Sebamed Lip Defense SPF30 – product review

Hello dear readers,

Today I am going to review a Lip Balm for you – Sebamed Lip Defense SPF30.

Weather in my city has already become very hot and sunny. Sunscreens are essential part of our skincare routine throughout the year, but it becomes extra important in summer months. Most people use sunscreen for face and body, but I do not notice them doing the same for the lips. Lips are very delicate and beautiful part of our face. Using SPF for our lips are equally important if we want to prevent them from getting dark or pigmented.

If a lip balm provides SPF then I feel it is an added bonus. Who does not like moisturized soft pink lips? Sebamed Lip Defense lip balm is appropriate for this requirement.


It contains Jojoba Oil which helps moisturizing our lips, at the same time it protects lips from sun damage having an SPF 30. It also contains Vitamin E and Bisabolol (camomile extract).


The balm is not tinted and so it can be used as a base before applying any lip color. It has a mild sweet fragrance. The formula is creamy almost like butter.


I purchased this product few months back when it was still cold, and it really moisturized my lips for almost 4 hours. My lips get dried and chapped very easily in winter, so 4 hours protection without reapplication is really good for me. I could easily apply matte lip colors over it and this balm prevents the matte color from becoming patchy.

It does not feel too heavy or sticky when I apply it now when it is hot and humid. My upper part of the lip gets sweaty when I use some lip products. But nothing such happens with this balm.

So overall I am very happy with this product and recommend it to all my readers. You can use it as base for your lipstick or just as a lip balm to enhance your natural lip look 🙂


Share your experience with this product in the comment section. If you want to try any other product please let me know that also.

Lots of love and best wishes !!


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