Oriflame Haul & product review

Hello everybody !!

I have started using Oriflame products recently. One of my friends have taken their franchise. Oriflame being such a popular Swedish brand I decided to try some of their products and see how they work for me. Also they have some good discount offers every month on specific items. The prices of the products vary depending upon which products are on offer for a particular month.

These are the products I bought a couple of months back:

  • Oriflame Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub ( INR 649 )
  • Oriflame Feet Up Advanced 2-in-1 Deep Action Foot Scrub ( INR 319 )
  • Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream ( INR 429 )
  • Oriflame HairX Volume Boost Styling Hair Mousse ( INR 499 )
  • Oriflame Very Me Eyeliner – Mocha Loca ( INR 249 )


Now let’s see how these products worked for me. My opinion is personal experience and they may vary for others.

Oriflame Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub :

My friend raved about the Milk & Honey range. The shampoo and conditioner works really well for her. On her recommendation I went ahead and ordered the Milk & Honey sugar body scrub. The gold color tube looks good and the flip cap makes it hygienic. But I am not very impressed with the packaging because you always need to clean the opening well, otherwise some product will get deposited in the cap and it wont close easily.

I like the body scrub and use it twice or thrice a week. The tiny sugar granules exfoliates the skin well and the honey leaves a moisturized film over the skin. The consistency of the product is good, tiny granules in a oily base kind of look. You require quite small amount of product and you can work up a sight lather with water.


  1. It does not have big chunky granules, so it wont be harsh on your skin.
  2. After you wash it off your skin feels moisturized and smooth.
  3. The price also is reasonable for 200g product.
  4. Mild smell, so it wont be too over powering.
  5. Fit for all skin type.

Cons :

  1. The tube is difficult to close because little product may deposit on the cap or around the opening.
  2. Tube is bulky for travel purpose and the flip cap may open up anytime
  3. It does not get rid of tan / brings glow to skin much.
  4. Tube is not transparent, so difficult to see how much product is left.
  5. Smell could have been better.

Overall I will give it 3.5 / 5. I may repurchase it, but frankly speaking I like the Body Shop body scrubs lot better than this.

Oriflame Feet Up Advanced 2-in-1 Deep Action Foot Scrub  and Cracked Heel Repair Cream :


I do not have cracked heel problem. But I need heavy exfoliation from the heel region once a week. Also since I wear lot of sandals so my feet needs a good moisturizer. As a weekend skin care routine I use these 2 foot care products during pedicure. After soaking my feet in warm water for some minutes I use a pumice stone to exfoliate the dead skins. Next I use the Oriflame 2-in-1 Deep Action Foot Scrub all over my feet to exfoliate and detan my whole feet. After washing it off I use the Cracked Heel Repair Cream generously over my heels, massage it all over my feet and cover them with a pair of cotton socks.

Now coming to the products individually.

Oriflame 2-in-1 Deep Action Foot Scrub did not work for me much. Product looks like a white creamy scrub with fine exfoliating particles. Though the scrub is mild and not harsh on the skin, I find it too mild for my liking. I do not really see much difference after I apply it. Though it claims to do some 2-in-1 deep action with anti bacterial essential oils in it but I do not like it much. I will not recommend this to you since there are lots of better foot scrub available in the market which really show results. I only use it because I have spent money on it.

Pros :

  1. Mild scrub, so wont be harsh on skin. May be good for sensitive skin / daily use.
  2. Does not dry out skin, has a creamy texture.

Cons :

  1. Exfoliation is too mild for a foot scrub. I want deep exfoliation for my feet which it does not provide.
  2. No detan effect was visible even after using it for a month now.
  3. Smell is not upto my liking.
  4. Tube is not transparent, so how much product remains is difficult to see.
  5. For INR 319 this product does nothing visible to my feet, so not worth the price.

Overall I give this product a 2/5. I will not repurchase it, I dont like it much.

Cracked Heel Repair Cream works well for me. It has a buttery consistency and looks like a thick white cream. The product is quite thick, but if you massage it well the product absorbs into the skin and does not make my feet feel sweaty. I am quite happy with this foot product. It moisturizes my feet well and makes them smooth and soft. But I do not have any cracks, so I have no idea whether it will work for very cracked heels or not. As a good moisturizing foot cream this product is a good choice.

Overall I give this product a 4/5. I will repurchase it, this one works for me.

Oriflame HairX Volume Boost Styling Hair Mousse :

This is my top favorite product of my entire Oriflame haul. I looooooooove this product so much. The packaging also is quite impressive. A long silver bottle with a tight cap, very travel friendly.

The product comes out from a nozzle when you press the pump. One pumpfull product is enough for mid length hair. The product is a white foam like mousse. You divide the product into your 2 hands and then massage it on your damp hair until the product gets evenly distributed on all the areas you want volume and lift. Then you can comb your hair and blow dry / air dry it. You will see the result after your hair is completely dry. It gives a nice shine to your hair, controls the frizz to some extent also. The best part is it gives a very good lift to my thin hair and makes it easier to style. The product has Keratin and UV filters which makes it very healthy for your hair. Most of the styling products specially the hold sprays make my hair very dry and the next day they look like hay. But this product does not dry your hair at all, it does not give you extreme hold but enough to make it look naturally lifted.

I have thin mid length hair and this product works for me very well for daily use. I do not think the hold will work for very thick hair. I think this product works best for thin hair like me.

Also I have not tested the 24 H claim. I use it only during the day and it lasts for me the entire office hour – 7 to 8 hours approx.

Pros :

  1. Packaging is good, sturdy and travel friendly.
  2. Does not dry hair out at all, provides a natural looking lift to thin hair.
  3. Effect lasts long enough.
  4. Smell is very mild , so it wont be over powering.
  5. One pump is enough for entire hair, so spending INR 499 on 200 ml is worth as it will last long.
  6. Gives nice shine to your hair and controls the frizz to some extent.

Cons :

  1. May be it wont work for thick and very frizzy hair. Also I am not sure about curly hair.
  2. The hold is quite natural looking and mild, so may be it wont work for people looking for a spray to keep their hairstyle absolutely intact throughout the day. Better to go for a specialized hold spray.
  3. Takes a bit time to absorb into the hair. Hair feels wet after you apply it on damp hair. You have to massage it for 2 to 3 minutes and then blow dry / air dry it. Its not a con really, just a little time consuming when you are in hurry.
  4. Not possible to find out how much product is left.

Overall I give this product 4/5 . I really like it and will surely repurchase it.

Oriflame Very Me Eyeliner – Mocha Loca :

This is the most disappointing product I have ever purchased. I really regret buying it. I didnt have a brown and gold eye liner so I thought it will be really good to have both in 1 pencil.

I got the Mocha Loca shade. It has a brown liner at one side and a nude golden type of color on the other side.


The eye liner is extremely chalky. You have to really rub it 5 to 6 times to get some visible color on your eyes. They hurt my eyes as I have to reapply them so many times, so I have stopped using it . I do not have oily lids, rather most eye products stay on my lids entire day even without a eye primer. But this one will just fade away in 1 swipe of your finger 😦 How disgusting is that for a INR 249 eye liner. I am extremely extremely disappointed with this product. I dont know if all the colors in this range are like this or only my shade. But still I will recommend you not to buy this product as there are lots of very good colored eye liner options on other brands available in this price range.

Overall I give this product a 0.5 / 5. I will never in my life repurchase it.

Thats all dear ones for this post. Hope you find my review useful.

My Oriflame haul was a 50-50 experience. Tell me which Oriflame products you have used and liked so that I can try them in future.

Hit like if you enjoyed reading about my haul and comment below your thoughts if you have used any  of these products before.

Lots of love 🙂 Have a great weekend !!


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  1. Enakshi says:

    Thank you Soumi for your feedback.. It will help me when I will purchase this products and also when any customer will ask me about these products because it is not possible for me to use each and every product of Oriflame by myself…


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