Women’s shaving kit review from ‘letsshave.com’

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Today I am going to review a shaving kit for women. This website / brand is very new to me. Generally I use an epilator because I feel it gives a very smooth finish, also the effect lasts longer than a razor.  But epilators are quite expensive for many, also it is more painful than a simple razor. Moreover the numerous tweezers can be intimidating for girls who are first trying to shave. So I was looking for an easier option preferably a razor which every girl / women can easily use and also it will be more pocket-friendly than epilators. But I did not want to compromise on the hair removal result, I wanted something which will give me closest results like an epilator.

Recently while I was watching Youtube I heard of this shaving kit from a website – ‘https://www.letsshave.com‘. This kit was recommended by Malvika Sitlani in her beauty channel. She was raving about this product and having 6 blades in a razor sounded very interesting, so I decided to try it.

This is the box I received :


The shaving kit I bought was priced around INR 899 and contained the following items :

  • Soft Touch 6 Body Razor
  • 4 extra blades (each in cute plastic pink boxes)
  • Dr Barber’s Shaving Foam 200g
  • Dr Barber’s Aftershave Alcohol Free wipes (pack of 30)


There is another shaving kit available in the website having same products, only the razor has 4 blades instead of 6. That kit costs INR 699. The refill blades, shaving foam and wipes are also separately available in the website.

Now I will share with you my thoughts about each of the items.

  1. Soft Touch 6 Body Razor:


The razor looks very stylish, has a pretty pink color and super light weight. The head is very flexible and bends to adjust over any body part. The blade is easy to remove and fits in tightly with the handle. The dents made on the razor where you will hold it makes it easier to grip. Overall the razor is stunning and performs great.

  1. Soft Touch 6 Body Razor Blade:

There are 4 blades provided in the box and each blade is inside a very cute pink plastic case. Each head contains 6 blades. There are guards provided above and below the blades which makes shaving easier and safer. The head of the razor is so flexible that it glides over any body part you are using it on.

All 6 blades provides you a smooth and easy shave in just 1 swipe. If you have fine body hair you wont need to repeat, 1 swipe is enough to remove all hair from a particular body part. For coarse hair like I have in my legs, 2 to maximum 3 swipes is more than enough. The blades and the guards together prevents any razor cuts. Also I am using 1 blade for a month now, and its still in good shape and doing its work pretty well. So though this product is expensive compared to Gillette Venus or other razors, its worth the money. Obviously since it has double the number of blades than other razors it gives much smoother finish. The blades do not rust at all, but the guards discolor a bit on repeated usage after few weeks.


The only problem I feel is the size of the blade is quite big to shave the bikini area. But this is the best razor for shaving your legs, hands, underarms and any other body part except facial hair. For bikini area you have to be extra careful, but I will suggest to go for a specialized bikini trimmer.

You can even use the cute pink cases for storing sim cards, buttons, small earrings, mint tablets or anything you want. 🙂

  1. Dr Barber’s Shaving Foam :

The shaving foam comes in a rust proof aluminium pump bottle, good to keep in your washroom rack. It contains 200g of the product. The product is a white shaving foam like any other 😀 and it comes out of a pump. It has a very mild scent, nothing too overpowering. One good thing about the packaging is the pump nozzle is such that you can control the amount of pressure you are applying and thus you can also control the amount of product coming out of it. You will never end up getting too much foam in your hand which you dont need. So though the bottle contains 200g of product, there will be no wastage of product and it will last really long. The foam is quite creamy and very easy to spread and little amount of product is enough to give you a smooth even coating.

Also the foam is suitable for sensitive skin also, does not result in any kind of irritation / itchiness.


The only problem is the bottle is quite big and bulky, the cap also is not very tight. So it is not travel friendly.

  1. Dr Barber’s Aftershave Alcohol Free wipes :


This is the only product in the box which I am not much impressed with.

The pack contains 30 wipes. They are alcohol free, paraben free and contain chamomile, vitamin E and menthol. So they are good for sensitive skin and give you no stingy / burning feeling when you apply them after shaving is done.

But what I do not like is they are too dry to be considered as wipes. They also do not clean the shaved area well. I have to clean my body part with water even if I use it. I can easily use any astringent / toner as after shave instead of these. The wipes are not quite soft and smooth, sometimes they feel a bit harsh for my liking.

Though in the packet they say it contains menthol and meant to give cooling refreshing feel, I do not feel any cooling sensation after using them. Basically I do not find them doing anything except doing a little clean up.

Also the wipes are quite small and thin. So when the other products in the box will last you really long, these wipes need to be repurchased quite often. For a product which does almost nothing, it will be waste of money to invest in these wipes.

Overall I will give this kit a 4/5.

I really really like the razor and blades. I also quite like the shaving foam. I think they are quite good investment. But I will never repurchase the wipes.

You can try this kit for sure, it is the closest competitor to an epilator, even better than some !!

Let me know in the comment section if you have already used this kit…if not share with me which shaving products you use so that I can try them in future.



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