Celebrating Love – Vday month

Hello dear reader,

The world celebrated Valentine’s day few weeks back. I hear lots of divided opinions on the importance or need of such a day. Some people think love is celebrated each day so there is no need for a special day…. to some this day is a good opportunity to show their loved ones one more time how much they mean to them…. for others this day is just a waste of time and money. I really think people should have their own opinions and nobody should be judged / criticized based on their opinions.

As for me, I absolutely love Valentine’s day, the festival of love πŸ™‚ and this quotation defines my opinion about celebrating love : “They do not love, that do not show their love”. Do not think I mean you have to put up a big show to tell the world how much you love a person. But I feel in our busy life where we concentrate on so many different tasks every day, we do not really get much opportunity to make our loved person feel special in a more worldly way. I mean obviously the people we love know in their heart how much they mean to us, but I feel it is human nature that when we see and do things we remember it more and it has more impact in our mind rather that things we feel in our heart or we know in a subconscious way. I am not very good in explaining πŸ˜› … but what I am trying to say is showing love is very important in a relationship because even if you know deep inside that you are loved but if you are never shown love you may start having doubts / lose faith … or may be being loved wont be such a special feeling anymore.

I hear many comments around me that Valentine’s day is a day celebrated by only couples. But I really dont see it that way. Love do not need to be limited to 2 person or defined by certain relationship categories. You can celebrate your love for anybody – your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, boy/girlfriend, husband, wife, babies,… also pets, nature…. even yourself. I want to emphasize here to my readers that you may have any opinion on the festival of love, but you must be having someone/something in your life who/which makes you happy and you feel loved by them. So without thinking how others are celebrating Vday / the love month February, take your time and do something special in your own way to whoever you love. Always remember dear reader that we do everything in life to ultimately satisfy our own soul. So never forget to celebrate your love for yourself and have a “me” time every Vday πŸ™‚

Oooh enough lectures !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› Now let me share with you how I celebrated Vday this year. Keep reading πŸ™‚

This year was the 4th Valentine’s Day I celebrated with my husband.

When I was little I used to celebrate it with my parents πŸ˜€ Every year I drew a card, gave a red rose and cooked Chowmein for my parents… In return I got lots of hugs and kisses πŸ™‚ It may be silly, but that was my little 14th Feb celebration.

When we were not married, me and my husband (boyfriend back then), celebrated our Vdays by going to the Amusement Park where we first met.

This year, since we have recently bought our new flat, we decided to celebrate Vday in our own bedroom… romantic, relaxed and together. He bought me a very cute purse and a rose bouquet as my gift.


In return I also wanted to do something special for him. But I couldnt think of any proper gift. So I thought to myself I will do something which I will enjoy doing myself and also I can do best. Instantly I finalized to decorate our room and arrange a candle light dinner for us… simple but special πŸ˜€

I put some colorful fairy lights in our bed and also around the dinner table. I put 2 balloons representing us on our bed πŸ˜› Next I decorated the table with a romantic couple statue, flower vase, a small vintage table clock, some scented candles and red dining sets.


After the initial preparation, it was time to decide the dinner menu. I thought in mind all the different items we both love eating.. it was tougher than I thought to come to a conclusion. Initially I wanted to do something easier, less complex and time consuming. But then I thought this is the real time for doing something great for husband as well as time for some self admiration if everything comes together as planned. So the final menu for our candle light dinner was : Vegetable Fried Rice with fried cottage cheese cubes, Stir Fried Broccoli with garlic and black pepper, Mushroom with 3 Bell Peppers and Fruit Sundae with chocolate sauce.


The satisfaction which you get when you do everything to the best of your abilities and the outcome is so beautiful… thats what Vday self love is all about… feeling you are important, efficient and special πŸ˜€ But obviously the best part is seeing the happy, admiring eyes of your husband who says how much proud he is to be my husband and how much I have won his heart once again…. thats why I absolutely love Valentine’s day. In a small bedroom and a small dinner table… our world felt so beautiful and complete with the sparkling fairy lights, scents of the candles and yummy food in our plates.

This was our little romantic world on Valentine’s day dear reader :


Thank you so much for reading our blog and sharing our day . Please let us know in the comment section how you celebrated 14th Feb πŸ™‚

Lets celebrate love together !!






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