its products on animals. Products are suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin.

I have combination skin (oily T-zone). My T-zone gets more oily and greasy during summer and monsoon. Also I have rashes and pimples during this humid weather. So I wanted some products in my skincare routine which will specially help me control the oiliness and acne. I read / heard that green tea is very beneficial for acne prone skin due to its anti-bacterial anti-oxidant properties.

I ordered the Plum Green Tea Combo kit which is for oily acne prone skin. These are the products I got in the kit (all prices mentioned in MRP) :

  • Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash (293 INR)
  • Plum Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner (323 INR)
  • Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask (404 INR)
  • Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer (383 INR)
  • A complimentary pouch bag

The price of the total combo kit is 1403 INR in nykaa.


Now lets go into the review for each product :

Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash :


This facewash looks like a gel and contains tiny beads of green tea. It is extremely gentle on skin and lathers well. Though the product is mild it efficiently removes dirt and oiliness from skin totally giving you a very fresh looking face.

It can be little drying for very dry skin people, but for combination / oily skin ladies this one is a very good option for daily use. The product is quite affordable and does its job well. You get 75ml of product at less than 300INR.

The flip cap is very convenient to use. Since the product is gel like I have not seen any product residue on the cap so far. So the face wash is quite travel friendly.

The only con is the tube is not transparent, so how much product is left cannot be seen.

Rating : 3.5/5

I will surely repurchase this product specially during humid months.

Plum Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner :


This toner does not have any noticeable smell. Skin feels cool and refreshed after using this. Also this helps in closing the pores and fights 1 more step against acne. The most beneficial thing about this toner is “this is alcohol free”. So this does not dry your skin, does not have any harsh chemicals and at the same time protects it.

Take a cotton pad after you have washed your face and take few drops of toner in the cotton pad. Wipe your face off with the pad. Next take few more drops of the toner in your palm and pat into your face. Let the toner get absorbed into your skin.


The product looks like water and the press button cap is very convenient.

The size of the bottle is quite big, so its not very travel friendly. Also because the bottle is not transparent, how much product is left cannot be understood.

A very affordable and great toner for all skin types specially sensitive and acne prone skin. You get 200ml of product at less than 350INR and it will last you ages 🙂

Rating : 4/5

This toner is very good. I will repurchase this product.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask :


This face mask is the best product in this whole kit. The packaging is simple but sturdy. The transparent glass pot helps to see how much product is left in the tub.

The mask has a creamy consistency, beige in color (like clay). You can easily spread the product all over your face avoiding the eye area. You can use a brush or hand to spread the product uniformly to form a thin layer of mask. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes or until the mask dries completely. Now spray some face mist to moisten the mask, or take little water and massage the mask in circular motion for a minute. Remove everything with water. Dab towel gently on your face to dry the water.

An instruction manual page is given with the product like below :


The ingredient list is given below.


The tub is made of glass and the cap is white plastic type material. Under the cap there is a partition which you can easily lift up. This partition protects the product from getting contaminated and messy. The mask is like a clay mask and has several benefits – reduce acne, unclog pores, remove dirt. The glass bottle makes it a bit unsafe for travel, but if you use a bubble wrap you can travel with it. Use a wooden spoon to take the product out, do not use dirty hands. This way the product wont be contaminated and it will last you long.

Green tea is very beneficial for healthy skin. This mask immediately gives you a absolutely clean and oil free face. Since the product is specifically meant for oily skin, so dry skin beauties can find this mask a bit drying. This can be a case with any clay mask. You can apply a good moisturizer after toning. Otherwise, if you do not want to use it all over your face, you can use this mask for spot treatment for your acne also. Just apply it over active acne, spots or places where you experience clogged pores. Let it dry and then wash off. Combination skin beauties can use this during multi-masking only on oily areas.

Makeup-lovers like me who apply makeup almost everyday, this product is a must have for us. I use it twice a week to care of my skin.

Rating : 4.5/5

I will 100% repurchase this product. This is one of the best face mask I have ever used, that too at such a affordable price.

Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer :


This is a day time light weight moisturizer. It gives you a non shiny, non greasy look. After applying it gets absorbed into the skin very easily. Though it is light, it provides you enough moisturizer ideal for hot and humid climate.

One major advantage of this moisturizer is it gives you a slight sticky matte primer-like finish which helps the base makeup stick to your skin.

The bottle has a pump which is very convenient and hygienic.  The product is white in color and has a slightly runny consistency. The packaging is good and travel friendly, only issue being its not transparent to show how much product left.

If you spend most of your time in air-con or you have very dry skin, then this product is not right for you. Also this product is too light to use during night time. Since I have combination skin, I have oiliness only in my T-zone, but the rest of my face specially around my mouth and cheeks are dry. Also I have air-con in office where I spend major part of my day. So I use this for the T-zone only and apply a hydrating moisturizer in my cheek and mouth area.

It also contains green tea, free of harmful chemicals and very affordable. Combination/ Oily ladies can definitely give this a try. You get 50 ml product in less than 400INR.

Rating : 2.5/5

I dont hate this product. Though other products in this kit can be used by any skin types, this particular one is best suited for combination/oily skin only. I will repurchase it only if I have acne / during rainy weather. As I said if you are oily, you can surely give this one a try.

I hope you liked reading about my Plum skin care haul and you can try some of the products which I reviewed. Give this post a thumbs up if you did.

If you have already used any of these please let me know in the comment section about your experience.

The next post will be my Face Shop skincare haul + review. Stay tuned !!


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