TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner – Review

Hello Dear Readers !!

Hope you are having a great weekend !!

I am having a busy one this time….. loads of office work 😦

Since I am staying at home I decided to do some product review of few products I am using currently. All of them were launched around last quarter of 2016… I wanted to use them for quite sometime before giving you my opinions.

So lets get started with TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner in this post.


TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner was initially available as a combo pack. I got 580ml of shampoo and 190ml of conditioner bottles. I used TRESemme Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner quite a lot in 2016 and liked it. So I decided to give this one a try. My hair is thin, gets frizzy in the ends but I have oily scalp.So I always look for a shampoo which will give my hair shine, volume, and make my scalp less oily…. for conditioner I prefer a light weight moisturizing conditioner to control frizz. The reverse wash procedure of the Beauty Full Volume range seemed new and exciting.

Ingredient List of the shampoo and conditioner :

I shampoo my medium length hair twice a week during winter and  3 times in summer. I used 2 pumps of the conditioner to slightly wet hair , only on hair not scalp. After waiting for few minutes I washed it off with normal temperature water. Then I used 2 full pumps of the shampoo, massaged into my scalp, washed off after few minutes.

Both the shampoo and conditioner smells good. The conditioner has a flip cap and the shampoo has a pump. The conditioner is not much thick and white in color. The shampoo is silvery white in color and has a runny gel like consistency.

After washing off the shampoo completely from my hair I felt my hair is feeling tangled and dry. Yet I towel dried my hair for few minutes and then let it dry naturally. I didnt want to use any blow drier / serum to see how the shampoo works in normal condition. When my hair was completely dry I noticed the following benefits the shampoo+conditioner did to my hair :

  • Oiliness of scalp was completely gone
  • Hair felt slippery and light
  • Hair smells good

What I did not like about this range are the following :

  • My hair felt very very dry specially the ends
  • Dry ends led to more frizz, tangled hair and difficult to comb
  • I did not notice any extra volume in my hair
  • After immediately shampooing my hair it smelled good, but the smell lasted for hardly half an hour.

Since the Beauty Full Volume claims to give voluminous hair for at least 3 days , this shampoo was a great disappointment for me. It did not suit my hair needs at all and also did not give me any extra volume.

Conclusion about the product :

In winter this shampoo + conditioner made my hair worse. I stopped using it after a week. During summer now, when my scalp grows more sweaty and greasy, I use it once a week to get rid of excess oil in my scalp. But the real reason I actually use it is only because I have to spent money on it. I will never repurchase it.

I will advice my readers who have same hair type like me to never buy the TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Range. It does nothing much to your hair, not even volume. Besides it has lot of chemicals in it, so better not to use it as daily hair cleanser also.

If you have very limp hair, or very oily scalp… then may be this one will suit you. But I will advise you to use only the shampoo, and apply a different conditioner whichever suits you. The conditioner in this range does absolutely nothing and is one of the most useless conditioner I have ever used.

If you really like to try something from the TRESemme range of shampoos try the Keratin Smooth range. It is far better than this new one.



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