2nd Anniversary Trip – Digha

“The art of being happy lies on the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life doesnt force us to be the best, it only asks that we should try.”

We planned to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary this year somewhere nearby and easy to travel since we got very little time to plan something elaborate. My husband was really excited to go to Digha as he heard many things about it from his Bengali friends. So we finalized the dates (10th to 12th December 2016), reserved bus tickets and booked a double bedroom in Hotel Sea Hawk.

Day 1 (Old Digha):

We reached Old Digha from Kolkata around 12:30PM on 10th December. Hotel Sea Hawk is one of the oldest beach side resorts in Digha (even my parents stayed here during their honeymoon πŸ˜‰ ). We could see a small part of the sea right through our window, also the hotel has a very nice well maintained garden which adds to the view. The rooms look old and the room service staffs are not well-mannered. Also the restaurant inside the hotel is too expensive. Apart from these disadvantages, Hotel Sea Hawk can be chosen for a weekend trip.


Small sea view from ground floor room and garden view :


After we had set our luggage and freshened up, we decided to see the beach first before going for lunch. My husband loves sea, he was so excited to go out. Seeing his happy face lifted up my spirits ( I am a mountain lover πŸ˜› ). We had a great time and lots of fun. Here are some pics to share our fun with you.


We finished lunch and took some rest. Later in the evening, we went for a relaxed walk along the beach. Government has really taken some good initiatives to promote tourism in Digha. The beach area is improved with benches, sitting area, a children’s park, lots of restaurants and permanent stalls. The Biswa Bangla Garden area has become a popular selfie destination πŸ˜€ We bought small gift items for relatives and friends from the beach stalls. My husband couldnt stop admiring the local craftsmen for their beautiful creations. A well spent lazy evening by the beach with coffee, watching the waves, night sea, and some shopping πŸ™‚


Day 2 (New Digha & Amarabati Park) :

The second day started with a beautiful sunrise.


We stopped at a restaurant called “Balaka” for breakfast. It is a hotel cum restaurant. I loved the aquarium and the cute little fishes inside it, 2 gold fish and 1 angel fish also danced in the water. Everything about the restaurant – food,environment,staff was very simple homely and comfortable. We had our food here throughout our trip.


Next we decided to go for sea bathing in New Digha. Though we had a very good time playing with the waves, but the people and the beach was not at all good. We found New Digha beach is not a favorable place to go with your family, the beach is very very dirty and muddy and the crowd mostly is young boys having no manners. There are some good modern hotels in New Digha but I would suggest not to choose New Digha if you want to enjoy the beach, the sea and have your own time with family. Old Digha beach also has some spots for sea bathing, it is better to choose those spots and avoid New Digha.

Post lunch we decided to go to Amarabati Park in New Digha. The distance from Old to New Digha is not much, but the route is very beautiful with tall green trees forming a canopy above the road. You can enjoy the sound of waves, the cool breeze and the shadow of the trees in this small trip.

Amarabati Park is a nice relaxing place with lots of trees and beautiful flowers. It is centered around a lake where you can enjoy boat ride with your family / friends. There is a ropeway which takes you from one side to the other within the park, a good way to enjoy a topview of the entire park. There are many sitting areas where you can relax, have a small picnic or simple chitchats. One suggestion : If you are going with your husband / partner try to choose the goose-boat for your boat ride. There is a single such boat which has only 2 seats, looks very cute and romantic πŸ˜‰ If you are lucky like us you can also find some swans swimming beside your boat πŸ˜€ There are rabbits and guinea pigs which you can feed, they are so adorable and sweet, but I didnt actually liked them caged, wished I could set them free to run around the park.


We returned to Old Digha to see the sunset. The rising and setting sun create the most beautiful scenery anywhere you go.


Our whole day passed by with so many activities and fun that we completely forgot to arrange something for our anniversary πŸ˜› In a hurry we tried searching for cake and flowers in the local market. But it was so late in the evening that we could not find any flower shop open 😦 Luckily we got 2 small pastries and 2 simple candles from a stall near the beach. I was happy with our little cakes, at least we could celebrate our anniversary in some special way when the clock hand reached 12:00AM and it was 12th December, our 2nd marriage anniversary πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Sitting on an old wooden chair in our balcony, the sound of the waves, a sweet chilling breeze, 2 little pastries, 2 basic candles and love of my life holding my hands I was experiencing heaven . I realized to be happy you only need peace of mind andΒ  unconditional love, no expensive gift or exotic locations are needed. I felt like the luckiest person on earth, celebrating my second year of togetherness with the person who makes every moment of my life special and happiest.

Day 3 (Last morning in Digha) :

Anniversary morning started late. It wasΒ  our last morning in Digha. So we decided to pack everything first and then enjoy the sea once again. The Biswa Bangla garden looked beautiful in daylight. I liked this WB Govt initiative to make Digha beach look better.




My anniversary trip came to an end with lots of happy memories and fun. Hope you enjoyed being part of our journey.

Lots of love and best wishes to all our readers !!








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  1. Really a sweet post. Enjoyed every bit reading it all through πŸ™‚
    keep it up

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