Makeup Revolution Eye shadow palettes review – Salvation & Redemption

Hello lovely readers,

Today I am going to review 2 eye shadow palettes, actually there are 3 😉 I bought 2 Makeup Revolution Salvation Eye Shadow palettes few months back from and got 1 more eye shadow palette free 😀 😀 The free palette is not a Salvation one, its a Redemption Palette Essential.


The 3 eye shadow palettes you see the in picture are :

  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette – Run Boy Run (top left)
  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette – Ultimate Colour Chaos Palette (top right)
  • Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential – Day To Night (bottom)


On the whole, the Salvation palettes are better than the Redemption palette for me. The pigmentation of the colors, color selection, staying power and packaging are better for Salvation. Both Salvation palettes have shimmery as well as matte colors, the  Run Boy Run palette also has some base color options in the circles. The Redemption palette only has shimmery shades. Salvation Palettes have a quite big good mirror which is not available in Redemption palette.

  1. Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Essential – Day To Night :DSC03832.JPG

I do not like the color selection of this palette much. It is not complete on its own since it only has shimmer shadows. Also the shimmers are very powdery and not that pigmented. So you have to use base, transition and sometimes outer corner colors from other palettes.

The packaging is not that good for travel purpose. I feel like the glass case can break easily. Also it does not come with a mirror.

This is the swatch of the first 6 colors from left. The names come in a separate plastic paper which I have lost for all 3 boxes (sorry about that !!)

  • 1 – A pearly white color, decent pigmentation, good for inner corner & brow bone highlight
  • 2 – A creamy shimmery color, less pigmented than 1. I do not really use it much. But it can be used for highlight purpose like the 1st one.
  • 3 – A nude shimmery color, very less pigmented, does not show up on my lids.
  • 4 – A rose gold shimmer shade, good color for putting all over your lid, pigmentation is same as 2
  • 5 – A golden shimmer shade. This color I have used most from this palette. It is a lighter shade of gold and if you apply it with your fingers it looks beautiful on the eyes. Pigmentation is same as 4.
  • 6 – This is a greyish light brown color with lots of reflective particles. The shade is well pigmented but the pigment does not apply evenly. You have to work extra to get a uniform color and blend everything well.


These are the swatches of the last 6 shades. These are more night time party look kind of  colors.

  • 7 – A dark metallic brown color. This color is very pigmented and looks gorgeous if you want a shimmery smokey look. If you are a beginner you can apply this one all over your lid and then blend out the edges. Instantly you will be party ready !
  • 8 – A violet shimmer color. Again this one is as pigmented as number 7. It is a very deep gorgeous violet color which looks good even on its own. Another good pigmented shade of this palette.
  • 9 – This is shimmery black shade. Personally I use black shadows only on the outer corners / when I want an intense smokey look / smudging out my eyeliner. A shimmery black shade does not fulfill any of these purpose. So I do not use this one at all. But even if you like shimmery black, let me warn you that this color is very patchy and the color applies very unevenly. If you layer it up to get an even color, you may end up with glittery panda eyes 😀
  • 10 – A greyish silver color. This color is decently pigmented and quite reflective. A good all over lid shade if you like silver pigments.
  • 11 – A dark blue shimmer shade. Just STAY AWAY from this shade. Do not even try it on your lids if you do not want to ruin your look. The chalkiest and least pigmented shade of the whole palette.
  • 12 – A turquoise color. I had very high expectation from this shade. I looks the most stunning color out of all the others. This is like the stand out pigment of the whole palette. Though the color is really stunning, it is not that pigmented as I wanted it to be. You have to layer it up and work a little harder to blend. But it is really a pretty color and looks beautiful as an all over shade in your. You can use it over a turquoise eye liner to intensify the color.


This is the ingredient list and other details mentioned at the back of the palette.


Overall this palette is a hit and miss for me. Few colors are good and others are not. If you absolutely love the color scheme or you like only shimmer colors to put all over your lid for a basic eye makeup look, you may go for this palette.

2. Makeup Revolution London Salvation Palette – Run Boy Run :


This is my favorite palette out of all 3. This is the palette I use most while doing my makeup. It has such an universal shade range that you can create a ton of different eye looks with it. I usually like warm toned eye makeup. But this palette has a good mix of both worlds – warm toned as well as cool toned colors (12 shimmers). There are 6 matte shades in circular spaces which are good base colors. The matte black shade I always use to smudge my eye liner / in the outer corners for a smokey look.

This palette is complete on its own and so it is great for travel purpose. Plus it has a big mirror. I love it, there is almost nothing bad I have to say about this palette. You get 18 colors in all Salvation palettes compared to 12 in Redemption palettes.

I have lost the plastic with names for this one as well 😦

  • 1 – a peachy white shimmer shade, decently pigmented, good for brow bone and inner corner highlights
  • 2 – a light rose gold shimmer shade, slightly more reflective than number 1. Can be used all over lid / as highlight.
  • 3 – a metallic dark brown, good pigmentation, lasts long, can be used on the outer corners to smoke out.
  • 4 – a copper gold shimmer shade, this is one of my most used colors. I really love to use shades of gold all over my lid. Very pigmented, blendable and also lasts quite long.
  • 5 – a dark bronze  shade, another dark shade for a smokey look / outer corner definition, similar finish like number 3
  • 6 – a dark gun metal shimmer shade, this is one of the most pigmented colors of this palette. It looks beautiful as a all over lid color. Easily blendable, but lasts on the eyes for ages.
  • 7 – a dark grey shimmer shade with slight brown undertones, this is dark form of silver. I do not use this color often, but if you prefer such colors it is quite pigmented.
  • 8 – a rose gold shimmer shade, another favorite lid shade. Looks like a foiled eye shadow, super gorgeous color, lasts very long.
  • 9 – light pink shimmer shade, pigmentation is slightly less than the other colors. But looks cute and has lots of silver shimmer particles.
  • 10 – bright red with golden shimmer, a stand out color of this palette for sure. But it is also slightly less pigmented than the rest. But I do not complain as if you go overboard with this shade, you may ruin your look. This color has decent pigmentation and you can build it up as per your liking.
  • 11 – a champagne shimmer shade, another favorite lid shade, beautiful champagne color with lots of golden shimmer. You can use this shade all over your lid / use as a highlight on inner corners. I even sometimes use it to highlight high points of my face.
  • 12 – a dark blackish purple color with pink & golden shimmers, the most pigmented color of the whole palette. This color is to die for, its so good. It will not move at all whatever you do with your eyes literally. You have to remove it with a makeup remover. Lots of sparkling glitter but not at all chunky. Superb shade to use all over your lid.
  • 13 – matte creamy white color – frankly speaking I only use 2 colors from the circles – number 17 and 18. Others do not really show up on my lids. If you have very fair skin tone, may be you can use them. This one in particular is not that pigmented.
  • 14 – matte peachy nude color, has a similar finish like number 13, not much pigmentation.
  • 15 – matte light brown color, if you have fair skin tone, you can use it as a base / transition color all over your lid. It is decently pigmented.
  • 16 – pinkish brown matte color, number 16 and 17 have better pigmentation than 13, 14 and 15. This color is too light for my skin tone, but again if you like peachy base colors you can definitely use it.
  • 17 – matte cool toned brown color, this is the color I mostly use as a base color all over my lids before going on to brighter shades. It gives me a nice platform to add more colors. It is more powdery than the rest and has more fall outs. But its quite pigmented and blends easily.
  • 18 – matte black color, very pigmented but blends well, a must have in any palette. I use it to smudge my eyeliner / outer corners. You need a tiny amount of it.


If you want only 1 Makeup Revolution palette which you can utilize to its maximum, you can surely go for this one. This is a really good quality palette at the price you are paying. Highly recommend !!

3. Makeup Revolution London Salvation Palette – Ultimate Colour Chaos :


This palette is a really fun and daring one. It contains very bright and neon colors which will make your eye makeup stand out. This palette I use mainly if I want to color match with my outfit, or beach holidays, day trips or anytime I want a fun experimental look. Most of the time I use the Run Boy Run palette for the base makeup and then apply any of these colors in the middle of the eye lid for a hint of color / as an overall eye shade if I am too daring. The shades are very pigmented and so you have to be careful not to apply too much. Also they last on my eyes a very long time.

The square ones are all shimmery shades (12) and the circular ones are matte (6). These are all the color swatches. The shimmers are very pigmented but easy to blend.

  • 1 – silver, this is a true shining silver shade, very pigmented, looks gorgeous on eyes
  • 2 – deep sky blue, has slight very fine silver glitters, looks almost matte on eyes, quite pigmented
  • 3 – neon orange shade, has very slight silver sheen, quite pigmented, looks almost matte on eyes
  • 4 – hot pink color, it is actually a matte shade but gives a bright shiny pink color on eyes. You can also use this color as a blush.
  • 5 – a green color with blue undertones, looks like a dark teal color when applied on eyes, one of the most pigmented colors, very reflective like a foil shadow. It stays on your eyes for ages. Even if you rub your eyes accidentally, it does not move at all. A single swipe gives you an opaque uniform application, its that great.
  • 6 – royal blue, this is also matte, bur gives a bright blue color, this color is less pigmented than the others, not a big fan of this one.
  • 7 – burgundy with pink undertones color, this is a beautiful shade but sadly not as pigmented as number 5, has silver shimmers
  • 8 – plum color, this is a matte shade but looks bright when applied to eyes. More pigmented than number 7 and 6, but less than others.
  • 9 – neon green, this is one my favorite color in the palette. This is a gorgeous all over lid shade, decently pigmented and look so pretty, very reflective color.
  • 10 – a dirty lemon shade, the shade is pretty but it has less pigmentation, except the shimmer very little color shows up on my lids.
  • 11 – shimmering purple color with brown undertones. This color has similar finish like number number 5. Highly pigmented, very reflective, lasts for a very long time on my lids and looks beautiful.
  • 12 – dark forest green color. It has silver shimmer particles. Again this color has similar pigmentation and longevity as number 5 & 11. All 3 of these look like foiled shades, very long lasting and great colors.
  • 13 – matte neon yellow color, most colors in the circles are not pigmented, very powdery and looks very chalky. Very little color shows up on the lids and they do not last long.
  • 14 – matte purple shade, slightly more pigmented than 13. But not enough to my liking.
  • 15 – matte white color. This and number 18 are the most pigmented colors in the circles. But I do not really use white eye shadows. If you do, then this color gives you an OK pigmentation which you can build up.
  • 16 – matte neon green, literally nothing of this color shows up on  my lids. Even if I layer it up a lot to get some color it does not last much.
  • 17 – neon pink, though the color looks very cute and fun in the circle but this is probably the chalkiest and most uneven color of the whole palette 😦
  • 18 – matte peachy white, this color has a similar finish like number 15. If you are very fair skin toned, you may use it as a base / transition color.


Only down side of this palette is that the colors are not very wearable, so you only reach out for them on special days. Besides that, few colors are chalky and not as pigmented as the rest of them.

But overall a must try palette if you love fun and daring colors like me 😀

Hope this review helps you in some way. Let me know in the comment section if you own any of these palettes and if you like them or not.






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