Neutrogena UltraSheer SPF 50+ : product review

Sunscreen is a very important product for our skin. It protects our skin from sun damage and prevents fine lines, tanning and pigmentation. But using the wrong type of sunscreen may damage our skin, cause excessive sweating, make our skin look dull, acne,etc.

I have used various sunscreens from Lakme, Lotus, VLCC  etc but faced major skin issues with most of the products. I have combination skin (oily Tzone and dry cheeks). So most of the sunscreens do not suit my skin type.

After hearing good reviews about this product in youtube, I decided to give this one a try. I am using the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sun Block SPF 50+ since December 2016. I absolutely love this one. This is the only product which meets almost all my requirements.


This has a thick creamy consistency. But after you massage it into your skin, it doesnt feel heavy. My skin becomes smooth and non-shiny. It does not prevent my nose area to become oily completely, but it controls oil for 3 to 4 hours. I am using it even now when it has started to become very hot outside. But my skin feels less greasy and sweaty compared to other sunscreen products.


Also the most important thing about this sunscreen is that I never had acne / break outs after using this sunscreen. It does not prevent acne / pimple from appearing due to other causes, but you can use it even if you are having pimples / acne on your skin already. So this product is safe for people having sensitive skin.

This contains a very high SPF, and so it prevents skin damage from harmful sun rays like UVA and UVB to a great extent. Its non greasy and matte finish makes it a ideal sunscreen for daily use. Also since it is a thick cream, you need a pea sized amount only for your face which makes it a pocket friendly product ( approx Rs 590) lasting for a long time.

You can apply it all over your body 30 minutes before you go out. Apply it few minutes after moisturizing your face. You can follow your usual makeup routine once the sunscreen settles into your skin.

I found only 1 con : Because of the high SPF and matte effect your face may appear dull in photos. So if you are going to a daytime occasion use an illuminating foundation in your makeup routine.

I highly recommend this sunscreen to all my readers who have same skin type like me !!

Try for yourself and let me know your views on it in the comments section.




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